Monday, April 30, 2012

Dual Weapon, Baton and Pepper Spray Combined!

Mace Pepper Spray Baton

A powerful combination for self defense under any dangerous encounter.   This Mace weapon is a baton, that is used in martial arts and a pepper spray, all in one nice slick item.

It's basically a martial arts Kubotan with pepper spray inside of it! Kubotans are used for jabbing or hitting pressure points on an attacker's body or key flailing. You can read more about how to use a Kubotan for self defense here.

The Mace Pepper Spray Baton contains 6 short bursts of a cone shaped pepper spray cloud and can reach up to 5 feet away. All you have to do is aim it towards an attacker's face and shoot! This is a solidly built weapon made from machined heavy aluminum, which is virtually indestructible. The textured metal surface, around the center, prevents it from slipping off your hand. Plus, if you use up all your spray, you can always buy refill pepper spray cartridges. No need to purchase an entire baton again! It comes with a handy key ring too. This kubotan weapon is available in black, red, blue, pewter and purple.

Always keep this Mace self defense product in your hand, where it's handy to use while you walk through parking lots, stairways, isolated areas... Always be aware of your surroundings!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stun Gun Rod, Powerful Yet Simple

Photo by S.MiRK

This weapon is for those of us who like to keep things simple. But simple doesn't mean weak... This basic stun device carries 1.5 million powerful volts of self defense! Just test firing this weapon into the air, will make a very intimidating sound and discourage anyone from getting near you.

You only have to touch an attacker with the Stun Gun Rod, to disable him or her. It includes 2 convenient, bright, LED lights which helps when used in the dark. You will also notice that it has a rubberized armor coating which prevents the unit from slipping from your fingers and which also protects your weapon! The molded finger grip and convenient trigger or button, makes it easy to hold! When using the unit, we recommend you place around your wrist, the disable pin strap that comes with it. When you have this strap around your wrist and an attacker takes the rod away from you, the Stun Gun Rod, will not work! Therefore the weapon can't be used against you.

More Convenient Features
The Stun Gun Rod is rechargeable! No need to get batteries, just plug it into a wall socket. This self defense device is also small. It measures only 6 1/4 inches long by just 1 inch thick. It's not much bigger than a magic marker, so you can very easily place it in your purse, backpack, pocket, etc. But for those of you that like to carry devices around your hip, it also includes a holster. People won't think that it is a self defense product, rather that it's some kind of tool or a skinny flashlight. Well, it is a flashlight, but with added benefits! Plus, like most other stun guns, it also has a safety on-off switch which prevents the unit from accidentally discharging.

There you have it! Don't leave your home without it. Always carry it with you for self defense and keep it handy in your hand when you are walking alone or in any dangerous situations! One more thing... You can keep this baby for a long time, since it has a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teardrop Serial Rapist Strikes Again in Los Angeles

Teardrop rapist illustrations from his victims

This very famous rapist that committed sexual assault on 27 women back between 1996 and 2005, raped a 15 year old this past November in Los Angeles. They call him the Teardrop serial rapist, because he has a tattoo under one of his eyes, shaped like a teardrop. He doesn't have it anymore, he apparently got it removed, but DNA evidence proves that this recent rape was committed by him.

This individual is predictable when it comes to where he selects his victims. Seems like he preys on women between Melrose Avenue to Manchester Boulevard, in Los Angeles, California. The women raped were from ages 14 to 41. But he prefers minors, since 11 of the now 28 victims, were under the age of 18. According to victims, this serial rapist is between 40 and 50 years old, Latino, that speaks fluent English and Spanish. He usually steers a woman into a yard, close by, talking with her and later pointing a gun. He then rapes her and sometimes has stopped and escaped, if someone sees him committing the sexual assault. The Teardrop serial rapist has not yet stabbed or shot anyone.

