Monday, June 21, 2010

Anti Rape Condom with Teeth!

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers from South Africa came out with an invention that is sure to stop a rapist! She came up with the idea because she helped a rape victim 40 years ago and counseled her. The victim had told her: "If only I had teeth down there!" This led to the invention of the Rape-aXe Female Condom, invented in South Africa. South Africa is known to have very high rape figures.

The Rape-aXe Female Condom is made of latex and fits into a woman's vagina, much like a tampon would. It has barbed spines inside of it and any intruder would be in terrible pain. The rapist would have to have it surgically removed. He would need to go to the hospital and of course a police report would be filed against him! It is important to add, that the device will not hurt the woman and if any blood is spilled, it would stay within the condom. Also the rapist would not have permanent damage, but he might acquire permanent scars.

Women On Guard has contacted the inventor to get information about possibly selling Rape-aXe on our website. For more information about this new anti rape product, click here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TASER C2 Features You May Not Know About

Most people don't realize that the Taser C2 has extra features advertisers aren't mentioning. Knowing about these features might make a big difference when choosing a self defense product. Read about them below.

  • You don't need to have a special permit to carry a Taser C2 in most states, like you would a gun. The only thing you have to do is pass a felony background check which takes approximately 10 minutes. This is done by going to Taser International's website or calling them on the phone. The Taser C2 comes in an inactive state. Registering it with Taser International will activate it.
  • The Taser C2 can be placed on the ground by itself and still continue to shock an attacker for 30 seconds, while you make your escape. This is an an excellent self defense feature.
  • If by any chance you get attacked by an assailant and you use the Taser in self defense and it is stolen or damaged, Taser International will replace the unit, free of charge. All you have to do is file a police report and send a copy to Taser International.
  • Any time a Taser C2 cartridge is deployed, 20-30 serialized paper confetti tags are discharged. These are actually part of an Anti-Felon Identification System. This system lets police know who the actual owner of the Taser is.
  • The Taser C2 has stun gun backup. This means that if you have discharged a cartridge on an attacker and another attacker approaches, you can simply touch them with the tip of the Taser, and they will also get shocked. No need to insert an extra cartridge.
  • The unit also has an integrated LED light. This light automatically comes on when you open the safety cover. Perfect for night use.
  • Taser C2s come with an optional Laser Sight. All models have them except for the black colored units, which can be purchased with or without the Laser Sight. Laser Sight facilitates aiming. Just place the red dot where you want to shoot.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Student's sexual assault awareness t-shirts confiscated by Principal

A few students recently hand made some t-shirts expressing that sexual assault was wrong. The students wore their t-shirts to school, just like any other shirts kids wear for a good cause. Well, that didn't sit right with the Acting Associate Principal of Mosinee High School in Mosinee, WI!

Below is a quote by the Associate Principal:
"I’m all for educating students on this topic, but I think it should be done during the month of awareness using pamphlets and fliers from an established organization. That would add some substance to the cause." (as quoted in the Wausau Daily Herald)

The student's t-shirts were confiscated by the Principal and they were told by him that they would get their t-shirts back, on the last day of school.

Lets analyze this for a moment. According to this mentality, we are only to wear breast cancer t-shirts in October, or no drunk driving t-shirts in December? Do women only get breast cancer in October? Do drunk drivers only drive in December? We know that every 2 seconds, someone in this country gets sexually assaulted! Most t-shirts have statements on them. That is why we like wearing them... It's not like these student's shirts contain pornographic images!

The only time this behavior from a Principal would be acceptable, is if the school was private and it had a policy whereas students were required to wear uniforms.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mississippi State University Sexual Assault

It happened early Saturday morning around 4 AM. A female student was sexually assaulted while walking to her apartment in McKee Hall, a student housing building. The woman was threatened with a weapon and raped by a black male between 5'7" and 6' tall. MSU Police did not mention what type of weapon the attacker used or if the sexually assaulted student suffered other injuries. More details about the sexual assault and the attacker will hopefully be disclosed soon. Describing the rapist will definitely help prevent future rapes on campus.

Mississippi State University officials are informing students to take precautions while walking through campus in the dark. MSU Police are also letting students know that escorts are available 24-7. They also reminded them to be aware of their surrounding and to notify MSU Police of any suspicious activities. This is not the first sexual assault occurrence at Mississippi State University.

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