Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts

Don't know what you want to give for a Mother's Day Gift yet? Here's a wonderful gift that's beautiful and can protect her, anywhere she goes!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, May 8th, to be exact. Give her a beautiful disguised perfume case, that really is a stun gun, with 3.5 million volts of self defense take down power! Disguised self defense units, bring an element of surprise, to a would be attacker. He might even think you are just touching up with perfume... That's when you startle him with a simple touch of this disguised unit.

This Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts is easy to use. All a woman needs to do, is take the safety cap off and press a button! She should keep touching an attacker, until he falls to the ground and becomes incoherent. Then simply leave the scene immediately and not look back... The Perfume Stun Gun 3.5 Million Volts is available in 3 colors; purple, pink and black.

Besides the features mentioned above, this Mother's Day Gift has an LED light, is rechargeable, measures 5" x 1" and includes a Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Wall Socket Diversion Safe

Did you ever wish you could hide something in your home, that friends or relatives wouldn't be able to find it? Small things such as jewelry, money or any other valuables?

We all have at one time or another, wanted to hide something valuable to us, but didn't want to spend money on a bank safety deposit box. Did you know that there are alternatives? They're called diversion or hidden safes and they are perfect for a Mother's Day Gift! They look like an ordinary objects in a home, but you can hide money, jewelry or valuables in it! Let's focus on one hidden safe called the Wall Socket Diversion Safe.

The Wall Socket Diversion Safe, is disguised to look like an ordinary wall socket, but it's not! The unit can be easily installed on any wall in your home and nobody will know that you hide money, jewelry or any other valuables in it!

This unit also includes a template and small saw to open the hole where you plan to place the hidden safe. It also includes a key, so that you can later unlock the Wall Socket Diversion Safe and take your money, jewelry or any other valuables! It goes without saying that this unit makes a fabulous Mother's Day Gift! Plus, she wouldn't need to stash her valuables and pay for a bank safety deposit box!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts

Our newest stun guns on our website, these elongated units add extra distance from you and a bad intentioned attacker. Perfect for a Mother's Day gift!

These slick for women units are 5.5 inches tall, offering more distance from an attacker while you touch them with the unit. The Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts, also has a 120 dB alarm, to notify others that you are in danger! Very few, if any, stun units have a 120 dB alarms... Plus, it's easy to use, simply squeeze the side of this unit and touch an attacker with it. Just touching him or her, will make a person fall to the ground. If you continue to touch them, they will easily become incoherent. Then, all you have to do is leave the scene immediately.

This Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts also includes Triple Stun Technology, which makes the electrical charge to jump between 3 points on the top of the unit! Simply setting off the unit will make attackers think twice, before they approach you. Included with this self defense marvel is a wrist strap disable pin. This means that if the attacker takes the unit away from you, the unit will not work... You see, the stun gun has to have the disable pin attached to it, in order for it to work, making it easier for women to escape...

Of course, the self defense Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts has a built-in charger, simply plug the unit into a wall socket! Plus, it includes an LED light! This unit also comes with a holster, lifetime warranty from manufacture's defect and measures 5.5" x 1.875" x 1" (LWH). Perfect women's weapon, for a Mother's Day gift!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender

Mother's Day is just around the corner, May 8th, to be exact! What better gift for your mother than something that will protect her, anywhere she goes?
We have many pepper spray units in our store, but only one of those units also includes an LED light! If you are looking for a gift for your mother, wife, sister or friend, you're on the right track. This Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender is the best present she will ever receive... Offering her a self defense unit, truly says, you care for her and want her to be safe.

The Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender has an LED light that turns on, when you lift the cap to spray an attacker. This in itself, can temporarily blind an attacker! The unit reaches 18 FEET AWAY, offering a safe distance from a threatening individual. Unlike other conventional units that can only reach 8-10 feet. Plus, it is heavier than regular pepper sprays, because it shoots a sticky gel, not a liquid stream. This sticky gel will stick more to their face; eyes, nose, mouth and possibly their lungs, if they inhale! This self defense weapon includes 10 to 20 short bursts and as mentioned before, it reaches 18 feet away!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother's Day Gift: Give Her a U.S. Army Knife, for Personal Protection Wherever She Goes!

Today's women are tougher than ladies from the sixties... They've endured many obstacles such as rapes, domestic violence and date rapes. It's time they protect their own selves!