You would think that since these incidents take place, normally within a certain area, police would be able to capture him... Hopefully this so called, Teardrop, that focuses on committing sexual assault in just the Los Angeles area, will soon be locked up for life!

Source: Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pepper Spray For Those Of Us Who Can't Aim

Photo by andyburnfield

OK, I'll admit it, I can't aim, never could! Mace was thinking of us bad aimers, when they made the Mace Triple Action Fogger. 

The most popular defense sprays out on the market, shoot pepper in a liquid stream, not in a spray. Even though they call it a spray! The reason pepper spray shoots a stream, is to help aim at a person's eyes or face. But Mace makes a defense product that actually shoots pepper, like hairspray. A cone shaped mist. This is a sure way for the pepper to reach an attacker, even if you aim it at their chest!

Mace Triple Action Fogger
Mace Triple Action Fogger blends pepper (Oleoresin capsicum or OC), tear gas and UV dye, in one container! The added tear gas, will get into an attacker's lungs and will give them an uncontrollable cough. Plus they will start choking and become disoriented. Their eyes and entire face will feel like they're burning too! On top of that, the UV dye will invisibly mark an attacker and will enable police to identify them if captured. Since this particular defense product is more of a mist, you must spray it and immediately run away, so that the fog doesn't affect you! Especially if used outdoors, in windy conditions.

The Triple Action Fogger comes in 2 sizes, 60-gram for personal use and in 120-gram recommended for home use. Both can reach a distance of approximately 8 feet. The smaller size contains about 15, one-second shots, while the larger one has approximately 25, one-second shots.

It's nice to know that even the worse aimers, can still get good personal protection!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pay Only $6 on Any Half Ounce 17% Pepper Spray!

Photo by Parker Michael Knight

You don't want to miss this offer from our website... Just select from all 8 colors available in both the hard case or soft case, half ounce, 17% pepper spray. Only while supplies last!

Get some for your friends and loved one's safety too. Crime can be prevented by pepper spray, heck police officers use it. Why not you? In case you didn't know, 17% means the percentage of pepper contained in the spray. Most other pepper spray, have 10%. These are almost twice as hot! This $6 offer is available while supplies last and does not include the disguised products, such as the perfume looking ones.

17% Hard Case Pepper Spray
Remember to aim at the face and eyes, if someone looks like they are about to commit a crime against you. This will make their eyes slam shut, due to the excruciating heat and pain in the eyes, which will cause temporary blindness. They will also start coughing. While the attacker is going through all this aggravation, you have a window of opportunity, to make your escape, unharmed! Plus it contains a UV dye that will invisibly mark an attacker and enable police to identify them, if captured.

17% Soft Case Pepper Spray

Practice safety by making sure that you always have the spray in your hand and ready to be used, when you are alone in a public area, stairway, garage, etc. All our 17% spray have a convenient key ring, so that you can automatically have it available for safety, whether you are going to or from your car or home. Remember that you can prevent crime, if you are alert and aware of your surroundings!

College: A Learning Experience Or A Dangerous One?

Photo by quinn.anya

Higher education should be just that, a good formal education. But sometimes, in the real world, things just don't go quite as planned. Unfortunately, sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

Many young women attend college and have a wonderful experience throughout their attendance, but some don't. Some are dragged into violent situations, and become victims of sexual assault. Studies have shown that college women are 4 times more likely to become victims of rape compared to the rest of the female population. Plus, 90% of them were raped by someone they considered to be a friend. Most of these victims, are raped during the beginning of their freshman and sophomore years and sadly, only 10% of these cases are reported to authorities.

This is why we thought it was important to include on our website the College Safety Package. It includes three items that we think are crucial for women to have during their college attendance. A personal alarm, a stun pen (looks more like a magic marker) and a pepper spray. These items may very well prevent a sexual assault and they are easily carried in a purse or backpack. The personal alarm and pepper spray, also have a convenient key ring.

Besides being equipped with these self defense products, it's also important to let your daughter know that she should always have one of these items in her hand, whenever she is walking or studying alone, in a public place!

