Friday, September 23, 2011

Prisoners on Death Row

Photo by Rennett Stowe

There's a lot of news lately about criminals in prison and especially prisoners on death row. Much of the information is whether executing a death row prisoner is morally acceptable.

Nobody want's to be accused of killing or executing someone, not even if that person is a prison guard who's job is to ready a prisoner for his death. Many people have mixed feelings about this, including myself. People sometimes think that there is only 2 solutions to the problem, either put the prisoner to death or keep him or her alive until they naturally die incarcerated.

There is and always has been an alternative to this and it is called; LABOR! What ever happened to the practice of having prisoners work or labor for us? Prisoners now are provided with EXPENSIVE GYM EQUIPMENT, to work out with, rather than doing hard work for our society! Lets make them do some physical labor to earn their keep! We don't need to buy them treadmills. Death row prisoners and for that matter regular felons, should help with cleaning up our highways, rivers, railways or whichever work idea a national prison would choose, to help our infrastructure. Heck, let them start installing solar panels! With today's technology, I'm sure there would be no issues with escape attempts.

Instead of executing prisoners, lets make them work for us TAX PAYING AMERICANS!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Happened to that Old Baseball Bat Under Your Bed?

Ever wonder if you even still have it under your bed? Maybe one of your kids took it to baseball practice and left it somewhere...

Most likely you have replaced that archaic weapon with a more reliable one.  But if you haven't, here's a suggestion... Consider replacing that clumsy baseball bat with a new weapon, a Stun Baton! We have a variety of stun batons in our store and I'm sure one would suit your self defense needs. Some stun batons are expandable and can reach up to 21.5 inches in length! Some stun batons have alarms built in, others even have flashlights to see in the dark. We also have some stun batons that can stun on their sides, so if someone tries to grab the baton from you, they will get electrically shocked by just touching the sides of the weapon! Stun batons can have as much as 1 MILLLION powerful volts of protection! Many are rechargeable, so no need to purchase batteries. Most stun batons come with holsters too.

So you see, you don't need to hold on to that old baseball bat after all. Oh, and one more thing, all our batons come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray with Key Ring

Do you think your pepper spray is too bulky? Well, we have the solution, the Mace KeyGuard pepper spray with key ring, the newest product in our store. Just attach your keys to this small handy weapon and it will become your new key ring! Don't let the size fool you. This pepper spray is backed up by Mace, the oldest, most reliable pepper spray manufacturer. Even though it is small, slightly taller than 3 inches, it can shoot as far as 5 feet! The spray is shaped like a cone, similar to hairsprays. This is more like a mist instead of a liquid stream that most other defense sprays have. You just aim it a someone's face and you can't miss! The Mace KeyGuard will cover their whole face and make their eyes burn so much, that they will have to slam them shut. While the attacker has his or her eyes closed and feeling like they are burning, you can make your safe escape!

This small self defense spray has a hinged cap that flips up so that you can press down the actuator button, and spray it. This pepper spray also has an orientation tab, to make it easier for you to feel where you're aiming at. You can shoot this weapon approximately 6 times! ALSO, not to worry if you run out of the pepper spray solution, because it is also REFILLABLE. You won't have to buy an entire new unit again! The Mace KeyGuard pepper spray comes in pink or black, with a convenient key ring to attach your keys.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Women On Guard Receives WBE Certification

Women On Guard is certified as a Woman's Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Certification as a WBE means that the business is majority owned, operated, and controlled by one or more females.

It took us a while but it's official! After being in business for 5 years this coming October, we figured it was time to finally declare our business to be women owned. It always has been since it's inception and continues to be managed by us gals.

As always we try to offer in our website, the best non-lethal self-defense products on the market today and inform you about safety tips and crime related news in this blog. Of course, for detailed information on any products, please go to our website, or feel free to email or call us on the phone!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Perfume Stun Gun with 1 Million Volts, A Must for Women!

Ladies, this is the newest self defense weapon on the market today. Anyone that sees it will think it is a bottle of perfume, unless of course they get zapped or stunned by it! This baby will bring any potential attacker to his knees. Plus it has a flashlight for night time safety!

Since the Perfume Stun Gun is disguised as a perfume bottle that women carry, this self defense weapon has an element of surprise. The perfect way to catch off-guard, anyone that would want to hurt you. See details below:

Perfume Stun Gun for Women Features:

• 1 Million volts
• Rechargeable, recharge cord and batteries included.
• LED Flashlight for night time safety.
• Measures 4 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter.
• Discrete Protection for the element of surprise.
• Dual safety features, safety cap and switch to prevent accidental discharge.
• Attaches to your keychain.
• Lifetime warranty.

The Perfume Stun Gun, made by Streetwise, is an affordable, non-lethal self defense product, all women should have in their keychain, purse, briefcase or backpack!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parents, Stop Buying Boys Toy Guns.

Photo by ganesha.isis
Have you ever noticed that the boy's toy section in retail stores, always have fake guns, rifles, machine guns and other types of firearm toys? They even have missile launchers, grenades, fighter jets, tanks... the list goes on and on. All toys that encourage violence! Children, specifically boys, are encouraged from age 3 to play with toy firearms. We know they are fake, but should a society like ours, encourage this type of violence and unrealistic games about killing each other? Won't this in a way desensitize boys and actually teach them how to act out violent situations with guns?

We are always complaining about violence in our society and blame television and movies for exposing children to it. Yet, we ourselves are encouraging violence for boys and girls at a very young age. Learning starts in the home and playing with toy guns should be discouraged!

Next time you go to a birthday party or a holiday gathering with friends and relatives, make sure that the gifts you take AREN'T GUNS!

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