Friday, February 28, 2014

The Tornado Pepper Spray Reaches 15 Feet, Includes A Personal Alarm And A Strobe Light!

There are very few, if any, self defense pepper spray in the market today that also include a 125 dB personal alarm and a strobe light. It delivers temporary pain, blindness and an alarm to notify others near by!

The ultimate self defense unit called the Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado, can reach 15 feet away, has an alarm, strobe light and fast release holster, that other defense units don't have.It's different alright… Not only does it have a strobe light but an alarm as well! We've never seen units like the Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado and believe me, we are always searching for the best self defense products in the market. It even has a quick releasing holster for fast self defense when you need it. Need more info? See details below…

Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado Features
• Includes 8 bursts of devastation to an attacker
• Reaches a distance of 15 feet
• Includes a 125 dB alarm that screams for attention
• Includes a temporarily blinding strobe light
• Measures 3.5 tall x 2 1/4 inches wide
• Speed Release Holster for quick delivery
• Includes sliding cover and yellow release button
• Safety tab to prevent accidental discharge
• Free belt clip that attaches to your cloths
• Includes 2 free CR2032 button batteries

The incredible, Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado, with a 125 dB screeching sound, is available in pink or black. The fast release holster is one of a kind and very convenient because timing is crucial in dangerous situations!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Most Affordable Package, Sells For Only $49.99

This convenient self defense package, called the Personal Safety Package, includes a stun gun, a pepper spray and a door stop alarm. Perfect for the home, hotel or college dorm.

It's perfect for anybody that feels they are in need of some personal self defense at home, for college students that sleep in dorms or any other situation. Below is a brief description of the 3 products included in this affordable Personal Safety Package, which sells for $49.99.

The Personal Safety Package offers great self defense for individuals, the home, college dorms or hotels, because it includes a stun gun, a pepper spray and a door stop alarm.Package Includes...

• Small Fry Stun Gun 2 Million Volts - Includes built-in charger, bright LED flashlight, safety switch, rubberized armor and a Lifetime Warranty.

• Pepper Spray 1/2 oz. 18% Pepper - Includes 6 shots, reaches 5-7 feet, UV marking dye, keyring, belt clip and is 46% stronger than other spray.

• Door Stop Alarm - Includes a 120 dB alarm, wedges against a door to prevent trespassers, measures 5 1/2" x 2" x 1 1/2", great for college dorms, hotels, apartments or homes.

So, if you or someone you know might need some self defense or security item, this affordable package is the perfect solution for only $49.99!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coming Soon: Our New Women On Guard® Website!

We've been working hard this month on changing the look of our website. Sometime next month, when you go to our site, you will notice a total redesign!

It's been a big step for us to redesign the look of the site. When we started our website, in 2006, the home page was the only section of the site that changed through the years. But this time, it will be a total makeover! A more user friendly site with wider pages to view, that enables users to browse quickly thru the products and find what they are looking for, faster and easier.

It goes without saying that when the redesigned website is up, we will let all our customers and followers know about it. Notifications will be sent thru Constant Contact email, the Facebook Page and thru our Blog!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Most Popular Units, StreetWise 18% Pepper Spray

These 18% self defense hard case units by StreetWise, come in 6 colors, can reach up to 5-7 feet, contain 6 shots, includes keyring, belt clip and are more powerful than other similar units.

StreetWise pepper sprays have 18% concentration of pepper, versus others that only have 10, plus they come in 6 colors, include a keyring and also a belt clip.
The most important feature these self defense units have, is that they contain more pepper concentration than the average units in the market. Most pepper sprays only have 10% concentration. This makes the 18% concentration, hard case units we sell, almost twice as strong or hot!

As all pepper spray, they won't last forever! All units have expiration dates. Not because the solution gets weaker, but because the canisters loose their pressure and the hot substance won't come out. Expiration dates of our 18% concentration units are under the canister that is inside the plastic case. Simply take off the bottom cap, by pulling the key ring out of the plastic case.

Plus, remember that most pepper spray for self defense, including these 18% concentration StreetWise ones, shoot a stream, not an aerosol spray. This is to avoid spray-back, during windy conditions!

Monday, February 24, 2014

At, We Sell All Citizen Tasers!

The popular Taser C2, as well as the X26c, M26c and the Taser X2 Defender. Plus, any accessories you might need. All proven to be effective against criminals and non lethal!

Tasers are used by police around the world and civilians are allowed to purchase some of these non lethal weapons, for self defense.

You know that a weapon is effective, if the police uses it all over the world. Tasers are the ultimate weapon for self defense and when used, it will not kill (except in very rare situations) and will not land you in jail, either! Check out the benefits of owning one of these units below.