Sexual assault is traumatic and can have lifelong consequences, that include pregnancy, depression and even suicide. Make sure your daughter is safe on campus besides getting her educational degree!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Private Cellphone Conversation, NOT!

Photo by Ed Yourdon

With all the criminal cases happening lately, we often get to hear private cellphone conversations that sometimes help attorneys with evidence to prosecute a person or not. But the more we hear about this we are becoming more aware that our privacy is being jeopardized.

Many people now a days don't even have regular phone lines anymore because it is more convenient to just use a cellphone. But when privacy is an issue, you lose the right to be private, by getting rid of your home phone. In fact, police not only can hear what you have said, they can even track where you are as well. According to the ACLU, authorities don't even have to get a warrant to track your cellphone location. This means that they don't even have to get a judge's approval! Plus, the police spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, in order to hear these conversations, consequently, our taxes end up footing the bill. The police practice this privacy infringement routinely and pay thousands of dollars for each individual case. They get their information, cellphone service providers get richer and we end up paying higher taxes for losing our privacy!

Losing our private conversations to government officials and paying higher taxes... Does this seem right?

Reference: MSNBC

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who Doesn't Know What Mace Spray Is?

Mace has been around for protection against crime, since 1965 and was invented by a man named Allan Lee Litman. It all started because his wife, Doris, had been threatened on the streets. 

Now here was a good man! And thanks to him, we now carry pepper spray, pretty much all over the world... Of course if law allows us to. Yes, in some places in our country and abroad, Mace Pepper Spray or any other brand, is illegal to carry! Of course, the police carry it for protection all over the world too and most, if not all, of our postal people carry it for protection!

Sometimes people are a little confused about the name. They ask; what's the difference between Mace and Pepper Spray? Well basically there is no difference, "Mace" is just a brand name, like "Streetwise" is, or any other pepper spray brand out there!

There are though, some differences between brands... Mace, for example, manufactures some of their products with an extra substance, "Tear Gas". Most all pepper products on the market, also have a UV dye, that helps police identify an attacker, if taken into custody. The brand's most popular spray can reach up to 10 feet, but some like the Mace Pepper Gun, can reach up to 20 feet! They have hard cover and soft cover models with different colors, police model, along with disguised products that look like a pen, walking weights and batons. You can choose the product in liquid, gel, foam or fogger form. They actually make defense products for protection against aggressive dogs, called Muzzle. This is especially handy for bikers, runners, joggers, etc. Plus, they make Bear Spray, which is great for hunters or people that like to go camping or hiking.

Hope this information came in handy for you! Please let us know if you have any other questions about personal safety or any other products on our website.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stop Using a Broomstick to Secure Your Sliding Doors!

Admit it... We all have done this at one time or another; placing a broomstick for security, to prevent intruders from entering our glass doors. We lay the broomstick across the bottom and cross our fingers that it will work. 
Photo by d00d
Well, we aren't saying it won't work, but... Doesn't it seem kind of flimsy, wobbly, not quite the right fit and well, just plain tacky or nasty?

The Dual Function Door Brace is here! Throw the broomstick away and replace it with this reliable, more attractive, intruder protection tool. Dual, means 2 functions for this handy security brace. It is not only convenient to have horizontally on sliding doors, but it also can be placed vertically against regular doors, to prevent intruders! To use on sliding doors, all you have to do is remove the yoke ("V" shaped cap), this exposes another padded end, and place the brace between the 2 sliding doors. You can make it longer or smaller by adjusting the open holes outward or inward. To use this brace on a regular door for security, just place the top yoke under a regular door knob and the padded foot on the floor.

• Adjustable length from 31" to 45.5"
• Collapses, fits in a suitcase for traveling
• Built with 20-gauge strong steel
• Padded foot prevents slipping and protects floor

Get rid of that old stick and prevent intruders from entering your home with this reliable tool, that also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Monday, April 16, 2012

17% Pepper Spray for Your Personal Defense

We sell many products on our website, but our most popular is the 17% Pepper spray. Maybe you don't know why we call it 17%... 

