Monday, April 16, 2012

17% Pepper Spray for Your Personal Defense

We sell many products on our website, but our most popular is the 17% Pepper spray. Maybe you don't know why we call it 17%... 

Well, most personal defense spray out there have 10% concentration of pepper heat, while some of the ones we sell have 17%. That is almost twice as hot as other products on the market, which makes it stronger and better for personal defense.

Our Streetwise 17% pepper spray comes in many sizes and shapes. The most popular ones have a key ring with a plastic belt clip and come in hard cases. The soft cases are just as popular, minus the belt clip. Either one of these cases are also available in 8 different colors. We also sell stronger 17% pepper spray that is also disguised! These are very handy because when you pull them out of your purse or pocket, they don't look like a weapon. They are shaped or look like a; lipstick, perfume or a pager. This will confuse and catch a potential attacker, by surprise! Giving you a better opportunity to aim straight into their eyes! Our 17% stronger, personal defense products come in stream, foam or fog. All Streetwise spray contain a UV dye which will invisibly mark an attacker and will enable police to identify them if captured. You can get it in the most common size of 1/2 ounce to all the way up to 1 1/2 lb., huge pistol grip cans! These are perfect for keeping inside your home, to protect against intruders.

So why settle for 10% when you can get 17%!

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