Thursday, May 31, 2012

Compact 18% Pepper Spray with a Twist!

Photo by Flavio
The newest member of our 18% defense spray lineup is called the Spin Lock. It uses a simple system to unlock the device for shooting, compared to our other products that have a tab. Just a simple twist with the wrist will do!

Don't let the size of this pepper spray, discourage you. It contains the same 1/2 ounce amount of solution that the average sprays have, but in a more compact size for self defense. To shoot the weapon, all you have to do is twist the top cap and then press down. That's it, it's that simple. The Spin Lock 18% pepper spray also has an invisible UV dye that allows police to identify an attacker by simply shining a special light on his or her face, if captured. This weapon can reach 5 to 7 feet away and contains approximately 6 shots. The devastating heat is felt by an attacker for up to 45 minutes, while tears will flow from their eyes.

The compact Spin Lock 18% pepper spray is powerful, yet simple. You can conveniently attach your keys on it's key ring and be ready to use this compact weapon in emergencies. Remember to always try to aim at an attacker's eyes and face. The hot pepper will cause them to shut their eyes and be temporarily blind. It will also make them constantly cough and have a hard time breathing. All this will make it possible for you to escape safely.

Be prepared... Always keep this defense spray handy when going to your car, in stairways, alleys, riding a bike, etc. You can't react as quickly if you have to take an extra step in order to get it out of your purse, briefcase or backpack, to defend yourself!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The 18% Pepper Spray Concentration are Here!

If you want an attacker to scream for mercy and become helpless when you spray them with pepper spray, this is the product you should buy. Our newest self defense weapon, the 18% have arrived!

These hot, 18 percent, little devils come in 6 colors: blue, purple, red, lavender, yellow and black. A weapon that you can't do without. Just transfer all your keys on the key ring and get instant self defense, if someone is coming toward you with bad intentions!

The specs on these are obviously, 18% pepper spray concentration, versus 10% that regular pepper spray comes in. Just like our other sprays, they also contain UV dye, that invisibly marks an attacker and helps police identify them, if captured. These 18 percent babies can reach a distance of 5-7 feet and also have the convenient key ring and belt clip.

Remember 18%, when you think about your future weapon for self defense, because the percent matters!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Women, Beware of Too Much Calcium!

Frozen yogurt with fruit.  Photo by Debs (ò‿ó)♪

An article about calcium intake, caught our attention today. We thought it important enough to let you know, since it is of particular interest for women on preventing Osteoporosis.

There was an 11 year study conducted in Switzerland, at the University of Zurich, that resulted in a warning about ingesting calcium pills. The study suggested that mega doses in calcium pills, like the ones taken by women for Osteoporosis, can cause heart disease.

The study showed that sudden bursts of calcium taken by women, makes the substance go mostly to our arterial walls, as plaque. As you know arterial plaque is why most people have heart attacks!

According to the article and other experts regarding calcium intake, the best way for women to consume it is through natural dairy products. So next time you go to the grocery store, keep your heart in mind and buy more milk, yogurt, cheese and even broccoli or spinach. Although, vegetables don't provide as much of the substance as milk does. If you are lactose intolerant, don't forget that there are brands out there that offer lactose free milk and lactose free yogurt too! Plus, when picking your dairy products, take into consideration the brands that state, no hormones, antibiotics or pesticides as well.

Prevent Osteoporosis the natural way, without hurting your heart by popping pills. Here is the original article from CBS NEWS.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Use a Pager for Self Defense!

How can a pager be used for self defense against an attacker? That's the beauty of this powerful, yet indiscreet weapon. You see, it's not really a pager, but rather a uniquely disguised pepper spray!

Many people, especially men, don't like to carry pepper spray. They think only women should walk around with it. Well, now men and women can carry this disguised weapon, without anyone knowing that it's a self defense spray. The Pepper Spray Pager provides protection, yet looks very professional when clipped on a belt or the side of a purse, briefcase or backpack. This self defense weapon actually has dual canisters of 15%, not just 10%, of hot pepper concentration! That is 2 canisters for twice the power and twice the reliability of stopping an attacker. The police strength formula, will temporarily blind the attacker, because their eyes will burn so much, that they will have to close them. The attacker will also be constantly coughing, have difficulty breathing and their face will feel like it's on fire! While they are going through all this agony, you will have the opportunity to escape.

The disguised Pepper Spray Pager, shoots a unique splatter cone pattern, that can reach up to 8 to 10 feet. It also contains 10 to 12 bursts that will immobilize a person for 45 minutes. Plus, it also has a safety switch, to prevent it from accidentally shooting. All you have to do is spray and run!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loose Neighborhood Dogs

Photo by Jan Tik
Are loose canines around your neighborhood, driving you nuts? This is a very common problem between neighbors who let their aggressive dogs loose and the neighbors that are afraid of them.

Most all neighborhoods in our country have a leash law that prohibits pets from walking around without a leash. This also includes people who have their canines walk next to them, but without a leash. Unfortunately, many people still don't obey the law, when it comes to their pet. This is when having the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with flashing strobe, is your best bet to keep you and your family safe! It has a very high pitched sound that humans can't hear, but canines can. It's a discomforting sound to dogs, which will make them go away, but it won't harm them. This convenient device also has a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds a canine, if you aim it at their eyes.

