Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mace Foam Pepper Spray Expands 400 Percent On An Attacker’s Face!

Even when you can’t aim good, shooting this foam at a rapist or criminal, will stop them on their tracks. You see, when this sticky substance expands 400 percent and reaches them, it immediately covers their face.

This unit called the Mace Foam Pepper Spray, is perfect for women’s self defense. It’s a must have if you work outside your home, are a student, night owl or simply have many errands. Don’t go out without some sort of protection. Unfortunately women are victims of rapists or criminals way too often in our society.

The Mace Foam Pepper Spray for women’s self defense expands 400 percent on a rapist or criminal’s face! Best place to aim is at their eyes. When the thick substance reaches them and expands 400 percent, they will feel like their face and eyes are on fire! Therefore, they will have to shut their eyes from all the pain, temporarily blinding them… This gives you an opportunity to escape safely! This Mace unit is perfect for self defense. It can reach 6 to 10 feet away and contains approximately 15 bursts! As other pepper spray units, it also includes an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that helps authorities identify the rapist or criminal, if they are captured.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ON SALE - Small Fry Stun Gun 2 Million Volts Rechargeable, Only $19.97!

Take advantage of this incredible price for a 2 Million Volts unit… Save 46% from the retail price of $36.95. Perfect for women or men’s self defense.

This easy to use, on sale stun gun called the Small Fry Stun Gun 2 Million Volts Rechargeable, has the essentials for women and men’s self defense. Simply setting it off into the air, makes a terrifying electrical noise. Nobody in their right mind, will get close to you, when they hear it!  But if you have to use it, just know that it has incredible takedown power and all you have to do is simply touch a person with the unit… Keep touching them until they fall to the ground, become disoriented and can’t move. Then leave the scene immediately for safety, since the effect is temporary!

The on sale, Small Fry Stun Gun 2 Million Volts Rechargeable, also includes a bright LED light that can temporarily blind a person if you aim it at their eyes. This unit is also very convenient, because when recharging it, you just have to plug it into a wall socket. No cords or batteries required! It also has a convenient rubberized exterior that prevents it from slipping from your fingers and includes a safety switch, plus activation button. A FREE nylon holster is included with your purchase, too!

This rechargeable self defense unit, for women or men, comes with a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect, as well. As mentioned before, it’s on sale for only $19.97. Hurry, offer ends when all units are sold!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NEW: Cree LED Flashlight w/ Self Defense Spikes

This new product at our website is convenient to have at home, your car or when you are out and about. It offers incredible self defense, has a glass breaker and is perfect for emergency situations!

It looks like an ordinary flashlight, but it has many uses, besides illumination. First of all, the Cree LED Flashlight w/ Self Defense Spikes, is built with Military Grade Aluminum, definitely not flimsy! The unit is water resistant and comes with a super bright light that has 220 lumens (brightest in today’s market). The light has 3 modes: full strength, 50% and Flashing Strobe for emergencies.

But this unit is not only used for 220 lumens of lighting needs… It can also be used as a non lethal, self defense weapon with sharp spikes. The front light section and back section, can be pulled off to expose powerful sharp spikes in front and a sharp pointed back that can be used as a glass breaker or for personal protection, as well! The multi-tasking device is also rechargeable and comes with a very convenient home AND car charger!

This unit offers the essentials: military grade aluminum, sharp spikes, powerful 220 lumens flashlight and glass breaker. It measures 10" x 2.125" x 5.5" (LWH). PLUS, it includes a lanyard for easy carrying and has a One Year Warranty… Definitely a convenient tool or weapon to have!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Are You On A Budget But Still Need Home Security?

If you are on a budget, there’s no need to get an expensive home security system and pay on a monthly basis, when you can purchase affordable, small individual units and place them where you need them.
Simply place a few affordable Mini Door and Window Alarms 4 Pack with chime, where you need them. These battery operated units will save you thousands of dollars! They work the same way a home security alarms works, but without breaking the bank! Each unit is independent from each other. If for example, someone opens a window, only the unit attached to that particular area will go off. This applies to entrances, as well.

Each Mini home security unit has a 90dB alarm, that will sound, if an intruder opens a door or window. Intruders will flee, if they hear it go off! If you prefer to open a window to allow fresh air, simply slide the on/off switch to off. It's that easy... These affordable Mini units are also convenient to place on sliding doors and medicine cabinets.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Did You Know That Mace Makes A Pepper Gun?

It shoots a powerful spray that reaches 20 feet away, allowing you to defend yourself at a comfortable distance.

If you are serious about your personal safety, you should consider this unit. It’s similar to what the police use in riots.The Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray with LED can shoot a powerful burst at any angle, even when it’s held in an upside down position. It’s available in 5 colors; pink, silver, navy blue, black and camo. If you purchase the pink unit, MACE will donate a portion of the proceeds to three charitable organizations in the USA.

