Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashionable Police Strength Zebra Pattern Pepper Spray In Soft Cases, For Women's Self Defense

Made for us women that want to keep up with the fashion trends. These stylish pepper spray, accessorize your wardrobe and also keep you from harms way!

Pepper spray for the fashion conscientious woman, with 23% concentration, vs. others that just have 10%.
They are 3 NEW police strength self defense weapons in our store, that contain 23% of the hot substance, rather than 10%, which is what the average units have. They're 87% HOTTER! These units are called the Police Strength Zebra Pepper Spray. The powerful, yet fashion conscience pepper sprays for women, are handy to take to work, college, a nightclub or basically anywhere you go… Plus, unlike other soft case units, these can be used against an attacker, even when the soft case is closed. No need to open or take it out of the case, if you need to shoot it! They are stylish and convenient, as well.

Self Defense Features:
• Sprays from inside the case
• Reaches 5-7 feet away
• Contains approximately 6 bursts
• Incapacitates for 45 minutes
• Safety lock
• Convenient key ring
• Convenient key clip
• UV Invisible Marking Dye

The stylish police strength self defense units for women or men, come in 3 Zebra color combinations: pink/white, pink/black and gold/black. The stripes are raised and feel like a velvety material. Besides having your regular key ring, the weapon also includes a key clip that you can attach to a blouse, skirt or purse. It also has a fashionable and attractive, textured button that keeps the case closed. They also make great gifts!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Cover All Your Self Defense Needs!

When you go to our store, do you sometimes purchase more than one item? Well, it might be worth your while to check out our package deals…

Personal protection products for women.
Many customers don't realize that they can get several weapons from our store, at a reduced price, when they buy a Package Deal that contains 2 or more products!

One of these offers is called the Personal Protection Package. It's one of our most popular ones because it contains four items that women should not go without: Date Rape Drug Test Strips, Pepper Spray 18%, Personal Keychain Alarm w/Light and an 8 Million Volt Stun Gun! To top it off, all our Package Deals are shipped for FREE. So, on top of saving money for the products, you also don't have to pay for shipping!

Direct Links Below:
More info on the Date Rape Drug Test Strips.
More info on the Pepper Spray 18%.
More info on the Personal Keychain Alarm w/Light.
More info on the 8 Million Volt Stun Gun.

As we all know, women are usually the victims of violent crime in our society. One example is date rape. Anything we can do to defend ourselves from that and other crimes, is welcomed. Pepper spray has been around for centuries. Ancient Chinese armies used it. While stun guns, personal alarms and date rape drug test strips are newer items in our society, these too, help women co-exist in our sometimes dangerous cities.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Need An Affordable Personal Alarm?

Do your kids play away from you, in parks instead of a backyard? Do you exercise outdoors and need some easy self defense item to alert others if you get into some kind of trouble?

Mace Emergency Whistle has a 120 dB sound, to alert others that you are in danger or need assistance.
Then you might be interested in our most affordable personal alarm; the Mace Emergency Whistle. No need for batteries and usable for years to come! This basic self defense item, not only lets others know that you are in trouble with it's distinguishable 120 dB sound, but it's also incredibly light! It's so light, you won't even feel you are wearing it. The Mace Emergency Whistle, only costs $4.95 and is made with tough plastic that also includes an adjustable strap and belt clip.

This affordable personal alarm is perfect for your self defense, to alert others of your situation but it's also great for other uses. Giving your kids a personal alarm, empowers them to contact you, if they are confronted with danger or are hurt. It's also convenient for senior citizens. Especially if they are bed ridden and need your assistance. College students can also benefit from having one of these too! All college girls, especially, need some sort of alarm and with tuitions so high, this whistle would be an affordable and handy self defense item. College security would also be able to hear it's cry for help! The Mace Emergency Whistle is simple and effective.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Man's Best Friend, Needs Protection Too!

You are walking your loyal companion around your neighborhood block, when an aggressive dog starts growling and coming towards you and your pup! What can you do?

Use Mace Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray, it's the humane way to protect yourself from aggressive dogs.
You can have some protection from that aggressive canine. It's called the Mace Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray. This product is not like the units people use for self protection. It is a special formula made specifically for dogs, that won't permanently hurt them.  But it will make them cower away!

When you use Mace Muzzle Pepper Spray on a dog, aim it at their nose, eyes or mouth. It's the HUMANE way to take care of aggressive loose dogs. Mace Muzzle can reach up to 10 feet away and contains 10, one-second bursts. This unit includes a convenient belt clip and also a keychain.

