Friday, April 20, 2012

College: A Learning Experience Or A Dangerous One?

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Higher education should be just that, a good formal education. But sometimes, in the real world, things just don't go quite as planned. Unfortunately, sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

Many young women attend college and have a wonderful experience throughout their attendance, but some don't. Some are dragged into violent situations, and become victims of sexual assault. Studies have shown that college women are 4 times more likely to become victims of rape compared to the rest of the female population. Plus, 90% of them were raped by someone they considered to be a friend. Most of these victims, are raped during the beginning of their freshman and sophomore years and sadly, only 10% of these cases are reported to authorities.

This is why we thought it was important to include on our website the College Safety Package. It includes three items that we think are crucial for women to have during their college attendance. A personal alarm, a stun pen (looks more like a magic marker) and a pepper spray. These items may very well prevent a sexual assault and they are easily carried in a purse or backpack. The personal alarm and pepper spray, also have a convenient key ring.

Besides being equipped with these self defense products, it's also important to let your daughter know that she should always have one of these items in her hand, whenever she is walking or studying alone, in a public place!

Sexual assault is traumatic and can have lifelong consequences, that include pregnancy, depression and even suicide. Make sure your daughter is safe on campus besides getting her educational degree!

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