The self defense unit comes with 2 cartridges. One filled with water for practicing  when you get the unit and to familiarize yourself with it. Plus, the actual pepper spray cartridge that you can insert after you are comfortable with the unit. Each cartridge includes 7 bursts. You can purchase extra cartridges at our website, when you run out, in packages of 2. The unit also has an LED light that helps you see in the dark and temporarily blinds an attacker when shined in their face. You can also purchase from our website a leather or nylon holster for your unit. Or simply carry it in your purse, briefcase or backpack for self defense.

The Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray with LED for self defense, is non lethal, but will definitely stop someone from harming you. This pepper gun unit is like the smaller units we sell, but functions like it’s on steroids! That’s a good thing, considering the circumstances when you need to use it…

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Personal Alarm That You Simply Squeeze, For Only $8.95

More and more northern cities in our country are not allowing pepper sprays to be used. Instead, women are getting personal alarms, to notify others if they are in danger. 
We have 16 personal alarms on our website. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some even have accessories for home protection! Others have LED lights and 2 are ergonomic because all women have to do is squeeze the unit’s sides, for it to set off the alarm!

The ergonomic units specifically, are called the small Mini Personal Panic Alarm Pink or Black and are easy to use. They include a loud 120dB that people in the vicinity can hear, an LED light, keyring and a convenient belt clip, as well! These units are small, only 3" x 1 1/2" x 1/2”. The easy to use, Mini Personal Panic Alarm, is small enough to even hide it in a pocket or simply put it in a purse.

The easy to use ergonomic personal alarm is so simple to use that it’s recommended for senior citizens and even children, as well! Plus, batteries are included.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In Case You Didn't Know... April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and women are the number one victims of this crime in our country and around the world. Below are some safety tips for us ladies to prevent being a victim of sexual assault or rape.


• Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, something is probably wrong.
• Be aware of your surroundings.
• Walk close to the curb, facing oncoming traffic.
• Carry bags close to your body.
• Look confident.
• Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.
• If you are being followed, head for a crowded place.
• If people start milling around you, it could a set-up for a mugging.
• Know yourself, how do you react in a crisis situation? Do you scream, cry, freeze? How would you defend yourself?
• Remember there is no right or wrong approach to dangerous situations.
• Show your anger, not your fear. A furious reaction often may stop an attack. Remember an attacker is looking for an easy victim. Yelling is always a good deterrent (a good choice is to yell FIRE) this will draw attention to those who do not want to get involved but may be concerned for their own safety and may come to help.
• If there are other people around, yell loudly enough to get their attention to what the assailant is doing.
• If you are alone and do not know anyone on the street or nearby, try calling a name out to make the attacker or assailant to believe you may be with someone. This may also help if you are alone at home.
• If someone has a weapon stay calm and wait for an opportunity. Weapons make the situation more dangerous and difficult, but there still may be something you can do about the situation.

Us women should share these safety tips to let others know about it, especially young women, who are more at risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault. Our society is not doing enough on preventing violence against women. Be it domestic violence or physical attacks.... For more information go to our Safety Tips, on our website.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stun Master Stun Gun With 12 Million Volts And 9 Colors Or Patterns To Choose From!

We did not want to overwhelm you with so many choices to pick from… But heck, people have different tastes and why not just show the entire selection from Stun Master?

A self defense weapon for women or men with 12 million volts, is nothing to laugh about! This unit contains serious take down power, but it's non lethal. It will drop a person to the ground, giving you enough time to escape safely. A stun gun requires touching a criminal with the unit. You should keep touching the attacker until they drop to the ground and become confused and helpless. The effect is temporary, so leave immediately… These units are perfect for women, because they don't need powerful muscles for self defense anymore!

The Stun Master Stun Gun Snake Skin 12 Million Volts, is just one out of 9 color options to choose from. These easy to use by women stun guns, not only have 12 million volts for self defense, they also have a large LED 120 lumens flashlight, rubberized exterior that prevents the unit from slipping from your fingers, heavy duty prongs that won’t break and a cool built-in charger that just plugs directly into a wall socket! Plus, these Stun Master units also include a free black nylon holster or if you prefer, a leatherette holster with matching color, sold separately.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mace Screecher Personal Alarm… Simple, Effective And Notifies Others That You Need Help! Only $9.99.

The sonic blast alarm of the Screecher can be heard a 1/4 mile away for self defense. The ear-piercing sound will let others know that you are in distress or need help!

This simple to use aerosol unit for only $9.99, emits a high-pitched sound to notify others of an emergency.  Just press the button at the top and hear it emit a high-pitched shriek. The Mace Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm contains 20 short blasts, with an ear-piercing 116dB sound, perfect for women in distress! It works with air pressure, similar to the horns you hear at football games but at a higher pitch.

