Thursday, April 19, 2012

Private Cellphone Conversation, NOT!

Photo by Ed Yourdon

With all the criminal cases happening lately, we often get to hear private cellphone conversations that sometimes help attorneys with evidence to prosecute a person or not. But the more we hear about this we are becoming more aware that our privacy is being jeopardized.

Many people now a days don't even have regular phone lines anymore because it is more convenient to just use a cellphone. But when privacy is an issue, you lose the right to be private, by getting rid of your home phone. In fact, police not only can hear what you have said, they can even track where you are as well. According to the ACLU, authorities don't even have to get a warrant to track your cellphone location. This means that they don't even have to get a judge's approval! Plus, the police spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, in order to hear these conversations, consequently, our taxes end up footing the bill. The police practice this privacy infringement routinely and pay thousands of dollars for each individual case. They get their information, cellphone service providers get richer and we end up paying higher taxes for losing our privacy!

Losing our private conversations to government officials and paying higher taxes... Does this seem right?

Reference: MSNBC
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