Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Man's Best Friend, Needs Protection Too!

You are walking your loyal companion around your neighborhood block, when an aggressive dog starts growling and coming towards you and your pup! What can you do?

Use Mace Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray, it's the humane way to protect yourself from aggressive dogs.
You can have some protection from that aggressive canine. It's called the Mace Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray. This product is not like the units people use for self protection. It is a special formula made specifically for dogs, that won't permanently hurt them.  But it will make them cower away!

When you use Mace Muzzle Pepper Spray on a dog, aim it at their nose, eyes or mouth. It's the HUMANE way to take care of aggressive loose dogs. Mace Muzzle can reach up to 10 feet away and contains 10, one-second bursts. This unit includes a convenient belt clip and also a keychain.

Walking your pet is one of the most precious experiences we humans can enjoy with them. It keeps your pup in shape and helps with those extra calories we need to shed, as well! Always remember to carry this product with you if your neighborhood has many loose dogs or if you walk your own pet on a regular basis. It's peace of mind you can't do without!

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