This Mace Screecher Personal Alarm is convenient for women’s self defense against rapists. Rapists don’t like to attract attention with all the noise the unit emits! It’s also great for seniors who need assistance. Besides seniors, it’s great for the handicapped and even children. They also benefit from carrying this unit. It can be used to scare away dogs, as well. Because they don’t like the high pitch sound it makes. Dogs have very sensitive ears and will shy away!

This self defense Mace personal alarm unit deters rapists from hurting women, scares dogs away, helps seniors or children and notifies anyone that is within 1/4 mile away!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look What's NEW!

Take a peek at our newest self defense products in several colors and disguised shapes at Buy one for yourself or a loved one. Great for students, too!

If you haven't been following our blog page, you've missed some new self defense products that we have added to our store. But don't worry, you can still take a peek! Simply go to Look What's New! You'll see a simple list of our new products, with the links to their detail page on our website.

High Heel Shoes Horror, Still Exists In Our Country!

Maybe it's because our American society still advertises high heels for women… How soon we forget the horrors of the ancient Japanese society and their issues with painful footwear! 

Yet American women are still injuring their feet. Not with tiny shoes like the ancient Japanese, but by wearing high heels instead! In our country, podiatrist's or foot doctors are making a killing fixing distorted and painful women’s feet. Years of wearing high heels in our society has taken a toll on our ability for us ladies to walk comfortably. The pain is so bad, that women have to go through surgery to fix their feet and in some cases the ankle is also compromised along with their lower back, as well. Wonder where that lower back pain came from? Why are ladies torturing themselves? What will that significant other think, when they see what your feet look like, when you’re barefoot?

American women should start a revolution against high heels! High heel shoes are not only painful and disfiguring but also dangerous to walk in. Our society needs to forget those antiquated, uncomfortable and dangerous high heel shoes and convince the younger female generation to be smart and avoid injuring their feet!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Judge cuts child rapist’s sentence by 15 years, saying he had not meant to hurt the 3-year-old victim

Stock Photography Image

07 APR 2015 AT 07:51 ET

A California judge cut a child rapist’s potential life sentence last week, saying the man had not meant to harm the toddler girl.

Kevin Rojano was convicted Dec. 3 of sodomizing a child younger than 10 and lascivious acts with a minor, and he was initially sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

But Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly trimmed 15 years off Rojano’s sentence, saying it would be cruel and unusual punishment to impose the maximum prison term because the 20-year-old lacked “callous disregard for (the victim’s) well-being,” reported the Orange County Register.

Prosecutors said Rojano was playing video games June 4 in the garage of his Santa Ana home when a 3-year-old relative wandered in, and investigators said the man became sexually aroused by the child and assaulted her.

The girl’s mother was unable to get into the locked garage as she looked for the child, and prosecutors said Rojano covered the toddler’s mouth to keep her from yelling.

Rojano let the girl out of the garage, and her mother was unaware of the abuse until her daughter complained of pain.

“In looking at the facts of Mr. Rojano’s case, the manner in which this offense was committed is not typical of a predatory, violent brutal sodomy of a child case,” the judge claimed in his decision. “Mr. Rojano did not seek out or stalk (the victim). He was playing video games and she wandered into the garage. He inexplicably became sexually aroused but did not appear to consciously intend to harm (the victim) when he sexually assaulted her.”

Kelly also argued that Rojano, who had been abused as a child, said he regretted his crime.

“Although serious and despicable, this does not compare to a situation where a pedophilic child predator preys on an innocent child,” the judge argued. “There was no violence or callous disregard for (the victim’s) well-being.”

Prosecutors said they disagreed with the judge’s decision and may appeal the sentence.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Powerful And Convenient Stun Gun, Disguised As A Smart Phone For Self Defense!

This unit is basically a disguised self defense weapon that really is a 6 Million Volts stun gun. Nobody, including a potential attacker, will think otherwise!

Ladies, when you are on a date with a stranger and it starts getting a little wierd or dangerous, you can always pull out this unit and say to him that you had forgotten to make a quick phone call. Once the unit is out, simply move the safety switch to on and hit the activation button while touching him. Keep touching him until he drops to the ground and becomes mentally confused! Then leave the scene as soon as possible and don’t look back.

The Smart Phone Stun Gun 6 Million Volts in Pink or Black, is totally unexpected by an attacker, because most everyone has a phone with them at all times… This disguised self defense weapon is slim, only measures 4 1/2” tall by 1/2” thick! Very easy to put in a pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack. The unit also has a convenient LED flashlight that can also be shined into an attacker’s eyes and disorient him! This Smart Phone Stun Gun 6 Million Volts also includes a disable pin wrist strap. The disable wrist strap renders the unit inoperable, if an attacker pulls it from you. It also comes with a flat head disable plug, if you prefer not to use a disable feature… Furthermore, it includes an attractive Deluxe Holster with a clip. Plus, unlike other units that we sell, this product also includes an AC Adapter for charging, which lets you know by showing a green light, when the unit is fully charged.

