Friday, February 28, 2014

The Tornado Pepper Spray Reaches 15 Feet, Includes A Personal Alarm And A Strobe Light!

There are very few, if any, self defense pepper spray in the market today that also include a 125 dB personal alarm and a strobe light. It delivers temporary pain, blindness and an alarm to notify others near by!

The ultimate self defense unit called the Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado, can reach 15 feet away, has an alarm, strobe light and fast release holster, that other defense units don't have.It's different alright… Not only does it have a strobe light but an alarm as well! We've never seen units like the Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado and believe me, we are always searching for the best self defense products in the market. It even has a quick releasing holster for fast self defense when you need it. Need more info? See details below…

Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado Features
• Includes 8 bursts of devastation to an attacker
• Reaches a distance of 15 feet
• Includes a 125 dB alarm that screams for attention
• Includes a temporarily blinding strobe light
• Measures 3.5 tall x 2 1/4 inches wide
• Speed Release Holster for quick delivery
• Includes sliding cover and yellow release button
• Safety tab to prevent accidental discharge
• Free belt clip that attaches to your cloths
• Includes 2 free CR2032 button batteries

The incredible, Pepper Spray System 5-in-1 Tornado, with a 125 dB screeching sound, is available in pink or black. The fast release holster is one of a kind and very convenient because timing is crucial in dangerous situations!

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