Walking your pet is one of the most precious experiences we humans can enjoy with them. It keeps your pup in shape and helps with those extra calories we need to shed, as well! Always remember to carry this product with you if your neighborhood has many loose dogs or if you walk your own pet on a regular basis. It's peace of mind you can't do without!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do You Want Pepper Spray That Is More Than Twice As Strong As Others?

23% pepper spray concentration, versus others that only have 10%.Most pepper spray out there have 10% of the hot substance, but at WomenOnGuard, we have one that is more powerful and has 23%!

The pain it inflicts is unimaginable… Any woman will feel confident carrying this self defense item called the Police Strength Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2. It's a Streetwise brand. This brand has been around since 1990.

Women are too often the victims of sexual assault. Yes this barbaric act is still a HUGE problem in our society and all around the world. So, of course, us women have really no alternative than to always be prepared for the unexpected, which happens way too often. In fact RAINN declares that a person gets sexually assaulted every 2 minutes in the USA! I say a person, because even if there are a few amount, men also can be attacked (sexually or in other ways). Needless to say, men should carry some sort of protection in our country, as well.

23% Police Strength Pepper Spray Features
Stronger, 87% hotter solution
Safety lock prevents accidental discharge
Ridged grip hard case is easy to hold
Reaches 5-7 feet
Contains approximately 6 bursts
Handy key ring and belt clip
Incapacitates for 45 minutes
UV Dye to help police identify an attacker

The news doesn't mention women sexual assaults as much as they should. Unfortunately, it is too common of an occurrence! Unless of course the victim was so gruesomely raped that the news stations will get better ratings if they did cover the sexual assault!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Darth Vader Would Be Proud To Own One Of These!

It looks like something out of Star Wars, but it's right here on earth. This incredible home security weapon should be the replacement of that old baseball bat, you have under your bed!

Powerful 7 million volt nightstick for self defense against home intruders.If having a firearm in your home makes you uneasy, this is the perfect self defense weapon for you! It's called the Nightstick Stun Baton 7 Million Volts Rechargeable. This impressive stun baton, packs 7 Million powerful volts of protection. Plus it adds a nice distance between you and a home intruder, 18 inches, to be exact!

This is a must have, self defense item for the house, a police officer or a security guard. It even has stunning strips on it's side, called Grab Guard Stun Strips. These come in handy if an intruder wants to grab the unit from you. If he does, the strips will also shock him with 7 Million volts of takedown power! Even Darth Vader's weapon didn't have this feature! Just showing off the power of the unit by firing it up into the air, makes a devastating electrical current sound. It lights up with a powerful, LED light at the end of the weapon, too! You can aim the large LED light at an intruder's eyes and blind him temporarily. Another feature this weapon has going for it, is that the entire unit has a rubberized armor coating, to prevent it from slipping off your hand. You will also be pleased to know that it's rechargeable! No need to purchase batteries! PLUS, it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Photo by nSeika
Home security just got easier because of this marvelous self defense baton, with 7 Million volts of power. Oh, before we forget… it comes with a holster, as well. In case you want to carry it around your galaxy block for a night stroll and pretend that you are Darth Vader!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Appearances Are NOT Deceiving!

How would you like it if someone pointed this impressive self defense stun gun at you? It's very intimidating to look at, but looks aren't the only quality this unique weapon has to offer…

The Zap Double Trouble stun gun for self defense, has 1.2 million powerful volts.
This Zap Double Trouble Stun Gun, only measure 6 inches wide and includes 1.2 Million volts of self defense power. As you can tell, it's also very ergonomic, fits very comfortably in your hand. The unit is so well made that they even thought of adding a rubber surface to the entire unit. This prevents it from slipping from your fingers. Plus, the distance between both intimidating stunning areas, allow for even more electrical flow, into an attacker's body!

Only touching a person with this Zap Double Trouble weapon can knock them down to the ground and render them helpless and mentally confused or dazed. You can either let them fall to the ground on their own or help them not brake a bone! It includes a safety switch and a red LED light to indicate that the unit is on. It only weighs 6.9 ounces, has a hand strap and a FREE nylon carry case. Of course, you can place it in your purse, as well! This unique and intimidating weapon uses 3 lithium batteries, that are included.