Taser C2, X26c, M26c and X2 Defender 
• Non lethal weapon
• 15 Feet of protection
• Easy laser aiming
• LED flashlight
• Stun gun backup
• Auto 30 sec. stunning if set down
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback
• No gun powder cleaning
• Taser Int'l replaces if stolen, w/police record

No wonder police around the world love this weapon… The most popular of the models among civilians is the C2. But it also comes in other models and colors for civilians, as well. The higher end models such as the X26c, M26c and the X2 Defender, have even more features!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pie In The Face Of An Attacker!

Mace Pepper Foam Large Model or the Streetwise 18% model, include a 600% expansion of a painful foam spray that disables an attacker.But he won't be able to eat this foamy substance. Instead, it will burn his face to the point of making him cry for mercy! 

Not only will the self defense foam hurt like crazy, but it will EXPAND 600%, to cover his or her's entire face. It will get into their eyes and nose, as well. We are talking about the Mace Pepper Foam Large Model or the Streetwise Pepper Foam 18%. Either one of these self defense units, causes an attacker to be temporarily blind, due to them having to close their eyes, from all the burning sensation. The expanded spray will also cause a coughing attack! Plus, the substance is heavier than regular liquid defense spray, which in turn produces less blowback!

Mace Pepper Foam Large Model or the Streetwise 18% model, include a 600% expansion of a painful foam spray that disables an attacker.
The Mace and Streetwise pepper foam sprays both expand over 600% and include an invisible UV Dye for police ID, if the attacker is captured. The Mace large model can reach up to 10 feet away and contains up to 15 short bursts of self defense (the Mace Magnum model reaches further). Streetwise's product reaches up to 7 feet away and contains 6 shots! This particular unit also includes a convenient soft case and key ring.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Don't Let Your Drink Be BAIT For Date Rape!

WOW, that drink looks tempting! But beware, a Martini, Daiquiri, Chardonnay… they all can be laced with Date Rape Drugs. Don't be a victim.

Date Rape Drug Test Strips are a must whenever you go to drink at bars or nightclubs.
Photo by TheCulinaryGeek, hook by Night-thing, retouched by Women On Guard
No matter how tempting it is to take an alcoholic drink from someone you are out on a date with, never taste or swallow it, without inspecting it first! It can be laced with a date rape drug.

Date Rape Drug Test Strips are a must whenever you go to drink at bars or nightclubs.There is a product to test your drink before consuming it and it's called Date Rape Drug Test Strips. You just place a drop of your drink on a test strip and it will show you if the alcoholic beverage is laced with a drug. Simply go to the lady's restroom and test it in there, if it's more convenient for you... Don't forget that non-alcoholic drinks such as punches, can be laced too! AND always check while your drink is poured or request a closed container one. Always keep an eye on your beverage!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Most Popular And Affordable Personal Alarm

At we have several personal alarms to choose from. But there is one in particular that looks like a mouse. It is the most popular, smallest and the most affordable... only $9.99!

Personal protection that notifies others if you are in danger by using a 130dB alarm.
This small blue item features the loudest sound allowed by civilian alarms, a 130dB screeching sound. Incredible, since it only measures 2 3/4" long, by 1 3/4" wide and 1" deep! We call it the "Keychain Personal Alarm with Light, Blue" and it sells for only $9.99 at our store.

The small and affordable, blue mouse looking personal unit, also has an LED flashlight. You can turn it on by simply pressing the right side, white button, on top of the unit. To activate the loud sound, simply press the left white button OR pull the chain ring out of the back of the unit. It too, will set the 130dB alarm off.

Not bad for an affordable $9.99, 130dB priced mouse! PLUS, we sell them in bulk rates, as well.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New, Smart Phone Disguised Stun Guns!

Self defense is easier, when you carry a weapon that is disguised to look like an ordinary utensil. Taking out this unit will not alarm a criminal about your motives… but he or she will be in for a SHOCK!

Defend yourself with a powerful 6 million volt stun gun weapon, which is disguised as a smart phone and comes in pink or black models.
This pink or black powerful 6 million volt unit, will drop to the ground an individual with bad intentions. Simply sounding off this smart phone stun gun into the air will scare them away. But if the individual persists, touching him or her, for 2 to 4 seconds with this weapon, will stop them on their tracks! If you hold the stun gun on them for a little longer, they will be on the floor and unable to move! Read below, all the features for this particular unit!

