Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diana Nyad, An Inspiration To All Women

While the world was discussing Syria, wars and crimes, Diana Nyad focused on her dream. Endurance and determination made her dream come true.

Diana Nyad.  Source: 
The swimmer, Diana Nyad, has become an inspiration for all us women who want to accomplish something important in our lives. She showed us that with determination and even if it takes several years and attempts, a dream can come true. And yes, even if you are a 64 year old woman, or for that matter a 100 year old one!

We congratulate Diana Nyad for her achievement of swimming from Cuba to Florida with no shark cage! A triumph no other swimmer has achieved, even male swimmers. Her determination will provide inspiration to many women and her successful attempt will go down in history.

Thank you Diana, for the inspiration and the knowledge that dreams can certainly come true for both women and men! No matter what age we may be.

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