As all our self defense stun guns, the Zap Double Trouble unit includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Streetwise Soft Case Pepper Spray, Make A Fashion Statement With Any Wardrobe

These beauties for women are not just handy against crime, they also are an accessory for your Haute Couture. Us women can defend ourselves while still making a fashion statement!

Non lethal personal protection weapon for women against crime in pepper spray form.
Streetwise Pepper Spray for women, in 7 fashionable colors.
They come in 7 different colors that you can combine with your wardrobe; red, purple, blue, black, pink, denim, and pink camo. You can attache them to your keychain, purse, belt or simply insert them in your briefcase or backpack. But remember, always have them out and ready to use, when confronted with those un-welcomed moves… If you know what I mean?!

Now, lets get to the serious reason for carrying one of these self defense weapons. They are called the Pepper Spray Softcase 1/2 oz 18%. The 18% describes the percentage of the hot substance they contain. Most products in the market only carry 10%. This makes these units, almost twice as hot and unbearable as others! These fashionable accessory items can reach 5 to 7 feet away and each unit contains 6 shots.

When using this fashion statement accessory, you should aim, mostly into the eyes of an attacker. The hot solution will make their face burn like hell! It will also make their eyes cry and render them temporarily blind. This is due to having to close their eyes because of all the pain. But remember, these effects are only temporary and you should get away as soon as possible. These soft case pepper spray also include an invisible UV Dye, that police will be able to see with a special lamp. The Dye, will prove to officials, that they captured the right individual.

So, why not use a pepper spray self defense weapon that makes a fashion statement, yet protects you against crime? These particular additions to your wardrobe, will never go out of style. Women have been using them as self defense weapons for decades and so should you!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Suggestions For Alzheimer's Prevention In Our Society

Alzheimer's is a huge problem in today's society. Many people have a relative or a friend that suffers from this dreaded disease.

My father died from complications due to Alzheimer's, a few years back and so did his brothers. I am very conscientious of the fact that it can be hereditary. Many of us worry about this and it literally can be a ticking time bomb. Below is a personal suggestion that I want to pass on to our readers. In no way am I stating that it is a cure for this dreaded disease!

There are many medicines for it, but for now, they only postpone the inevitable. Scientists have admitted that there still is no magic pill for curing Alzheimer's. Best they can suggest is to read more, drink more coffee (this may increase blood pressure), do puzzles, interact with others, learn another language and exercise more, by adding more oxygen to your brain.

Outdoor exercising, playing puzzles, and interacting with others, might help prevent Alzheimer's.
Photo by Sarah B Brooks
Exercise more is what I picked to fight this disease. Actually I have exercised for the last 30 years, on a regular basis. Started with a Health Rider, remember them? After that I got a treadmill and up to just a couple of months ago, I worked out on an elliptical. But, after reading some new information, I started to fast walk outdoors.

I donated my elliptical to charity and started to walk around my neighborhood. I chose the fresh outdoors oxygen method! The reason for my routine change, is that I came across some information on the internet. The info made sense, and I'm glad I read it. Basically it stated that while you use machines to exercise, it doesn't help your brain much… Sure, it helps your muscles and heart but it doesn't make you think! When you walk outdoors, your brain is very busy and alert. Think about it… You have to watch where you step, steady your balance, be aware of cars, you have to turn corners, cross streets… You see many things around you as you pass by; birds, puddles, trees, different buildings or homes. Your mind is nonstop and involved in every step you take! You might not realize it but, taking your body for a walk is a lot of work for your brain. Besides adding more oxygen into your brain, you also get to meet new people, interact with them and even acquire new friendships while you explore your surroundings.

This is what I'm planning to do for the rest of my life, to help in the prevention of the disease and stay fit. The natural way, for which we don't need any money or machines and we can enjoy the outdoors and the people around us. We shouldn't work out like hamsters and go around in circles on a machine… Plus, even if fast walking isn't the cure, at least we enjoyed the trip!

Please consider donating to the Alzheimer's Organization.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Need To Hide Your Home Keys In Your Yard?

It happens to all of us, we lock our home door while stepping out and when we come back, we've either misplaced the keys or left them inside!

Keep an extra set of keys hidden in your lawn inside a disguised sprinkler head, for lock out emergencies.
Thats when we decide that we need a convenient door key outside our home for emergencies. The problem with that is; where do we hide it? Plus, will we remember where we hid it for the next emergency lockout?