Well, most personal defense spray out there have 10% concentration of pepper heat, while some of the ones we sell have 17%. That is almost twice as hot as other products on the market, which makes it stronger and better for personal defense.

Our Streetwise 17% pepper spray comes in many sizes and shapes. The most popular ones have a key ring with a plastic belt clip and come in hard cases. The soft cases are just as popular, minus the belt clip. Either one of these cases are also available in 8 different colors. We also sell stronger 17% pepper spray that is also disguised! These are very handy because when you pull them out of your purse or pocket, they don't look like a weapon. They are shaped or look like a; lipstick, perfume or a pager. This will confuse and catch a potential attacker, by surprise! Giving you a better opportunity to aim straight into their eyes! Our 17% stronger, personal defense products come in stream, foam or fog. All Streetwise spray contain a UV dye which will invisibly mark an attacker and will enable police to identify them if captured. You can get it in the most common size of 1/2 ounce to all the way up to 1 1/2 lb., huge pistol grip cans! These are perfect for keeping inside your home, to protect against intruders.

So why settle for 10% when you can get 17%!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Non Lethal Weapons, Great for Self Defense

Photo by publik16
We can't take the law into our own hands, but we can have protection, without killing someone. Women On Guard™, was founded back in 2006 with women's protection in mind and also with the knowledge that most women like to nurture more than they like to end life. So unlike other websites that include products which are lethal, like firearms and knives, we decided to carry products such as pepper spray and make our site a pro safety, self defense site and not one that promotes ending people's lives.
Taser C2
Our products are very effective protection against potential attackers. Some of the products like the Tasers we carry, the C2, M26c and X26c, are non lethal and just as powerful as the Tasers police carry. The only difference between ours and the police Tasers is that ours reach 15 feet vs. police Tasers that can reach 30. What better to use for your personal defense than what police around the world use? We also carry very potent 17% concentration, pepper spray, that again is used by police worldwide. There are other products that we carry besides pepper spray and Tasers, which are also effective in deterring crime without ending someone's life.
17% Pepper Spray Concentration
One more thing to think about, if you are looking for a weapon... You are less likely to be sent to prison for defending yourself with one of our defense weapons, than you are if you carried a lethal firearm! Don't settle for your own life ending because you are sent to prison. Instead defend yourself without jeopardizing your own freedom too! AND if God forbid, your non lethal weapon is turned against you, you won't have your life ended.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solar Powered Radio with Hand Crank

Photo by gainesp2003
Spring is already here and summer is just around the corner. Having said that, we all know that the weather will bring more rain and tornadoes. Plus, before you know it, hurricanes will start coming from the Atlantic too. You can almost bet that sooner or later, you are going to have a power outage...

This is when the Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight comes in handy. When you come across a power outage, you don't have to be completely in the dark while in a storm! It is crucial for you to listen to broadcast news information, regarding a storm and for you to have some sort of lighting device is also crucial! This solar hand crank radio with flashlight can use the power of the sun to charge up it's 2, 3-volt Ni-Cad rechargeable built in batteries. And it also has a hand crank that you can turn to manually charge it's rechargeable batteries. The Dynamo allows you to listen to important forecasts and be able to see while there is a power outage, caused by a storm. To make it even more versatile, you can add 2 regular "AA" batteries or an AC to DC 12 volt adapter. The extra batteries and adapter are not included. Another feature this Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight with hand crank has is a Siren! It's ideal for inside and outside use, to let others know if there is an emergency.