We now know, the only way that women can survive, is by carrying their own weapon! One of the ways they can do this is by having a self defense unit with them at all times, such as a handy weapon that's light and also sharp... A 8.5 Inch Spring Assisted Licensed U.S. Army Knife, to be exact! It fits folded in her purse, pocket or backpack. Perfect for a Mother's Day Gift!

Think about it... Women, you love, can have a weapon with them all the time! If anybody tries to physically take advantage of them, they can take the knife, press a button and quickly spring out that sweet yet powerful blade! We all know that there are simply too many aggressive, drugged out individuals out there. Not to mention rapists and other attackers!

This 8.5 Inch Spring Assisted Licensed U.S. Army Knife, snaps out a steel blade by simply pushing a button. That's because it has a spring attached to it! Plus, it also includes a seat belt cutter, glass breaker and a belt clip. The unit has an ambidextrous thumb stud, so it doesn't matter if she is right or left handed, when using it. So... surprise her with a Mother's Day Gift, she can actually use, for self defense against aggressive, drugged out individuals.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift: Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 35 Million Volts!

Our most powerful self defense stun gun in our store, includes triple stun technology and 35 Million Volts of takedown power which includes electricity between 3 separate points, not just 1 or 2!
The Jolt Mini Stun Gun with 35 Million Volts for a Mother’s Day gift, are the strongest stun guns in our store. They are available in green, purple, pink and black. These triple stun technology units, include a disable pin, which prevents attackers from using the stun gun against you. You see, if they grab the unit, the disable pin strap, stays in your wrist. The unit will not work if the disable pin is not attached to the stun gun!

The triple stun technology units for self defense also include; built-in charger, bright LED light, safety switch, rubberized exterior which protects the unit and offers a better grip, plus a nylon holster with belt loop! These incredible self defense products, also include a 5 year warranty… Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Did You Know That We Have A Pepper Spray That Looks Like A Regular Pen?

Talk about an element of surprise to a would be rapist or attacker! This 18% pepper spray unit, that looks like a regular pen, is easy to take to work, college, bars or basically anywhere!

It looks like an ordinary pen, but it doesn't write, it shoots out 18% pepper spray that can reach 6 feet away and contains 5 one-second bursts! This unit is called the Pepper Spray Pen 18% Wildfire. Since it's disguised, nobody will know that you have a non lethal weapon. Simply hang it in your pocket, or keep it in your purse or backpack.

If a rapist or attacker becomes a little too pushy or threatens you, simply pull it out, take the cap off and spray it into their eyes, nose and mouth. Basically their whole face. Afterwards the heat is so powerful, that they will be temporarily blind, cough up a storm, have a burning sensation on their face and lungs and become helpless! This Pepper Spray Pen 18% Wildfire will allow you to escape safely!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Have You Heard of the NEW TASER Pulse?

Besides introducing the self defense Taser Bolt earlier this month on the 12th, we are also introducing the new Taser Pulse! This newest unit has extra features previous units don't have!

The newer self defense Taser for civilians is more compact and includes extra features shown on the above video. It fits perfect in men or women's hands and can be concealed easier. Of course, it also includes the previous features, such as: Easy laser sight aiming, 15 feet of protection, automatic 30 second stunning when placed on the ground, no kickback, no gun powder cleaning, stun gun backup, LED flashlight, no permit required in most states... PLUS Taser International will replace the unit if stolen, as long as you show a police record of the incident. Perfect for civilian's self defense!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Did You Know That Carries Mace Rhinestone, Lipstick Pepper Spray?

They are beautiful and most importantly, will protect us women from attackers, rapists or any other bad intentioned individual!

These beautiful pepper spray covered in rhinestones are impressive and are really a self defense, disguised lipstick pepper spray units. They are available in pink, silver and black. Each for just only $29.99!

Mace Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Spray for women, are powerful units that can reach 10 feet away and each unit contains approximately 5 bursts of self defense! All Mace spray include an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that authorities can check, to make sure they’ve captured the right attacker or rapist. Of course, they also have a safety cap!

To spray an attacker, simply take the unit out while pretending you are touching up, and lift the cap. Then simply aim at their eyes and spray… as simple as that! Then leave the scene immediately.

Take matters into your own hands and defend yourself with these beautiful units.