If you live in a home with a sprinkler system, we have the perfect convenient solution for hiding your keys outdoors. It's called the Sprinkler Key Hider! Basically it's disguised like your typical sprinkler head but it has an ample size hidden compartment inside of it, to hide your key and any other small item you might want to hide. This disguised hidden compartment is bug and water proof, so it won't get all muddied or dirty inside. You simply twist the top counterclockwise to open the hidden compartment and clockwise to close it up!

This disguised product to hide small items, is easy and convenient to place anywhere in your lawn. Just make a small hole and press it in. It can be opened or closed while still in the ground. The screwed on lid makes it easy to open and it's moisture and dirt resistant.

No more worries when you get locked out of your home! Buy a couple of these hiders, for your front and back yard entrances!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Most Powerful Stun Gun In Our Store, 11 Million Volts!

If you are searching for a stun gun, self defense weapon that surpasses all others, you have found it. It's made in pink for women, by Streetwise Security Products, with TOP GUN features!

Small Fry Hottie stun gun has 11 million volts of self defense for womenThis Small Fry Hottie Stun Gun 11 Million Volts Rechargeable, is an incredibly powerful self defense weapon for women. It can take down an aggressor and keeps him paralyzed for a while, allowing you to get away safely. Even the electrical noise it makes when you set it off in the air, will scare anyone away! Plus, it comes with incredible features, many other stun guns don't have.

• 11 Million volts of defense
• Rechargeable, no cords, directly into wall socket
• Bright LED flashlight for night vision
• Disable pin, attacker cannot use it against you
• Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
• Rubberized armor coating prevents slippage from fingers
• LED light, lets you know when it's fully charged
• Pink durable holster included
• Lifetime Warranty from manufacture's defect

This 11 Million Volt Hottie stun gun for self defense, earned it's Streetwise TOP GUN seal, because of its incredible strength and quality workmanship. The powerful unit is compact, only measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 7/8".

So ladies, we are glad to say that now, us women can equip ourselves with an incredibly powerful weapon that is non lethal, yet effective in stopping crimes against us!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Convenient Pepper Spray With w/Quick Key Release

Self defense with pepper spray, even when it's attached to your car ignition or home door.
Available in
Red, Blue, Pink
and Black
This pepper spray attaches to your keys and can be used, even when your keys are attached to a door knob or car ignition!

Pepper spray usually doesn't come with a quick key release. Manufacturers usually add a key ring and that's about it. But this particular Pepper Spray w/ Quick Key Release 1/2 oz, actually comes with one. No need to buy it separately! If your particular unit doesn't have one and you think you might need it, we also sell individual key releases or Break Away Key Rings, as we normally call them, in our store.

As other pepper weapons, this particular self defense unit also has a UV Dye. The UV Dye, invisibly marks an attacker's face when sprayed. If police capture them, proof of the Dye can be seen under a police UV lamp. Therefore, it proves that he or she was up to no good and they will have to suffer the consequences!

This particular self defense unit with quick key release, can reach 8 feet away and contains 5 one second bursts. It's available in red, blue, pink and black.

Please remember to always have your self defense weapon ready to use with the safety off and in your hand, when going through parking lots, alleys or any other potentially dangerous areas.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Drug By Roche, May Cure Early Stage Breast Cancer

The FDA might approve as early as Oct. 31st, a new drug called Perjeta. 

Perjeta, a drug that when released to the market, might cure breast cancer.
Roche is presently in mid-stage trials and it looks encouraging. The drug Perjeta, might become the first medicine a women might take, before considering breast surgery.

Breast cancer in the United States, is considered the second most deadly cancer. It is expected to kill approximately 39,000 Americans in this year alone. This is according to the National Cancer Society.

To read and find out more information regarding this encouraging drug for breast cancer, called Perjeta, go to this link!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mace Security International SAFETY TIPS

We thought it would be a good idea, to share some information from one of the most used brands in the world for self defense, Mace.

Criminals rarely put real thought into assault and other crimes. Almost never is their violence "person specific." They are looking for vulnerability, an "easy mark," someone who is not aware of their surroundings. A well rehearsed plan of action can take you and your family off the target list.

