Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parents, Stop Buying Boys Toy Guns.

Photo by ganesha.isis
Have you ever noticed that the boy's toy section in retail stores, always have fake guns, rifles, machine guns and other types of firearm toys? They even have missile launchers, grenades, fighter jets, tanks... the list goes on and on. All toys that encourage violence! Children, specifically boys, are encouraged from age 3 to play with toy firearms. We know they are fake, but should a society like ours, encourage this type of violence and unrealistic games about killing each other? Won't this in a way desensitize boys and actually teach them how to act out violent situations with guns?

We are always complaining about violence in our society and blame television and movies for exposing children to it. Yet, we ourselves are encouraging violence for boys and girls at a very young age. Learning starts in the home and playing with toy guns should be discouraged!

Next time you go to a birthday party or a holiday gathering with friends and relatives, make sure that the gifts you take AREN'T GUNS!
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