Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pepper Spray with a 90 MPH Punch!

The Guardian Angel PepperBlaster is the fastest pepper spray on the market today. Kimber, the manufacturer, has been around since 1911. Kimber is famous for it's firearms but they also make this non-lethal weapon. 

Since the Guardian Angel PepperBlaster shoots pepper spray at a powerful speed of 90 MPH, it won't just land on an attacker, it will definitely have a punch and since the spray delivery is so fast, it can also go around masks or glasses which the attacker might be wearing! Not only is this weapon powerfully fast, but it also can reach 13 feet. Most pepper spray reach 5 to 7 feet.
Besides being able to go around an attacker's protective cover, there are other advantages that come with this weapon. For example, there is minimal cross contamination or spray back. This is when the spray actually flies back at you instead of toward your attacker. A big problem when there are windy conditions. The PepperBlaster can also be held at any angle when you shoot it. Most pepper spray need to be held upright, like you would hair spray. Regular pepper spray also require to be shaken, once in a while, to keep their pressure. The PepperBlaster doesn't.

The Guardian Angel PepperBlaster by Kimber, has 2 powerful shots, doesn't loose pressure with time and can be used in temperatures between -5°F to +176°F. It also is ergonomically shaped, water resistant, has a handy belt clip and it even has a holster that you can purchase separately.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gun Deaths in the United States Compared to the United Kingdom

This is the year 2011, not the time of the 1800's Wild, Wild West. But you wouldn't know it by counting the amount of people killed by guns in this country! Firearms are a big problem in the United States of America and we need to find a better solution.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) wants all Americans to own a gun and hence be safer. But unfortunately, having so many guns will not make us safer. Contrary to what the NRA mentions, it is actually making our country far more dangerous than we want to admit. Why? Because arming citizens with firearms is the wrong approach. Other countries have taken a different approach toward deadly crime by taking away firearms from their citizens. The results of this action have been astonishingly positive in the number of deaths related to guns. The NRA refers to laws that are archaic by nature, in order to justify American's carrying guns. Unlike the Wild, Wild West, today's civilization is perfectly able to deal with differences amongst it's citizens by going to courts where laws are enforced.

The United Kingdom does not allow it's citizens to carry firearms. Most of their police officers, except for a few, don't even carry guns! United Kingdom police officers rely mostly on Tasers for controlling crime. Due to this less deadly transition made by their police, the United Kingdom has far less citizen casualties than the United States does. In fact this is a trend happening in many civilized nations.

Below are some numbers that don't lie. These are figures taken from legit sources and they reflect some pretty amazing results.

Gun fatalities for the year 2000 
 (Includes suicides, homocides and accidents)

United States: National Safety Council...... 28,163

United Kingdom: Gun Control Network.......... 204

How many more casualties should we withstand in our society before we learn and change our system?

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nightclub Safety for Single Women

Saturday night and you're all dressed up to have a good time at your favorite nightclub! You plan to meet some friends or perhaps get to know some new people. It will be a great evening if you keep your head on straight and practice some common sense safety measures.

To start off, one of the best safety practices when single women go to a nightclub is to go with a friend or friends. Not only will you be safer, but you can select who the designated driver will be. Also an important advantage of having a friend go with you is that if you meet someone, you can introduce them to your friend. This is good practice, in case for some reason you disappear, your friend would remember the person's face and their name. It might be nice if you add some comments while you introduce them, perhaps what wonderful eyes or hair they have. Mentioning something that describes their appearance is important. "Where are you from?", is a good conversation piece too! Plus, never leave a nightclub with a person you just met! If you go alone to a nightclub, make sure to introduce yourself to several people.

If you decide to have an alcohol drink at the nightclub, keep date rape drugs in mind. Go directly to the bartender for your drink and watch him or her pour it. Always keep your eyes on your drink! If a waiter brings you a drink, make sure that it is in a closed container. Remember to request a closed container when ordering your drink. Single women should NEVER drink from an open punch bowl, either!

If you go to a nightclub on your own, and have been drinking, ask the bartender to call for a taxi. Never drink alcohol and drive. If the nightclub is far from your home, perhaps the taxi can take you to a nearby hotel. The next morning, you can get a ride to your car and drive safely home. Better yet, if you know you are going to drink alcohol, just take a taxi to the nightclub and a taxi back home! Or even some sort of public transportation, to and from the nightclub.

One more thing... single women should ALWAYS carry some sort of personal safety device such as a pepper spray, stun gun or personal alarm. Especially if they are going to take public transportation and are alone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Teenager Beaten by Houston Police Officers

It happened last March and it was captured by a surveillance camera. The video showed Chad Holley, a 15 year old teenager who was being chased, he then gave up and laid on the ground with his hands behind his head. Houston Police that had been chasing him, went toward him and proceeded to inflict what would be classified as police brutality. Chad Holley was beaten, kicked and punched in the video by several police officers for around a minute and a half! This Houston Police brutality was carried out after he was handcuffed and still laying on the ground.

A judge that was overlooking the teenager's court case, requested the video not to be shown to the public. Lawyers argued that the officers would not get a fair trial... But the video was released today by a community activist who was outraged by the abused teenager.

The public should have been able to see this abuse done to Chad Holley by the Houston Police. The court could very well tell, who the kickers and punchers were and who weren't abusive. The judge and police's lawyers had no right in keeping this from the public. In no way would making the video public, jeopardize which police officers were innocent. This proves that the lawyers probably wanted to get them ALL off the hook for brutality!

Do we have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in the United States or NOT?

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