Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flash Mob, The New Threat Of Violence

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What is a Flash Mob, you ask? It's when young people organize thru the internet or cell phones, to meet at a certain place and cause destruction or injury. There seems to be a growing trend for this in the United States and in other countries. Young people rioting or going into retail stores and destroying or stealing everything in site! This is all done just for the fun of it or to get some attention.

We believe that this new Flash Mob phenomena started by observing how the Egyptians took control of their country by connecting thru social media or internet and cell phones. But what actually helped a country out of a Dictatorship is now becoming a trend to do the opposite; cause harm and vandalize legit establishments. You could see examples of this violence when London was the stage for these criminal young hoodlums, last week. Earlier this week there was violence in 4 San Francisco subway stations and recently the 7-Eleven store in Maryland, where 28 teenage members of a Flash Mob, came in and pushed items off the shelves and also robbed products. All of this violence by Flash Mobs was planned thru cell phone contact and internet social media communication.

This is a very worrisome situation that can easily escalate. Some cities in the United States have been forced to place curfews against teenagers being out and about after a certain time of the night. The problem though, is that these Flash Mobs can happen at any time of the day. It seems like we are going to need more police officers to patrol our streets and include some hefty fines for those teenagers who decide to gather and commit these violent crimes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Home, Dorm or Hotel Door Stop Alarm

Do you remember back in the day when we used those brown rubber door stoppers in our homes? Well they have come a long way since then! The concept is the same, it still holds back the door, but from INTRUDERS!

The Door Stop Alarm is slightly larger than those old door stoppers and it doesn't just prevent intruders from coming into your home, dorm or hotel room, but it also has a 1.20 db alarm, that will let you know if an intruder is trying to come in. It also has a sensitivity switch, to prevent tampering and an on/off switch to prevent it from accidentally sounding the alarm.

This Door Stop Alarm is not only great for your home, it also is good for college kids to use in their dorms. Persons who travel frequently and stay at many hotels, would love this little door stopper too!

Whether you are at home, at a college dorm or a hotel, this is one of the most reliable and inexpensive items you can use for your safety.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Domestic Violence on Steroids

Family is one of the most if not the most important factor in our human existence. Domestic violence is a direct attack on this precious union and it seems like it is getting worse. Most of the time, the husbands are the ones that beat or injure their wives and the wife and children are the ones that suffer emotionally. But lately there are more and more, of what we call; domestic violence on steroids. We know that men or women are more prone to violence when they take steroids. That in itself is a big problem, but we are referring to something else.

It seems like every other day, you hear about a "murder suicide". An alarming case of these murder suicides includes a husband and his wife and his children too! It is bothersome to hear that someone takes his or her own life, but to drag in an entire family, is another situation. These murder suicides are the WORST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRIME, a person can imagine. This is why we refer to them as domestic violence on steroids. And they are becoming unfortunately, very popular lately. No one knows for sure why this is happening, but some blame it on the economy and the frustration that mostly men have, in not being able to provide for their own families.

If you know of someone that is unemployed because of the economy and getting violent, please try to gear them into some sort or free counseling or help. This is a very serious problem that is affecting many families. The economy should not be a reason why families are dying.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hotel Safety Tips for Traveling Business Women

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Hotels are not only dangerous for maids, like in the recent IMF's managing director's alleged rape case, it's also dangerous for women traveling alone or business women who frequent different hotels. Business women usually travel by themselves and can be targets for sexual predators.

If you are a business woman that stays at hotels frequently or travels often, please read the following safety tips and let your co-workers know about them:

It is not necessary to open your hotel room door when someone knocks on it. You can always ask what they want or have them drop off what they want to deliver. If they say they can't leave it at the door, have them take it to the hotel's front desk.

Avoid having detailed conversation with strangers you meet at the lobby. Sometimes that's where predators hang out, to befriend future victims.

If attending a convention, wear your name badge only at the convention and nowhere else. Don't advertise where you are staying and give out your name to everybody who passes by you!

Never let anyone into your hotel room that you don't know.

Need an alcoholic drink to take the stress off? It is best to have the front desk bring it up to your room. Request that the person delivering it, be a woman. If you prefer going to the hotel bar, make sure you see the bartender pour your drink and always keep an eye on your drink. If you are at a table, make sure the waiter or waitress pours it in front of you or request a closed container when ordering for example, a beer or for that matter any beverage!

When traveling or staying at a hotel, it is important to also carry with you some sort of self defense product besides practicing safety tips. Best thing is a personal alarm (airports won't confiscate them). One example is the Personal Travel Alarm. This alarm has a motion sensor which you can place on your hotel room door knob. If someone moves the door knob, it will alert you! If placed on your briefcase when you can't keep an eye on it and someone moves it, you will also be alerted! Another nice defense product you can select is the Door Stop Alarm. It is similar to those old rubber door stops but it also has an alarm that can wake you up besides not allowing intruders to get in.

These safety tips are not just for business women staying at hotels, but also when women are in airports, riding trains, in subways or at bus stations!

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