3 Functions:
  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Siren

  • 2, 3-volt Ni-Cad rechargeable built in batteries
  • Replaceable bulb in replacement bulb holder
  • Yellow lens for signaling
  • Red lens for signaling

This radio/siren is also great to have in the trunk of your car for emergencies, to take to the beach, for camping, or any other situation where you might need it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Personal Alarm with Motion Sensor

Photo by Soon.
Do you travel a lot, have many business meetings or perhaps, live in a college dorm? Can it sometimes be overwhelming to keep an eye on your personal possessions, let alone your personal safety? If your answer is yes to any of these, you might need a personal alarm. But not just your run of the mill personal alarm, this device also has a motion sensor... no kidding!

The Personal Travel Alarm, not only can protect you but it can also protect your belongings. This baby has an ear piercing alarm that you can pull up, if you think you are in danger and need someone to hear your call for help! PLUS it also has a convenient LED flashlight and a motion sensor! The motion sensor helps protect your stuff from thieves! Say for example, if you are in a hotel room and you want to be aware if someone is opening the door, the device will detect the movement and make a high squeaking sound! Or if you live in a dorm and your roommate want's to use your computer without your consent, you can catch them red handed! All you have to do is aim the Personal Travel Alarm towards a certain object, wait for 60 seconds until the sensor becomes active... Afterwards the sensor will pickup any movement in front of it, be it a door, computer, purse, backpack or anything else, for that matter. The motion detector can reach up to 10 feet and it has a horizontal detection span of 30°. The alarm goes off for 15 seconds, or less if you manually stop it. It's size, you ask? The unit only measures 2.5 inches tall and batteries are included.

One thing we want to warn you about. It could be habit forming because you will want to aim this motion gadget at everything you can think of, that could be stolen!

Police Aren't The Only Ones That Can Use Batons!

You know what I'm talking about... Those batons that the police use when there are riots, or when they wear them hanging off their belts. You see some cops, knocking people over the head with them and striking people across the back of their knees.

Believe it or not, ordinary citizens are also allowed to use them. You're probably thinking; "I'm not going to go around with a nightstick, hanging off my hip!". Well, unless you are a police person, security guard or want to carry it when you walk your dog, to protect it from fierce, stray dogs, then sure, it would look a bit intimidating! But what about for home protection?

There are 2 types of batons available for citizens, metal collapsable ones and stun batons. We will focus on the stun batons. These are not for knocking a burglar over the head, but rather for stunning them with an electrical charge. The real strength of this weapon is in it's powerful voltage. The Peacemaker Stun Baton, specifically, has an incredible 6 million volts of protection for your home! This will bring any burglar down! Don't worry about the intruder grabbing it from you. If he or she, decides to even touch this weapon, the grab guards or side metal rods will also stun or shock them! The Peacemaker also has a convenient, bright LED flashlight. This helps you to see the burglar in the dark and at the same time, you can aim the bright light at their eyes to disorient them. This product can provide you with much better protection for your home, than a baseball bat could.

• Rechargeable: No need for batteries
• Rubberized Armor Coating: Won't slide from you hands or break easily
• Safety Switch: Prevents accidental discharge
• Long Reach: Measures 14.25 inches for protection at a distance

To top it off, this stun baton weapon also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Turn Your Lipstick Into a Weapon!

Most women wear lipstick and have it in their purse. The good thing is that now, you can have a lipstick looking weapon in your purse as well! In case you haven't heard, pepper spray, comes also disguised as a lipstick container. It's  called the Lipstick Pepper Spray and it's made with us women in mind!

A disguised weapon, is such a unique and handy item for women to carry, wherever they go. It brings an element of surprise to a would be attacker. When you pull out a lipstick container, the last thing on a criminal's mind, is that you are pulling out pepper spray! This makes it easy to have a weapon in your hands and turn it against someone, without them being ready for a pepper spray blast in their face.

Check out these handy pepper sprays for women, that come in 5 fabulous colors. They each can reach up to 8 feet and contain 5 one second bursts! Plus, they contain a UV dye that will invisibly mark an attacker and will enable police to identify them if captured.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is She a Prostitute or Is She Homeless?