Constant awareness of your environment is the best weapon for guarding your personal safety
Photo by Jeremy Levine Design

  • A constant awareness of your environment is the best weapon for guarding your personal safety. Always be alert to your surroundings, whether in your car, on the street or at home.
  • Always have a plan of action. Play a mental game of "what if…", where you would go and what you would do, should a dangerous situation occur.
  • Trust your instincts. Research shows that a large percentage of people who have been assaulted, had a feeling something was wrong just before they were attacked.
  • Over half of all assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. Take notice if an acquaintance is paying unwanted attention to you.
  • Don't wear headphones for radios or other devices that would make it difficult for you to hear an attacker. Be alert at all times.
  • If someone accosts you, yell "Fire" instead of "Help" or "Rape," because more people are likely to respond.
  • Be sure to shout that you do not know the assailant, so bystanders do not mistake the encounter for a domestic quarrel.

Take a first aid kit whenever you take a car trip.
Photo by Matt Kowal

  • Keep your vehicle in good running order. Routine maintenance and replacement of worn parts in a timely manner will significantly decrease the possibility of breakdowns when you're not prepared.
  • Consider having a cellular phone in your vehicle. Often this is the quickest and safest means of alerting the police and emergency services that you are in need of assistance.
  • If your travel plans include an overnight or long-distance driving, make sure you leave an itinerary of your trip with friends or family, to let them know where you will be staying, including phone numbers of hotels, etc.
  • Plan road trips carefully. Consider weather and driving conditions in relation to the condition of your automobile. Carry maps and familiarize yourself with the route you will travel before you leave.
  • Have an emergency kit, including a working flashlight and jumper cables, in the car at all times. Take a first-aid kit and emergency blanket, too.
  • Often a "Send Help" or "Please Call Police" sign for your windshield can be a valuable item if you are not able to get your vehicle going.

Let your roommates know where you are going and how long you will take.
Photo by US Department of Education

  • Learn what help campus security can offer to increase your safety. If their services are only available in certain areas or if they do not patrol some portions of the campus at regular intervals, learn where those areas are.
  • Most campuses have excellent provisions for lighting the most traveled paths after dark. Stick to these.
  • Often the security for each dormitory is lax, if it exists at all. Make sure that you keep your room locked at all times.
  • Consider registering your more valuable items with the campus security, to make identification easy.
  • Let a roommate or a friend know where you are going and how long you may be gone, when you leave campus.
  • Always enlist the company of at least one other person when jogging or exercising outside.
  • Do not wear headphones as they can seriously impair your ability to predict and avoid a confrontation.

Source: Mace Security International

Of course, we would also want to mention, that it's important for you to carry a self defense product when you are at home, traveling, on campus or in any other place you might need some protection! We carry the Mace brand, along with a few other self defense brands, as well.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pepper Spray Information You Should Know About

How well do you know your pepper spray? Many women use them but really aren't aware of some important information regarding their self defense unit!
Hard case pepper spray expiration date is under the unit when you pull the key ring out.
We made a list for women of 7 things that are considered important when you own and use your defense unit.

  1. When getting a new unit for the first time, test it's functionality by discharging it once. If it's your basic defense product, you should see a thin liquid stream come out. If it's a fogger, the discharge will look like an aerosol spray. Foams and gels should look like a thicker stream.
  2. Check the expiration date. Most units have them on the bottom of the canister. If you have a hard case around it, pulling the key ring from beneath it, will open it and expose the date. If you have a soft case, simply take it out of the case from the top.
  3. Get used to the shape of your unit. Make sure you know how it feels in your hand when you are pointing it away from you. This is very important, especially if you ever need to use it when it's dark out.
  4. Keep it handy in your purse or backpack. Hard case units usually have belt clips. Best thing, is to have it ready to fire, before you enter an area you might feel could be dangerous. Such as a parking garage, alley or closed-in stairway.
  5. Never leave your defense unit in an area hotter than 120℉. The unit can start to leak. Also never leave it in an extremely cold environment because it might cause depressurization and it won't discharge.
    Soft case pepper spray expiration date is under the unit when you pull the key ring out.
  6. How much do you have left? Sometimes us women have used the weapon for self protection a couple of times but don't know how much we have left. It's simple to find out… Just place the canister UPSIDE DOWN on a large flat bottom glass, that's at least 5 inches tall. The unit will sink to the bottom if it still contains 50% of pepper spray. Now, place the unit UPRIGHT on top of the water and let it float on it's own, while keeping it steady with your thumb and fore finger. The portion of the canister under the water, is the amount of solution, left in your canister.
  7. Consider buying a Break Away Key Ring for protection. Attaching one to your pepper unit, will allow you to use it, even if it's also attached to other things. For example your keys and your unit, might be attached to your car ignition or your apartment door. Having a Break Away Key Ring, would allow you to unfasten your unit quickly and use it, while still having your keys attached to the door or ignition.
We hope all the information above was helpful to you! If not, please feel free to Contact Us!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Defensive Stun Gun Pens In Pink Or Black

Stun gun pen with LED light, 2.5 million volts and rechargeable.
They look more like thick magic markers, but instead of ink, they have 2.5 Million volts of takedown power!