As usual in our store, this disguised self defense smart phone weapon, has a Lifetime Warranty for any manufacturer’s defect!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

NEW! Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray Lavender, For Women’s Self Defense

Most women carry lipstick in their purse and this self defense item was built with that in mind. A disguised weapon, offers an element of surprise to a rapist or attacker!
Us women like to touch up once in a while, so it’s no surprise if we nonchalantly pull out a weapon that’s disguised as a lipstick for self defense.  This unit called the Lipstick Pepper Spray Lavender will not raise red flags! But it will inflict tremendous agony to a rapist or attacker. They might get antsy when they see you reach for your purse or pocket. Just tell them, beforehand, that you want to touch up and get your lipstick… This gives you the upper hand and an immediate opportunity to shoot pepper spray in their eyes!

OK ladies, here are the details for this disguised self defense unit… This pepper spray can reach up to 6 feet and contains 5, one-second bursts. It will painfully burn their eyes, make them cough, get into their respiratory system and make them close their eyes from all the pain, which in turn makes them temporarily blind! All of this allows women like you to leave the scene! Plus, as most units, it includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates authorities in identifying an attacker or rapist, if captured!

Friday, April 3, 2015

If You Use Cash… Do You Ever Wonder If It’s Real Or Counterfeit Money?

It looks like regular cash and unless you are a monetary expert, you won’t be able to recognize if it’s real or fake! But, there is a special pen you can use, during cash exchanges, which will definitely let you know if you are dealing with the real thing!
Many people now a days are using cash because it makes them feel more in charge and helps with preventing more credit card dept. But it’s a wild world out there and sometimes counterfeit money can pass as the real mula, making you a victim, if you’re not careful! Don’t be a victim of bills that are fake. At, we have a handy item called the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen!

It's very easy to use... Simply mark a bill anywhere with the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen. If it turns dark, it’s not the real thing. If it turns yellow or there’s no mark at all, it’s a legit bill. You can try testing it on a regular piece of paper, and see how it gets dark. 

Of course, the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen works on any denomination, be it $1, $20, $1,000 or more! Make sure you get a real exchange when purchasing items. Never be a victim of money launderers or fake mula!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Protect Yourself And Your Home, Against Intruders With The Peacemaker Stun Baton!

A stun baton, offers more distance between you and a potential attacker. Perfect for self defense and home protection.

If you need a weapon to protect your family, we have the perfect, non lethal unit for you. Non lethal means that even if a child uses it, they won’t fatally hurt a person. Instead it will just temporarily render them helpless for a while, allowing you to call the police or run to safety.

The Peacemaker Stun Baton 6 Million Volts Rechargeable is perfect for home intruder protection and also as a self defense unit, when you are out and about. It’s great to carry while walking around your block after dinner, or taking your dog out…

This unit, as mentioned before, has 6 Million volts of non lethal, take down power. It's equipped with “Grab Guard Stun Strips” that are on both sides of the unit. The “Grab Guard Stun Strips” will prevent a home intruder from taking the weapon from you! If they try to take it or touch it, they will get an electrical shock! It also has a rubberized armor, to prevent it from slipping from your hand. Plus, it has a safety switch and a large LED light that if shined on an intruder’s eyes, will temporarily blind them.

If a home intruder comes running towards you, simply touch them with the end of this self defense unit, until they drop and become confused and helpless. Remember that if they try to take the unit from you, it has “Grab Guard Stun Strips”, so they will be stunned again! If they start getting up, touch them again, until police help arrives!

The Peacemaker Stun Baton 6 Million Volts Rechargeable measures 14.25", comes with a nylon holster and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer defect.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Home Or Business Alarm System For Only $49.95!

This motion activated affordable alarm is perfect if you are on a budget, but still need to protect your home or business!

It consists of only one unit that you should place where it would be most likely for an intruder to trespass. The unit detects movement within 20 feet long by 90 degrees wide. Plenty of coverage for such an affordable unit!

You can set this affordable Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer to use a silent alarm or a 125dB sound. It also has the feature of sending a pre-recorded message by phone thru an auto dialer, to 3 different phone numbers! Such as the police, a neighbor, you, or any other person you might feel fit to be notified. On the pre-recorded message, you should probably mention your home or business address, your name and that an intruder has been detected on your property!

This unit with auto dialer is not only affordable, but simple to install, a no brainer to use, arms and disarms using a keypad and you can even set your own security code! It also allows for small delays in entering and leaving your home or business. It won’t set off immediately, giving you time to walk out when you set the unit for leaving your place and time for when you come back inside to turn the unit off. The unit only measures 6 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 5/8" and requires four AAA batteries, not included.

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