Photo by Ainznando

Did you read about the woman arrested in Florida by an undercover police officer who was pretending to be looking for sexual favors? This is normal practice for the police, in order to get prostitution off the streets. But in this particular case, the woman told him that her fee was 2 McDoubles and later hinted for a tip of $40 as well.

While reading this, it makes you wonder... Was this woman really a prostitute or was this her way to survive, because of her homelessness? I'm not sure if this particular woman didn't have a home, but there probably are hundreds of women out there that are in this predicament, because they are homeless. If you analyze this more closely, you can also ask yourself; why don't homeless men do this? The answer is obvious. The market for male prostitutes is much smaller.

The homeless women, can very easily come across as prostitutes to the police. Especially when these women are so hungry that they feel the need to sell their body, to get nutrition. We need to make sure that our national police force are educated enough to be able to tell the difference! It's a shame to think that hungry women end up serving time, instead of being sent to a soup kitchen, simply because they are too poor.

Police information Source:
The Huffington Post

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Safety While Walking Your Dog

We all know that when we walk our dogs, they most likely will keep us safe, even the smaller ones are fearless! But what will keep your personal walking buddy safe? What if you are strolling along together and all of a sudden a loose, aggressive dog appears? Can you provide safety for your pet?

Photo by Ed Yourdon
Too often, people, including myself, have been in this situation while walking. It is very scary and can also be deadly. But there is a solution to this problem. Mace makes a pepper spray to stop aggressive dogs! It is a humane way to protect your pet from other violent dog attacks. The Mace Muzzle is a pepper spray for canines, that in my family is a must have, when we are walking our pups. It has a convenient key chain that you can simply attach to your buddy's leash, plus a belt clip, both of which add available safety. The casing is very ergonomic, making it very easy to use. The Mace Muzzle pepper spray for dogs can shoot a stream as far as 10 feet away and it contains 10, one second bursts. The expiration date is on the bottom of the spray, keeping you aware of when it's time to replace it. Usually it is potent for 3 or 4 years.

Joggers, bikers, walkers and delivery people will also benefit from carrying this Mace Muzzle pepper spray, for their own safety.

Go on, enjoy a carefree walk with your companion!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have You Ever Heard of the Mace Pepper Gun?

You are not alone. Many people are unaware that it exists. It's a shame too, because it is one of the best self defense weapon a person can have without having to shoot a lethal bullet into someone's body. 

The Mace Pepper Gun is probably the only self defense weapon on the market today, for civilians, that can shoot up to a distance of 20 feet! Unlike regular pepper sprays, you don't have to entirely replace the unit when you run out of the spray. The Mace Pepper Gun utilizes replaceable cartridges that can shoot 6 to 7 blasts, depending on how long you hold the trigger. Since this weapon uses cartridges, you also have the option to simply keep the trigger pressed constantly, which makes it shoot a nonstop stream, until it runs out of the solution. When the cartridge is used up, just replace it! No need to buy another gun. PLUS, unlike other pepper sprays that need to be held upright, you can shoot this Mace weapon, sideways or even upside down, and, it even has an LED light. This light is very convenient at night and disorients anyone you aim it at!

This self defense weapon is easy to use. All you have to do is move the safety switch to "fire", this also turns the LED light on, aim the Mace Pepper Gun at a potential attacker and press the trigger! The hot solution should be sprayed into the face, and it will make the attacker's eyes slam shut, causing constant coughing and give a burning skin sensation. These effects could last up to 45 minutes too! While the attacker is going through all this agony, he or she, will be temporarily blinded, giving you a window of opportunity to escape!

Weight:  28 grams
Dimensions:  Approx. 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.5"
Spray Pattern:  Stream
Range:  Up to 20'
Cartridge:  Comes w/cartridge and practice water cartridge
(approximately 4 year expiration date label)
Features:  Refillable and LED light

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