Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling Holster

Having fun this summer? Don't forget to take your Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling. Available in Purple, Red, Blue, Pink and Black!

Summer is the time to have fun! Kids and adults are out of school and many are on a great vacation... But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't protect yourself from creeps or rapists. That's why we suggest you equip yourself with a self defense product such as pepper spray.

Have you heard of the Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling Holsters? These units are decorative for partying and will also protect you from creeps! Each unit contains 5 one second bursts, and can reach 8 feet away. PLUS, when you shoot it toward an attacker, it's invisible UV Marking Dye, will allow authorities to know that he or she was sprayed. Authorities will place them under a UV Lamp to make sure they caught the right individual! The units come with a handy Quick Key Release Key Ring that are very handy for self defense.

Consider purchasing the Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling Holsters with UV Marking Dye, for your next outing. Whether it's for a party, errands or for taking it to college for self defense.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Remote w/DVR and Portable! ONLY $196.95

Keep an Eye on Your Home with A Hidden Camera that Looks Like an Alarm Clock!

Have you ever wanted to spy on someone? Do you wonder about how your baby sitter takes care of your children. What about keeping an eye on things that are precious to you, like a diary or jewelry?

We have many hidden cameras that look like regular items you find in a home or office. But these units take video and sounds of what’s happening while you are away! One of our units called the Alarm Clock WiFi HD with DVR, will definitely let you spy on what’s going on when you are not physically there!

Not only does the Alarm Clock WiFi HD with DVR video camera, record images, but it also records sounds as well! PLUS, this unit can be activated manually, by a remote control or it can also be connected to a motion detector.

Plus, it also includes technical support that’s available Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5 pm EST. Phone: 1-904-207-6068.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Let's Start Off Our Week With Something Funny!

It's the beginning of the work week, but instead of feeling down because of all the work you will have to do... Let's sit back first and enjoy a funny clip for the medicine Vitameatavegamin!

I hope you all enjoyed Lucy and her funny clip of the Vitameatavegamin clip! Keep the humor while you work today and through the week... Enjoy the day with your fellow employees and be proud for your contributions to your work force. 

This is not to say that you should get drunk at work... LOL

Friday, July 7, 2017

Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts, for Home Intruders or Outdoor Self Defense

Do you need a powerful self defense item? Consider the batons on our website, Specifically the Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts.

They are not used like a bat, instead all you have to do is touch an attacker or trespasser with the front of the unit, until they fall to the ground! Plus if you have Hand Cuffs from, you can tie them to heavy furniture, such as a sofa, until the cops show up!

The Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts is one of the units we have that is perfect for outdoor protection against attackers or home intruders. This unit measures 16.5 inches long, and can extend up to 19 inches. A good distance from an intruder! The unit is very sturdy because it’s built with military grade aluminum! This weapon also includes a tactical flashlight on the front of the unit. Shining into the eyes of an attacker disorients them and also temporarily blinds them, as well.

This Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts unit that reaches up to 19 inches, is perfect for using against home intruders, by putting it under a bed or by your bedroom door. Great for walking your dog at night, as well… Plus, a couple of Hand Cuffs might come in handy as well! We have them in pink and black.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mace® Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Spray, Available in Pink, Black and Silver, Only $29.99

We are in the middle of Summer and as usual there are many parties or night clubs to go to. But beware, you always need some protection!

At we have the most elegant looking lipsticks to take with you for those special parties or nightclubs. But these makeup units have a secret… You see, they really are disguised pepper spray self defense units! The Mace® Rhinestone Pink, Black or Silver units are really for self defense. You don’t spread it on your lips, you protect yourself with them by spraying it on the face of a bad intentioned individual! 

These beautiful, disguised Mace Rhinestone self defense lipstick units are very handy to carry because they each have a convenient ring on them, so you can attache it to your purse or pocket. These pepper spray units can reach up to 10 feet and contain approximately 5 bursts of pepper spray! When spraying at an attacker, aim toward their eyes and entire face. They most likely will inhale it as well as getting a burning sensation in their face and eyes. PLUS, it also can be inhaled, for even more devastation to a dangerous creep!

It’s also important to never leave these beautiful Mace Rhinestone lipstick disguised units, where they can be heated by the sun or inside a hot car. Keep these with you at all times, for protection against attackers.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter… A Women’s Dream Just Came True!

Nobody likes to have car problems, especially women who most of the time have to get a man to help with jumping a vehicle!

