Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Gift: Mace Pepper Foam for Self Defense Against Attackers or Rapists

The best Holiday Gift you can give a person is a unit that protects them. The Mace Pepper Foam unit, is one of them.

Women and men need protection all year round, but women are targeted more by rapists. Not only is it important for ladies to carry protection, but it's crucial, if you take public transportation. Consider offering a Holiday Gift that will protect your loved ones, be it a woman or a man.

The Mace Pepper Foam for self defense, makes it easy for women or men to defend themselves and it's available in Large Model and Magnum. The unit's thick foam, engulfs a lowlife's face with incredible heat and automatically expands all over an attacker or rapist's face! The foam can also penetrate into their lungs making it even more difficult for them to defend themselves. It also includes an ultraviolet UV dye to invisibly mark an attacker or rapist, which may aid in identification by police... Perfect self defense for women or men!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Gift: Personal Alarms to Let Others Know, When Your Loved Ones are in Danger!

Consider offering gifts which can save the life of your loved ones. Personal alarms up to 130dB, alert others by simply pushing a button or squeezing an alarm unit.
Our website has 16 affordable, different Personal Alarms to choose from. These units are perfect for students, seniors and the handicapped. The sound of the different alarms, range from the loudest available for citizens, which is 130dB, to lower pitches such as 120dB. There's even one that is air pressured and even another that can prevent drivers from nodding off while driving! One in particular can detect movement and sound's an alarm when it senses that someone is moving a personal possession you own, such as a cell phone.

Check out all 16 personal alarms we carry, you're sure to find some that fit the lifestyle of your loved one's. These units are lightweight and very affordable. Perfect for students, seniors and the handicapped.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Essentials for Outdoor Lovers: Survival Gear for This Year's Holiday Gifts!

Did you know that our website has a section called "Survival Gear"? It's for souls that like the outdoors and take in the adventurist experience!

There are very few people that don't like going out once in a while and taking all that nature offers. It's instinctual to feel at home, even if you are in a jungle, dessert or in the sea. At, we have many items in our "Survival Gear" section that will delight outdoor enthusiasts and are great for Holiday Gifts!

This section of our website includes things that you see in the picture above and many other units that are convenient for outdoor lovers. They include items such as a Water Bottle w/ Built-in Filter, Mace Bear Pepper Spray, Wise Emergency Survival Food, Emergency Power Supply, Car Jump Starter and much more!

Explore our "Survival Gear" section of our website for outdoor lovers. You'll be amazed of what you find for Holiday Gifts, even though you weren't looking for it, such as a fire starter! Fire starters are crucial for outdoor lovers because they offer light, warmth and the ability to cook food. Plus, don't forget the Bear Pepper Spray, which is a must for outdoor lovers!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Gift: Pepper Spray Batons, Not Just For Motorcycle Enthusiasts Any More!

You've seen them riding those huge motorcycles... But have you noticed that most carry a baton keyring? Did you know that those keyring batons carry pepper spray for self defense, as well?
We all know that batons are used for self defense against attackers. The Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Batons are built with machine heavy aluminum, include 6 short bursts of pepper spray and can reach up to 5 feet away! But even though that would be enough, they are also used against attackers by jabbing, hitting pressure points and key flailing. Plus, they can protect women from sexual assaults, as well! These units make great holiday gifts and are perfect for men and women!

The Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton also makes a great holiday gift especially since they contain pepper spray for self defense! Not only that, but they are also REFILLABLE, as well! Simply buy the Mace Pepper Spray Defense Baton Refill, when the baton is emptied! The perfect gift for men or women that can very well, save their lives during a brutal attack or sexual assault!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

College Holiday Gift for Students

After all the Holidays are over many students will go back to college. If you are a parent, you know how important it is to send your student to college with some sort of protection!

This is when the College Self Defense Package comes into the picture. It includes the essentials for protecting your child. Below is a brief description of each unit.

Runt Mini Stun Gun - Includes a 20 million volts of temporary take down power, LED light, rubberized exterior, built in-charger, disable pin, safety switch, holster and plugs directly into wall socket for charging. Students just need to touch and attacker!

Pepper Spray Pen - Includes pepper shot pepper spray, inside a disguised pen. Contains 5 bursts and reaches 6 feet away for self defense.

Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm - Includes a 130dB personal alarm, the loudest allowed by civilians to use, LED light, Strobe light, and extra attachments for protecting doors and windows.

The perfect gift for college students in this dangerous world!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mini Personal Travel Alarm Also Includes a Motion Detector

A personal alarm with 100dB alarm to notify others you need help. Plus, it also detects motion, a whole new feature other units don't have and also can prevent theft!

It's unique alright, and only cost's $15.95... This unit can notify others if you are in an emergency with it's 100dB alarm. It includes an alarm pin, LED light, light button, PIR sensor, carrying strap, slide cover, off and auto switch. Especially convenient for women when they are in a dangerous situation, like confronting a rapist or a thief! This unit is also convenient for the handicapped or senior citizens.

Unlike other personal alarms the Mini Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector unit also includes a SENSOR! A sensor can be very handy. For example, if you have your laptop at a conference table and need to step away, the sensor of this unit will sound the alarm, letting you know that someone has been meddling with your laptop, very handy feature! The unit can detect movement up to 10 feet away and will sound for 15 seconds on it's own, or you can turn it off. (Make sure you place the unit near a background with no movement, so it can detect if indeed there is movement when someone takes or moves it.)