Friday, April 15, 2016

NEW: Slider 10 Million Volt Stun Gun w/Flashlight

This stun gun unit is the smallest we have in our store. But small in this case is a plus! Check out our Slider stun guns for self defense!

NEW Slider Stun Gun with Flashlight, 10 Million Volts, and 4.9 milliamps in pink. Its slim, compact and discreet measuring ONLY 3 1/2 inches x 1 inch x 1/2 inch and in several colors. Perfect for women or men, easy to operate and the smallest stun gun you will ever find. This compact stun gun looks just like a flash drive, but it isn't. Plus, it's made of the highest quality aircraft aluminum and available in 5 colors: black, pink, blue, gold, and silver. Perfect to carry when walking, jogging, running or just about anywhere. Great for college students too!

Check out the 5 compact self defense units on our website, you'll be impressed!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ladies, Do You Carry Date Rape Drug Detector Cards?

If you are a woman that goes out to parties, bars, nightclubs or college get—togethers, you need to carry protection against drug spiked drinks!

In case you haven’t heard, there is a little envelope called Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard, which prevents you from becoming a date rape victim. These date rape strips are easy to carry with you at all times.

Next time you go to parties, bars, nightclubs or college get—togethers, make sure you test your drink, if it was from an open container! Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, where you can test your drink by simply placing 2 drops of your beverage on one test... It only takes a few seconds and it will let you know if your drink is tainted with a drug or not, depending on the color the strip turns into! This small envelope includes 10 cards and each card has 2 tests available, so there’s a total of 20 tests!

You don’t need to take risks and become a rape victim. Carry in your purse or pocket, the Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard and prevent being another victim of a rapist.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Door Bell Technology Reminds Me Of The Jetsons!

The longer I live, the more I'm impressed by what humans can invent. The latest craze and commercials on TV is yet another amazing gadget.

We are definitely entering a time tunnel, just like the cartoon family of the future; The Jetsons. But it's not from just a cartoon episode, it's here now... Good-by door knob and hello; Ring - Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell!

This impressive, Ring - Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell unit, has many people anxious to buy one, even though it cost's $199.99! It allows you to answer your door, via cellphone contact. You will be able to see a live video of a person at your home's entrance door and converse with them through your cellphone if you are not home... But what's wrong with just peeking through a door lens viewer, a nearby window or just not answering the door?

I might just buy this gadget in the future when the price is lower than $199.99 and the next craze is a unit that people might have, such as a Star Trek Transporter!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The New: TASER BOLT BLACK, Available To Civilians!

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Taser for civilians, with upgrades and packaged with 2 cartridges, for self defense!
This unit as the previous ones of it's kind, reaches 15 feet away! The Taser Bolt Black, provides a good distance from an attacker and has many incredible features.

The main reason why Tasers are so incredible, is the fact that the unit can be placed in the ground and at the same time, tase an attacker, while you excape and leave the scene. You see, it can automatically keep tasing for 30 seconds, after you are gone! A feature not included in firearms...

Plus, it has other wonderful features such as:
- Non lethal self defense from an attacker
- No kickback when deployed, which can hurt a woman's shoulder
- 15 Feet distance from an attacker
- Laser sight, places a red dot, exactly where you are aiming
- Includes 2 cartridges for self defense
- Practice target is included
- If stolen, Taser International will replace unit if police record is filed

This unit also includes other incredible features. Simply go to the LINK above!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mace Jogger Pepper Spray, For Active Women or Men's Protection Outdoors

Mace is a well respected brand and these units are no exception! The Jogger units were made for women or men that exercise outdoors.
The main difference you will notice with these self defense units, is the strap attached to the pepper spray. This is to free your hands for holding for example, a water bottle or a cellphone...very convenient! They're available in Pink or Black and perfect for runners, joggers or walkers.

The pink, Mace Jogger Pepper Spray units, are $1 more than the black units, because a portion of the proceeds for the pink unit, goes toward charitable organization donations (The National Center for Victims of Crime, Project Against Violent Encounters and Casting for Recovery).

These Mace Jogger Pepper Spray units for women or men, measure 4.25" x 1" x 1.25" and include a keychain, hand strap, finger grip dispenser, reach up to 12 feet and contain 20 devastating bursts that you can aim toward an attacker. Don't forget to always aim toward their eyes and also to the rest of their face!