Women need to be very careful when asking for a jump start of her car. Most of the time we are alone and get scared to ask for help. It’s no surprise, since there are many men that are dangerous and take advantage of women.

But now our worries are gone, since the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter is available. No more depending on strangers to get a jump for your car! Us women can do it on our own now…

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter Features
• Emergency power supply & car jump starter
• 100% battery life, can startup a car 10 times
• LED Light w/ 3 modes: flashlight, strobe, SOS
• Charges cellphone or other devices, 3 times
• Rechargeable, car/home using the USB cable
• Charges many cell phones

Friday, June 30, 2017

Protect Your Home with the Big Jammer Door Brace from Mace Security International, Only $39

This unit works with regular hinged doors, by placing the unit vertically against the door knob and also can protect sliding doors, by laying it on the floor!

This durable 20 Gauge Steel door brace is adjustable from 30 to 46 inches. Perfect for sliding glass doors and regular doors. It’s called the Big Jammer Door Brace and sells for only $39. The top “U” handle can be placed on a regular door knob and the bottom section has a rubbery stopper, so it won’t slip from the door! It can be used against carpet, lanoleum, tile, hard wood floors and more!

No more worries about intruders… Plus, it’s made of 20 Gauge Steel by Mace Security International, so you know it’s reliable. Remember, it can extend from 30 to 46 inches!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mace Triple Action Defense Spray with TEAR GAS!

This Mace unit that is available in 3 sizes, not only has pepper spray, but it also contains TEAR GAS! Plus it's a Mace® unit, so you know it's reliable!

Most pepper spray units don't have tear gas, but these different sized units do. It not only burns your eyes or face as you inhale it but it contains an extra punch, TEAR GAS! The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray units are available in Personal, Pocket and Police models. These self defense units can reach up to 12 feet away. They also can contain up to 20 one second bursts, depending on the unit you purchase.

Pepper spray on itself is devastating, but if you add TEAR GAS, it's really painful to an attacker's face, eyes and lungs. The TEAR GAS, makes it difficult to breath, as well. Furthermore, it burns like hell! The pepper spray makes a bad intentioned individual to cry from all the burning sensation!

The solution in these units also includes an Invisible UV Marking Dye... The UV Marking Dye helps police capture the attacker by placing the attacker under a UV LAMP, determining if a victim sprayed him. This will definitely verify that they caught the right individual!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Have You Heard of the Sting Ring Stun Gun with 18 Million Volts Yet?

This unit is ergonomic, fits perfectly in your hand and is almost concealable. Great for when you are exercising outdoors or when you simply need to be careful around your surroundings!

Unlike other stun guns, these pink or black units are ergonomic and fit perfectly in your hand. They are also rubberized, so it won't slip through your fingers. It's called the Sting Ring Stun Gun with 18 Million Volts. PLUS, it's easy to use for self defense, simply squeeze the unit in your and it will automatically show it's powerful thunder looking sparks! Sometimes that alone, will deter an attacker... But if he or she doesn't leave, all you have to do is touch the attacker with the unit, such as the neck. Plus, it can also go through cloths as well, for self defense. Simply keep touching and squeezing until he or she fall to the ground and only their eyes are moving... Then run to safety immediately! See the features below.

Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts in Pink, Black or Quatrefoil
- Concealable, unit is mostly covered by the back of your hand
- Great for exercising outdoors
- Easy to use, simply squeeze and touch an attacker
- Includes safety switch
- Recharging cord included, simply plugs to the wall
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defect

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Have You Heard of the Lipstick Pepper Sprays?

Ladies, these Lipstick Pepper Spray units look like a lipstick, but they're really a disguised pepper spray. Simply take the cap off the container and SPRAY INTO HIS EYES AND FACE!

An attacker might think you want to make yourself pretty for him... Boy is he in for a surprise! All you have to do is pretend you want to look pretty for him, lift the container's cap quickly and spray into his eyes and face! Then escape immediately, while he is crying like a baby and experiencing incredible heat and pain.

These disguised units called the Lipstick Pepper Sprays, are available in 6 different colors: red, lavender, blue, pink, black and silver. They reach 6 feet away and contain 5, one-second bursts. PLUS, they also carry an Invisible UV Marking Dye. If police capture the right attacker and place him under a UV Lamp, they will be able to see that the attacker has been sprayed with a Marking Dye. Confirming they caught the right individual!

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