Friday, September 6, 2013

Defensive Stun Gun Pens In Pink Or Black

Stun gun pen with LED light, 2.5 million volts and rechargeable.
They look more like thick magic markers, but instead of ink, they have 2.5 Million volts of takedown power!

These handy Stun Pens w/ LED Flashlight 2.5 Million Volts, are perfect for the office, college or just anywhere for that matter! They're a disguised self defense weapon that you can carry in plain site and nobody will suspect that they are a weapon. These units are available in pink or black. Plus, if you purchase the pink unit a portion of the proceeds goes to fight Breast Cancer!
Pink stun gun pen for women's self defense, with 2.5 million volts of protection.
Pink / Black Stun Gun Pen Features:
• Powerful 2.5 Million volts
• Bright LED light for night vision
• Rechargeable (no batteries required)
• Rubberized non-slip exterior
• 6.5" Distance from attacker
• Protective cap
• Holster in black or pink
• Lifetime warranty

Self defense has never been so simple and effective. Plus, in this case, it's also available as a stun gun weapon disguised as a pen. This allows for an element of surprise to a would be attacker… 2.5 Million powerful volts of unexpected self defense, gives you the upper hand! Always take it out and have it ready, whenever you feel uneasy about your surroundings.

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