Plus, remember that if you buy the Pink unit for self defense, a portion of the proceeds goes toward charitable organizations!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Portable Solar Oven Bag, for Emergencies or Camping

It’s starting to get warmer outside and many people like to enjoy the outdoors. Consider taking an OVEN that can reach 285 degrees Fahrenheit!

But this isn’t your ordinary oven… of course not! This is a slow cooking oven that you can use for making meals outdoors. It’s called the Portable Solar Oven Bag. Perfect for camping while you enjoy breathing fresh air!

This handy Portable Solar Oven Bag, works like a slow cooker and can reach up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on how much sun there is… Perfect for camping, hiking or as a survival gear for emergencies, if you don’t have electricity. Think of it as being a slow cooker, simmering those luscious ribs or chicken drumsticks!

This convenient or survival foldable oven, measures 2” x 15.5” x 19”. Utensils such as pans and racks, are not included with this convenient yet light oven.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pepper Spray Disguised As Lipstick; An Element of Surprise for a Would Be Rapist!

Yeap, they certainly look like some colorful lipsticks for women, but little does a rapist know that it's really a disguised self defense pepper spray!
As many of us know, pepper spray has been around for decades... Plus, they get better and better, in disabling an attacker or rapist. Our store includes 6 Lipstick Pepper Sprays that are disguised, available in different colors and will disable an attacker, if you spray into their eyes and face! These disguised self defense units only measure 3.25" tall, but when aimed at an attacker, they will temporarily blind him or her because their eyes will have to slam shut, from all the pain. It also can go in through their nostrils and they can even inhale the hot substance through their mouth and reach the lungs! All of this is temporary, giving women an open window to escape from harms way!

Lipstick Pepper Spray For Women's Self Defense  
- Disguised unit brings an element of surprise to a rapist
- Reaches a comfortable distance of up to 6 feet away
- Includes 5, one-second bursts
- Includes UV Marking Dye, verifying to police, they caught the right individual
- Available in 6 colors: pink, lavender, red, blue, silver and black

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Supreme Court Is reviewing a case that might allow all people in the U.S.A. to be able to carry a TASER!

Thanks to a lady by the name of Jamie Caetano, who had to endure abuse from her ex-boyfriend. She lives in Massachusetts and her case, might allow all Americans to use TASERS for self defense.

Jaimie Caetano tried everything to stop her ex-boyfriend from beating her constantly and making threats to her life. Restraining orders did not work, so a friend gave her a TASER C2 for self defense. Unfortunately, during a routine inspection in Massachusetts, the police found her C2 and she was convicted of possessing a banned weapon! Even though Jaimie Caetano had proof of many restraining orders against her ex-boyfriend, she was still convicted of possessing an electric-based weapon for self defense.

Finally, she decided that the law had to change and has appealed her case to the US Supreme Court. Jaimie Caetano is arguing that the US Supreme Court should make the civilian TASER, fall under the Second Amendment.

If the US Supreme Court agrees with Jaimie Caetano, this would allow citizens, in all 50 States, to purchase any of the presently, 6 TASER Civilian Models... Most States already allow TASERS to be bought in our country. But, some States might still require a short background check, with results in just minutes!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FDA: Limit Arsenic Levels in Baby Rice Cereal

APR 1 2016

Concerns about the potential health risks from arsenic in infant rice cereal has prompted the Food and Drug Administration to propose limits for one of America's favorite baby foods.

The FDA is taking steps to reduce inorganic arsenic (the more toxic form) in infant rice cereal. Long recognized as a carcinogen, and absorbed in food crops like rice, recent health data led to the new advice for pregnant women and infants.

In 2016, FDA completed an analysis of evidence linking relatively high levels of inorganic arsenic during pregnancy with adverse pregnancy outcomes. The FDA also found that exposure to arsenic may result in a child's decreased performance on learning and cognitive tests.

Relative to their size, infants consume about three times more rice than adults. At 8 months of age, rice cereal is often the centerpiece of an infant's diet.

Traces of arsenic are present in many foods, including grains, fruits and vegetables, but rice absorbs it more easily than most foods do. Rice cereals have long been one of the first foods given to babies.

The FDA released a draft guidance Friday that proposes an action level, or limit, of 100 parts per billion (ppb) for inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereal.

The agency tested 76 samples of infant rice cereal from retail stores and found that nearly half met the agency's proposed limit of 100 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic. More than three-quarters of the samples had levels at or below 110 parts per billion.

