Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stop Using a Broomstick to Secure Your Sliding Doors!

Admit it... We all have done this at one time or another; placing a broomstick for security, to prevent intruders from entering our glass doors. We lay the broomstick across the bottom and cross our fingers that it will work. 
Photo by d00d
Well, we aren't saying it won't work, but... Doesn't it seem kind of flimsy, wobbly, not quite the right fit and well, just plain tacky or nasty?

The Dual Function Door Brace is here! Throw the broomstick away and replace it with this reliable, more attractive, intruder protection tool. Dual, means 2 functions for this handy security brace. It is not only convenient to have horizontally on sliding doors, but it also can be placed vertically against regular doors, to prevent intruders! To use on sliding doors, all you have to do is remove the yoke ("V" shaped cap), this exposes another padded end, and place the brace between the 2 sliding doors. You can make it longer or smaller by adjusting the open holes outward or inward. To use this brace on a regular door for security, just place the top yoke under a regular door knob and the padded foot on the floor.

• Adjustable length from 31" to 45.5"
• Collapses, fits in a suitcase for traveling
• Built with 20-gauge strong steel
• Padded foot prevents slipping and protects floor

Get rid of that old stick and prevent intruders from entering your home with this reliable tool, that also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
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