Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fox is Canceling America's Most Wanted, Big Mistake!

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Mark McGoldrick, another criminal caught recently because a viewer of America's Most Wanted, recognized him. SUCH A SHAME that this useful program that ACTUALLY CATCHES CRIMINALS is being canceled. I guess ratings are more important than lives!

The announcement was made by Fox Broadcasting Company on May 17th. It is hard to believe that a program which delivers such useful information to the public, is going to be canceled. Even if the ratings were down, America's Most Wanted was offering a service to the public. At least to the ones who cared about getting rid of criminals on the streets. Fox is doing a huge disservice to it's viewers by canceling America's Most Wanted, but I'm sure another network will pick them up. As a matter of fact, I think they would be a good program addition to the Public Broadcasting System or PBS. Seems like they are the only ones that embrace quality over ratings.

Fox canceling America's Most Wanted is wrong, it deserves to be aired to the general public. I hope they stay on the air, somehow, for the sake of all American's safety!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pennsylvania Man commits suicide and takes his wife and 2 daughters with him.

Here we go again, another LOOSER, this time in Pennsylvania, that feels he has to take his entire family with him! Some people say that men that kill their families and commit suicide, do it because they don't want their family to suffer economically in this cruel world... This is far from the truth. These men are just weak. They can't take what life throws at them and just give up and drag their family in with them. They are not only weak but also have big egos, to think that they are the only ones that can take care of their family. They assume that their wives cannot get help or are not capable of taking matters into her own hands, if need be.

This trend has got to stop! We no longer live in a patriarchal society. Women and children shouldn't be put to death, just because the husband is having a tough time. When was the last time you heard of a woman taking her husband and children's lives, just because she thought there was no future for them? This mentality is very archaic and has no place in today's society. Entire families do not have to die, because one of them is weak and has a huge ego.

Read MSNBC article here. Mind you, this is not the only article about this subject, this month and of course, it doesn't just occur in Pennsylvania! This is an on going problem that has been going on for too long, and must be stopped.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maid who accused IMF Chief, Fears for Her Life

International Monetary Fund
The maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF chief, of sexual assault, is in hiding. Her lawyer stated that she has not been able to go to work or her home and that she is especially worried for the safety of her 15 year old daughter. The maid is a widowed immigrant from West Africa and was granted asylum seven years ago to enter the USA. She is also worried about her future and earning a living to support herself and her daughter.

In the meantime, the IMF Chief's wife is defending her husband who has been nick named in the past as "The Seducer". His wife has been aware of his female encounters, yet always forgives him and mentions that they are no different from other couples that have similar issues. She states that he is innocent in this latest fiasco.

Sexual assault victims are many times accused of asking for it or of consenting to have sex. In this case there is also the question of it being a conspiracy... We will have to wait for this case to go to court, before we know what really happened. Is the maid a sexual assault victim, or is she a conspirator?

Friday, May 13, 2011

‎2 Chicago cops held in sexual assault cases

It is very disturbing to hear news regarding sexual assault by cops. These two officers, ten year veterans of the force, not only raped women but used their authoritative image to do so. Women were intimidated by them and had no choice but to comply. Since this sexual assault story came out in Chicago, MORE women have come forward, stating they were also raped by these cops!

Hope justice is done in Chicago and these two men don't get special treatment, just because they are cops!

Read complete sexual assault story here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Safety While Running, Jogging or Walking

It's that time of the year when your winter hibernation ends and your outdoor adventures begin. It's nice to breathe fresh air and give your treadmill or elliptical a rest! Nothing is better than running free down a dirt road, through trails or just jogging through your neighborhood. We all love to be outside with nature. I guess it brings back that child in us, to explore.

In order to achieve your full potential, you shouldn't have fearful thoughts cross your mind. Unfortunately it is no secret that us women should be careful when we are alone in public. Just as you buckle your seatbelt without really thinking about it when you get into your car, you should also take some sort of personal safety weapon in your workout escapades. Yes, I'm talking about the good old pepper spray. Whether it is the Mace brand, Streetwise 17% or the PepperBall HotShot brands, carrying one of them while you are walking, jogging or running, will help you focus more on your workout rather than on your personal safety. Most pepper sprays have a keychain that you can attach to your keys. It's as simple as just having it with your keys as you lock your home's front door, to start your workout. Why protect yourself only when you get into a car?

There are many pepper sprays on the market today, some come with hand straps and flashlights. Others double as walking weights, for those of you who want to build muscle as you walk! There are even some that look like pagers, lipstick, etc.

Personal safety should never be an issue when you are jogging, running or walking outdoors!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lipstick Stun Gun, IN STOCK

As some of you know the 950,000 volt Lipstick Stun Gun, was out of stock on our website for a while, to say the least! The manufacturer could not keep up with the high demand. Fortunately the Lipstick Stun Gun weapon is BACK IN STOCK! WomenOnGuard.com sent out many of them last Friday, which were on back order and made sure to order plenty from the manufacturer, for the weeks to come. This weapon is tiny but very powerful. The fact that it looks like a lipstick, will catch a potential attacker by surprise!

So you know what BACK IN STOCK means... Place your order soon at WomenOnGuard.com, before we run out of the Lipstick Stun Guns again!

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