Not only is it good for protecting your laptop, but it can also be used for other cases such as: placing it on a drawer that you don't want others to open, putting it near a cabinet where you keep your weapons, or even if you are waiting for an important letter, you can place it near your mail box... You get the idea! We're sure you will come up with other situations to use this unit for!

A 100dB personal alarm for letting other's know that you have an emergency AND a convenient motion detector unit, to use when you can't keep an eye on your STUFF... As mentioned before, it's also handy for the handicapped or senior citizens, and only cost's $15.95!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Safety Technology Stun Guns Whole Sellers Have Been Around Since 1986!

Since 1986 Safety Technology has been one of the most trusted Whole Seller of Stun Gun brands in the USA. WomenOnGuard carries many of their units.

Since 2006, has been selling Safety Technology self defense units among other brands for many years. They are one of the most reliable and trusted brands in the USA. When you see a brand that's been around for a long time, you know they are trustworthy.

At, we sell many of their self defense items, most of which are the Stun Guns! Below are the Stun Guns we sell from this reliable wholesale brand:

Some of Safety Technology Brand STUN GUNS 
- Black and Camo Bashlight Stun Gun
- Disguised Cell Phone Stun Gun
- Disguised Smart Phone Stun Gun
- Lipstick Stun Gun
- Runt Stun Gun
- Trigger Stun Gun
- Slider Stun Gun
- Smallest Keychain Stun Gun
- Stun Baton Stun Gun
- Stun Master Stun Gun
- Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun
- Stun Master Li'l Guy Stun Gun

Most of these units come in several colors. You can get more information by going to our website, and clicking on the "Stun Guns" category! (Note: all the listed stun guns above are from Safety Technology, best to type in the name of the unit you are interested in by going to the top SEARCH section.) Or course there are also many other units by other brands on our website that you can buy!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Save Money by Purchasing 10 Pepper Sprays as Gifts for the Holidays!

The best gift for the Holidays you can offer to a loved one, is a unit that will protect them. A Pepper Spray case for women or men, shows you care for their safety and are affordable!

Pepper sprays have been around for many, many years and are one of the most reliable non-lethal self defense units in the market. They are very affordable and convenient to carry. These units in particular contain 5 one second bursts and can reach up to 8 feet away! They liquid pepper spray also includes an Invisible UV Marking Dye that police can detect, if an individual is brought in for questioning, by placing them under a UV lamp! Purchase these units in bulk!

At we have these self defense units in black, red, yellow, blue, purple and lavendar colors for women or men's gift. They all have a convenient key ring and the expiration date is at the bottom of each unit. Simply pull the keyring off the plastic circular bottom and see the date posted on the bottom of the inside metal canister. Most pepper spray last for a couple of years.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Non-Lethal Runt Stun Guns w/ 20 Million Volts of Takedown Power for Holiday Gifts... Only $19.99!

In case you didn't know, stun guns are used for non-lethal self defense... They can take down temporarily an individual who has bad intentions! Plus, are great for Holiday Gifts...

Stun guns have been around since the 1960's and they get better every year! These particular units have incredible features and they are a no brainer to use against an attacker. They are called the Runt Stun Guns w/ 20 Million Volts, they're non-lethal and make great Holiday Gifts!

At we have many kinds of stun guns. These units are non-lethal, yet they can take down an attacker within 3 to 6 seconds with no pushing involved, just touching... They eventually fall to the ground on their own and if you keep touching, they become incoherent and unable to defend themselves. This gives you an opportunity to escape safely.

All the units above include a disable pin and an LED light to shine into an attackers face! The disable pin wrist straps are to prevent you from getting stunned by the attacker if he takes your self defense unit away from you. You see, if the wrist strap is separated from the stun gun and the attacker takes the unit from you, the unit won't work! This in turn prevents an attacker from using it against you. The wrist strap needs to be in the unit for it to operate... These units are perfect for Holiday Gifts!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray for Women's Self Defense, Only $11.69!

The perfect self defense unit for women! If you think an individual might have bad intentions, take out any of these disguised lipstick pepper sprays and shoot... Perfect for rapists or attackers!

Women can protect themselves with disguised units. These Lipstick Pepper Sprays look normal. But if a person gets in your face too much and seems like they are going to hurt you, simply act like you want to touch up and spray them directly into the eyes!

These disguised units that only cost $11.69, for women, bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker or rapist. They are available in 6 colors; lavendar, pink, silver, blue, black and red! They also can reach 6 feet away and contain 5 one-second bursts. All you have to do is aim toward their eyes and shoot the liquid stream into their eyes and entire face. This in turn will temporarily blind them, because when they open their eyes, it will hurt like hell and their face will feel like it's burning! Offering you a chance to escape safely!

Simply pretend that you are touching up for him and then turn it against him. Perfect for women's self defense. Plus, when you use these disguised lipstick pepper sprays against an individual, the pepper spray also contains an Invisible UV Marking Dye. Police will be able to place an attacker under a UV Lamp, and confirm they caught the right individual. Not bad for just $11.69!

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