Monday, June 7, 2010

Mississippi State University Sexual Assault

It happened early Saturday morning around 4 AM. A female student was sexually assaulted while walking to her apartment in McKee Hall, a student housing building. The woman was threatened with a weapon and raped by a black male between 5'7" and 6' tall. MSU Police did not mention what type of weapon the attacker used or if the sexually assaulted student suffered other injuries. More details about the sexual assault and the attacker will hopefully be disclosed soon. Describing the rapist will definitely help prevent future rapes on campus.

Mississippi State University officials are informing students to take precautions while walking through campus in the dark. MSU Police are also letting students know that escorts are available 24-7. They also reminded them to be aware of their surrounding and to notify MSU Police of any suspicious activities. This is not the first sexual assault occurrence at Mississippi State University.
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