Friday, April 3, 2015

If You Use Cash… Do You Ever Wonder If It’s Real Or Counterfeit Money?

It looks like regular cash and unless you are a monetary expert, you won’t be able to recognize if it’s real or fake! But, there is a special pen you can use, during cash exchanges, which will definitely let you know if you are dealing with the real thing!
Many people now a days are using cash because it makes them feel more in charge and helps with preventing more credit card dept. But it’s a wild world out there and sometimes counterfeit money can pass as the real mula, making you a victim, if you’re not careful! Don’t be a victim of bills that are fake. At, we have a handy item called the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen!

It's very easy to use... Simply mark a bill anywhere with the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen. If it turns dark, it’s not the real thing. If it turns yellow or there’s no mark at all, it’s a legit bill. You can try testing it on a regular piece of paper, and see how it gets dark. 

Of course, the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen works on any denomination, be it $1, $20, $1,000 or more! Make sure you get a real exchange when purchasing items. Never be a victim of money launderers or fake mula!

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