Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The New: TASER BOLT BLACK, Available To Civilians!

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Taser for civilians, with upgrades and packaged with 2 cartridges, for self defense!
This unit as the previous ones of it's kind, reaches 15 feet away! The Taser Bolt Black, provides a good distance from an attacker and has many incredible features.

The main reason why Tasers are so incredible, is the fact that the unit can be placed in the ground and at the same time, tase an attacker, while you excape and leave the scene. You see, it can automatically keep tasing for 30 seconds, after you are gone! A feature not included in firearms...

Plus, it has other wonderful features such as:
- Non lethal self defense from an attacker
- No kickback when deployed, which can hurt a woman's shoulder
- 15 Feet distance from an attacker
- Laser sight, places a red dot, exactly where you are aiming
- Includes 2 cartridges for self defense
- Practice target is included
- If stolen, Taser International will replace unit if police record is filed

This unit also includes other incredible features. Simply go to the LINK above!

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