"The proposed limit is a prudent and achievable step to reduce exposure to arsenic among infants." said Susan Mayne, Ph.D., director of the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Pregnant women are advised to eat a variety of foods, including varied grains, such as wheat, oats and barley.

Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D., executive director of the Consumer Reports Food Safety & Sustainability Center, which released a report on arsenic levels in rice in 2014, is concerned the proposed limits don't go far enough.

"While Consumer Reports is pleased to see that the FDA has finally proposed a limit on arsenic in infant rice cereal, and it is close to the level we recommended more than three years ago, we remain concerned that so many other rice-based products consumed by children and adults remain without any standards at all. This is particularly true of children's ready-to-eat cereals."

The FDA acknowledges the wide range of arsenic found in rice and rice products and wants food makers to get their products from sources with the lowest inorganic arsenic.

In a statement to NBC News, Gerber says its cereals already meet the FDA Guidance levels.

"We have worked closely with our trusted rice supplier and their growers as well as researchers from agricultural universities to achieve some of the lowest levels of this element in U.S. grown rice," the statement said. "Through these combined actions we already meet the level proposed by the FDA."

What are parents to do?

The FDA offers the following advice to parents and caregivers of infants. It is consistent with advice given by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Feed your baby iron-fortified cereals to be sure she or he is receiving enough of this important nutrient.
Rice cereal fortified with iron is a good source of nutrients for your baby, but it shouldn't be the only source, and does not need to be the first source. Other fortified infant cereals include oat, barley and multigrain.
For toddlers, provide a well-balanced diet, which includes a variety of grains.
Parents may consider rice an important first food for infants, but it shouldn't be the only source, says Dr. Jennifer Lowry, chairperson of the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health and Chief of Section of Toxicology at Children's Mercy in Kansas City, Missouri.

"I wouldn't say don't eat rice," Lowry told NBC News. "I would say, don't only eat rice. Eat other grains in addition to rice, and eat other grains first."

Published studies, including new research by the FDA, indicate that cooking rice in excess water (from six to 10 parts water to one part rice), and draining the excess water, can reduce from 40 to 60 percent of the inorganic arsenic content, depending on the type of rice — although this method may also remove some key nutrients.

The FDA will accept public comments on the proposed limits for 90 days.

Dr. Shelly Choo, a medical fellow with NBC News, contributed to this report

Monday, April 4, 2016

Wise Emergency Food for Surviving During Catastrophes!

Fortunately, catastrophes aren't the norm. But, sometimes we experience situations that are unbearable, such as huge storms, forest fires, floods... It's critical to be prepared and what's most important is to have food!

This is why at, we added food to our list of products. But these aren't your regular meals, they are made specifically for emergency situations! Basically they are survival food kits, by the Wise Company, for individuals to prepare during an emergency.

The pre-prepared food containers for emergency situations, will keep food fresh for either a short time or for up to 25 YEARS of shelf life, depending on your needs. Packages can include the whole shebang which includes entrees, breakfast and even dessert... It depends on which package you choose!

Global warming is unpredictable when it comes to catastrophes such as huge storms, forest fires, floods and any other dangerous situation. It's always a good idea to be prepared. These nutrition packages are definitely worth considering, especially since some can last for up to 25 years!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Did You Know That We Have A Breast Cancer Self Defense Special Which Proceeds Go Toward The Cure?

It's under's "Package Deals" category. Included in this package, is a stun gun and a pepper spray unit. Both units are available in several colors, as well.

These units go together nicely, because one is for closeup self defense by using the stun gun and the other is for distance protection with the pepper spray. Check out the info below for each unit of the Breast Cancer Special. Remember that a portion of the proceeds, goes toward the cure for BREAST CANCER!

Stun Gun - Includes 8 Million volts of self defense, built in charger that slides out to plug into wall socket, large LED light, disable pin (prevents attackers from using it against you), rubberized exterior prevents slippage, safety switch, available in 3 colors and with a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer's defect.

Pepper Spray - Includes safety lock, key ring, 46% stronger than other brands, invisible UV marking dye (for authorities to know they have the right individual captured), available in hard or soft case, reaches 8 feet and you have a choice of 4 different colors.

PLUS: Always have your pepper spray or stun gun available when in allies, car garages, parking lots or areas you are not familiar with or might seem dangerous!

Remember, a portion of the proceeds, goes toward the cure for BREAST CANCER!

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