Disguised Smart Phone Stun Gun Self Defense Unit:
- 6 Million volts of takedown power
- Measures 4.5" x 2.5" x 1/2"
- LED Flashlight for nighttime vision
- Disable pin for preventing attacker to use it against you
- Flat head plug, if you don't want to use a disable pin
- AC Charging adapter, indicator red, orange & green light
- Deluxe holster with clip, in pink or black
- Unit available in pink or black
- LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer defect

Defend yourself with a powerful 6 million volt stun gun weapon, which is disguised as a smart phone and comes in pink or black models.6 Million volts of self defense has never been so easy to use. Plus, this disguised smart phone weapon, has achieved the Streetwise TOP GUN Certification for dependability and excellent workmanship!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Carry Police 23% Pepper Spray In 10 Models!

Not just 10, 17 or 18%, but 23% concentration of the hot substance for self defense. The strongest defense units civilians can purchase and you can select from several models that also include the Dooney & Bourke units!

Streetwise pepper spray has 23% heat concentration and is available in 10 different models at
These 10 models can reach a distance of 5 to 7 feet. They all contain approximately 6 bursts and include a UV Invisible Marking Dye, for easier identification of attacker, if police capture him or her. Best of all, they contain 23% concentration of heat!

10 Models That Include 23% Concentration Of Self Defense
• DOONEY & BOURKE Holster w/ Police Pepper Spray (4 colors)
• NEW Police Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz (Black)
• NEW Police Pepper Spray Softcase 1/2 oz (2 colors)
• NEW Police Pepper Spray Zebra Holster 1/2 oz (3 colors)

When using these units for self defense, always try to aim at an attacker's eyes or face. It will make them cry like a baby from all the burning sensation. They also will be temporarily blind, because they won't be able to open their eyes, from all the pain. The 10 model's intense 23% concentration will also make them cough and become totally helpless! Once you have sprayed an attacker, always leave ASAP and don't look back!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rapes In Our Country Are Not Covered Enough By Media

It's one of the most horrible crimes that mostly women endure in our country. Some never live to talk about it… Some, don't want to mention it and others pretend that it didn't happen and are in denial but subconsciously bear and suffer from it.

95% Of college women, never inform authorities when they are raped, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice.
Photo by Parker Knight
95% Of college women, never inform authorities when they are raped, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice.
Yet, you rarely hear about it in the news. In fact according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice, in 2013, 89,000 rapes occurred in our country. These rapes were the ones informed to authorities. But, most of the time, 60% of these crimes is never reported to authorities. The percentage of non reporting is even higher for college women, 95% of those cases are never reported. Plus, the majority of rapes in our country are committed by a friend or acquaintance. This explains the reason for not informing authorities in most cases.

It is a mistake for our society's media, to hide or ignore the U.S. Bureau of Justice's rape problem in our country. Especially when young, college age women, are the ones most raped. The media has not taken enough responsibility regarding this issue in our country, yet they have Americans look into rapes occurring in other countries, such as Arabia.

Talking and sending help abroad won't help our country's young women in general or college aged ones. It won't inform them on the precautions necessary to prevent this horrible crime. Not mentioning rapes in newscasts media, instills a false sense of security to the public. Especially when it comes to our young women and their perception that it mostly happens abroad.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mace Ball Point Pepper Pen, For Valentine's Day

Forget the candy and flowers for Valentine's Day… Give your loved ones a gift that they can use every day at work or college, to write with and also as a weapon to defend themselves from criminals!

Mace Ball Point Pepper Pen Defender is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for office workers and college students AND it's refillable!
Mace Ball Point Pepper Pen Defender is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for office workers and college students AND it's refillable!Unique, falls short when describing this incredible Mace product. As you know, Mace pepper sprays have been around for decades and this particular one, makes an awesome gift for Valentine's Day! Yes, it's a pepper spray weapon, disguised as a pen. But it writes as a pen, as well! It's call the Mace Ball Point Pepper Pen Defender.

This easy to carry around, disguised weapon, can shoot up to 5 feet away and contains 6 bursts of pepper spray. But don't worry if you shoot all 6 bursts, it's also refillable! If you run out of pepper spray, just refill it with the Mace Pepper Pen Refillable Canister. It has 45 grams of the hot defense substance. Since it's refillable, you will never have to purchase another Defender Pen, again.

Valentine's Day is Friday… So hurry up and order this incredible gift to keep your loved ones safe!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hoping Sochi Olympics Goes Smoothly

The opening ceremonies for the Sochi Olympics will be televised on Friday around 7:30 pm EST on NBC.

The Olympic opening ceremonies in Sochi will start today and hopefully no terrorists will be involved during the games.
Jamaican Bob Sled - NBC News
Munich Olympic's Terrorist
It's always exciting to see the Olympic Games, no matter in what country it takes place. But now a
days, unfortunately, there is always a chance that there might be terrorists involved. I personally remember the horror of the Munich Olympics, back in 1972, when I was just a child. How during the games, 2 athletes were killed and nine were taken hostage by terrorists.