These handy Stun Pens w/ LED Flashlight 2.5 Million Volts, are perfect for the office, college or just anywhere for that matter! They're a disguised self defense weapon that you can carry in plain site and nobody will suspect that they are a weapon. These units are available in pink or black. Plus, if you purchase the pink unit a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer!
Pink stun gun pen for women's self defense, with 2.5 million volts of protection.
Pink / Black Stun Gun Pen Features:
• Powerful 2.5 Million volts
• Bright LED light for night vision
• Rechargeable (no batteries required)
• Rubberized non-slip exterior
• 6.5" Distance from attacker
• Protective cap
• Holster in black or pink
• Lifetime warranty

Self defense has never been so simple and effective. Plus, in this case, it's also available as a stun gun weapon disguised as a pen. This allows for an element of surprise to a would be attacker… 2.5 Million powerful volts of unexpected self defense, gives you the upper hand! Always take it out and have it ready, whenever you feel uneasy about your surroundings.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stunning Lipstick For Women's Self Defense

Stunning, not just because it's attractive, but also because it's a disguised lipstick stun gun. Defend yourself with 950,000 volts, of take down power!

Self defense stun gun, disguised as a lipstick, is perfect for women's safety.This tiny disguised weapon for women only measures 3 3/4" tall. It's perfect for self defense and fits right in your purse or pocket. The small weapon has 950,000 volts and just touching a someone with this stun gun, will take them down.

The Lipstick Stun Gun 950,000 volts Flashlight also includes an LED flashlight and a disable pin. The disable pin wrist strap, should be placed on your wrist. If an attacker tries to get it from you, this strap will remain on your wrist and the unit will be rendered useless. The attacker won't be able to use it against you, if the wrist strap is not attached to the unit. Definitely a feature that really helps women during self defense! Another feature this little lipstick has is that it's rechargeable, no need to purchase batteries, ever... Plus, it has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacture's defect!

Slick and attractive self defense lipstick stun gun for women. The perfect disguised weapon to take on dates, nightclubs, public transportation or even college.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diana Nyad, An Inspiration To All Women

While the world was discussing Syria, wars and crimes, Diana Nyad focused on her dream. Endurance and determination made her dream come true.

Diana Nyad.  Source: 
The swimmer, Diana Nyad, has become an inspiration for all us women who want to accomplish something important in our lives. She showed us that with determination and even if it takes several years and attempts, a dream can come true. And yes, even if you are a 64 year old woman, or for that matter a 100 year old one!

We congratulate Diana Nyad for her achievement of swimming from Cuba to Florida with no shark cage! A triumph no other swimmer has achieved, even male swimmers. Her determination will provide inspiration to many women and her successful attempt will go down in history.

Thank you Diana, for the inspiration and the knowledge that dreams can certainly come true for both women and men! No matter what age we may be.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Small And Simple To Use Personal Alarm

Tiny personal panic alarm for self defense is affordable, only $9.95
Life is full of complicated things. But when something comes around for self defense, that is simple to use, affordable and may someday save your life, it's definitely a keeper!

This small unit is just one of these simple things. It's called the Black Personal Panic Alarm and it's affordable, only costs $8.95! We weren't kidding about how easy this self defense unit is to use, either… All you would have to do when confronted with danger, is grab the unit tightly! Just squeezing the sides of it will sound off the alarm. One quick action does 2 things; gets ahold of the unit and sets off an 85 dB alarm that others near you will hear. In a way its an instinctual move because when we get nervous, or feel threatened, we usually squeeze or tighten our fists. Turning it off is also easy, just press the gray button.

This affordable, simple self defense personal unit that only costs $8.95, also includes a small LED flashlight for easy seeing at night and a loop to attach your keyring. Plus, it has a metal clip on the back, if you wish to attach it to your purse or clothes. The small unit only measures 1 5/8" wide by 1/2" thick and 3" tall! Batteries are included and protected with a plastic tab when you receive this Black Personal Panic Alarm. Simply pull the tab out of your unit and it's ready for use!

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