Let's just hope that the Sochi Olympics will not include terrorism and all the athletes will be safe throughout the games. It would be nice if these Sochi Olympics take place with ZERO terrorist incidents. This way, the people around the world, can enjoy the games, as it should be.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Safety For Your Office At Home Or Away

Many of us work in offices and sometimes we are there for long hours. How safe do you feel when working at your employer's place? Or for that matter, at your own home office?

Be safe at work, whether it's at your employer's or at your own home office, with the essential items in the Office Safety and Security Package.
Whether you work from your home or at an office away from home, you should feel safe. The Office Safety and Security Package was put together with your workplace's safety in mind! Read some of this package's features below.


Clock Hidden Safe - This working hidden safe clock is perfect for hiding your valuables, be it money, jewelry or any other items. The Clock Hidden Safe actually keeps time, as well...

Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer - It can be programed to reach 3 different phone numbers when it's activated and covers 20 ft away at a 90 degree angle. The alarm sets off a powerful 125 decibel alert…

Dummy Done Camera with Light - This is a fake camera that can deter criminals or trespassers. It looks like the real thing, with a blinking light…

Keychain Alarm with Flashlight - This personal alarm comes in handy when you need help. It lets off a 130 decibel screeching sound, to let others know that you are in danger. It also includes an LED light and keychain ring…

Pepper Spray 2 oz 18% CHR - This is the perfect self defense pepper spray to keep in a drawer or handy on your desk. It can reach up to 10 ft and includes about 10 bursts…

Pepper Spray Holster for 2 oz. Unit - This holster was added in case you need to carry the previous item in it. This holster is great to carry around your office, home or for errands outside your working environment…

There you have it… The security items you need to be safe at work. No matter where that might be!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Need A Security Camera But Can't Afford One?

We can offer you a fake or dummy one for your home or place of business at an affordable price of just $15.95. It won't record video, but a thief will still think it's the real thing!

You can deter the most sophisticated thief or burglar by placing one of these affordable Dome Dummy Cameras in your home or place of business. This fake unit has a flashing red light that makes it look like it's real and recording. You can also place it outdoors if you shelter it from extreme weather, heat or moisture. Attach it to the ceiling of your business or front porch of your home.

This dummy unit has the same shell that real cameras have, except for the video capability. There's no wires needed, just 3 AA batteries. The red flashing light can easily be seen at night and will deter a thief or burglar. This fake camera comes with the 2 screws necessary for easy installation and a guide card to attache it to a ceiling or wall. It measures 5" across by 2" high.

It's that simple, affordable and will keep any thief or burglar away from your home or place of business. It's great for preventing vandalism, as well!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our Newest Addition, The Personal Security Guard Package

It consists of a 6 million volt Peacemaker stun baton, a 4 oz. Streetwise pepper spray with holster and a pair of double locking handcuffs!

Take matters into your own hands with this perfect security package for self defense. Great for the home, your car or simply for walking around your neighborhood. These three items are non lethal yet very efficient for preventing crime against you or your loved ones. See the details below.


Protect your family against break-ins with a 6 million volt baton, handcuffs and an 18% pepper spray!Peacemaker Stun Baton 6 Million Volts
• 6 million volts for self defense
• Grab guard stun baton strips, prevents attacker from taking the unit from you
• Rubberized, offers firm grip and protects the unit
• Bright LED flashlight on front end of unit
• Long reaching, measures 14.25 inches
• Safety switch, prevents accidental discharge
• Holster is included
• Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturer's defect

Pepper Spray Twistlock 4 oz 18% CHR 
• Pepper spray can includes 10 to 12 bursts
• Reaches 8 to 10 feet away
• Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes
• Includes UV Marking Dye, helps police ID criminal

Double Locking Handcuffs
• Available in black or pink
• Includes 2 handcuff keys
• Double locking feature
• Standard keys fit other brand handcuffs

These self defense products are perfect for individuals that want to protect their home, people that walk often around their neighborhood, security guards and law enforcement personnel.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentines Day Is Just Eleven Days Away!

Don't give her candy for this romantic Valentine holiday, give her a unique gift that can protect her life for many years to come!

Valentine's Day is a holiday for people to express their love and what better way to do that, than with a unique,self defense gift.
There are many self defense unique Valentine gifts you can give your loved ones. She will be surprised that you thought of a non lethal weapon that she can use for protection. He will be impressed on your state of the art knowhow for self defense!

Plus, these unique gifts for Valentine's Day are not going to be eaten or thrown away in a corner somewhere. Your loved ones will carry these self defense items wherever they go. They will also remember who gave it to them, of course!

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