Most people in neighborhoods love pets, but lets face it, canines can sometimes be unpredictable. They will bite you for a piece of food, an unexpected move, a child playing around them too much, etc. People sometimes will walk their dog on a leash and encounter an aggressive mutt, that want's to attack their leashed dog... Well you get the picture! Having the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with you is the perfect solution when you are alone or walking your pet.

The sound of the Ultrasonic Dog Chaser with flashing LED strobe, can be heard by an aggressive canine from up to 40 feet away. This will give you peace of mind, plus the neighbors will remain neighborly... By the way, its great for bikers too!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Memorial Day Safety for Women and Children

Photo by kirinqueen

The weather is finally getting warmer and Memorial Day is next Monday, announcing that Summer is just around the corner. Many of you are planning barbecues, parties or nightclub dancing for the extended weekend! As usual, we at WomenOnGuard, have our concerns regarding your safety during the festivities. Below are safety tips to think about.

First of all, if you are a mother of a small child or simply taking children with you to a barbecue or party this Memorial Day, keep the following in mind. Don't let them out of your site, especially if you don't know who some people are. Second, never let a toddler eat a whole hot dog, please cut it into small pieces before giving it to them. Many small children die of suffocation each year, do to hot dogs getting stuck in their throats! Also keep them away from the hot grill! Third, if there is a swimming pool at the barbecue, please focus and be watchful of all the kids in it. The above are the most common ways children can get into life threatening situations, but there are many more...

Party gatherings or nightclubbing will be everywhere on Memorial Day weekend. Here is where women are most of the time, victims of predators. Remember that a predator can also be someone you already know! Date rape drugs, run rampant at nightclubs and parties. Join the smart women and know the ropes, on how to party with safety in mind! Never drink from an open container that you personally didn't see it opened in front of you. Never drink from punch bowls. When you order a snack or dinner, make sure you tell the server to bring the beverage unopened. Another important thing for women to remember is to always introduce a person you met to your friends. Point out some specific features about the person, besides their full name. For example, aren't his blue eyes beautiful? Or, isn't that tattoo interesting? Point out things to your friends that they will be able to remember. This is in case you disappear afterwards and police want descriptions! Last but not least, never drive off with someone you just met at a nightclub, ever!

In general, try to practice common sense... Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and don't drink and drive!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't Fall Asleep While Driving on Your Vacation!

Photo by MJ/TR

Are you planning to get away this summer with your family? If you are, and you choose to drive instead of taking a plane, make sure that you are properly prepared. Most people on long driving trips, tend to get tired and sleepy. 

You probably like to extend your vacation days as much as possible, so you prefer to drive at night. Most of your family is either sleeping next to you or in the back seats of your car. With your family quiet and the darkness of the night, sooner or later you will get sleepy. Of course, you can also get sleepy during the day while you drive your car, by just watching the long road or after a big lunch! This is when it's crucial to have a Nap Zapper Driver Alarm!

The Nap Zapper Driver Alarm is a great little device, that you place around your ear. It detects when your head tilts forward, as you start to fall asleep. Instantly, it makes a loud alarm sound, to wake you up! It's very light, comfortable and inexpensive, only $7.95. A very small price to pay for keeping you and your family safe and alive during your trip!

The Nap Zapper Alarm is not only convenient to have while you drive your car on vacation, it's also handy for truckers, night shift workers, and even to help students stay awake while studying!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Powerful Protection from Home and Business Intruders

Photo by le dieu

Having issues with trespassers? Tired of dealing with gangs hanging around your property? If you are serious about protecting your home or business from crime, but don't like the word lethal, this is the defense weapon for you!

Here is the solution to your intruder problems, the Pepper Spray 18%, 1 lb. Pistol Grip! The 18% stands for the concentration of pepper in it. Most defense sprays have only 10%, making this almost twice as hot as other similar products. It was designed for police use and now it's available to civilians for crime prevention! Use this non lethal weapon to protect against home, or property intrusion. It can reach an incredible distance of up to 30 feet, which means it's protection at a distance. No need to be close up and personal!

This weapon has approximately 75 bursts of 18% pepper spray that will, when reaching someone's face, cause temporary blindness! Temporary, because it will burn their eyes so bad, that they will have to slam them shut! It will also make them cough, choke and feel nauseous for up to 45 minutes. This one pounder, crime defense product, has so much of the hot solution that you would have enough to shoot at not just one but several business trespassers or home intruders! The Pepper Spray 18%, 1 lb. Pistol Grip also has a UV dye. This helps police identify the home intruders or business trespassers, if captured. PLUS it is certified by the same independent laboratory (Chromtec LLC) that is used by pepper spray manufacturers and the US government for over 40 years.

The pistol grip is convenient and built solid, with grooves to prevent it from slipping through your fingers. Plus it also helps with aiming! It has a safety clip to prevent from accidental spraying too.

So, next time you encounter dangerous crime, be prepared and protect yourself, your home or your business property with this non lethal weapon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emergency Alarm for Students, Seniors and Children

Photo by bradleygee
Lets face it, sooner or later, most of us come across an emergency that renders us helpless. Crying for help, is usually not loud enough for us to reach others. Desperation can also make us lose our voice too!

Thats when the Mace Screecher Personal Alarm comes in handy, especially in a life or death situation. It's very simple and easy to use for anyone. All this emergency device requires for alerting someone or authorities, is to just press down the red cap... as simple as that!

The Mace Screecher Personal Alarm is a must for anyone who feels like they can potentially be in a dangerous situation. College students, especially women, are at the top of the list, when it comes to confronting assaults on campus. College police recommend personal alarms for students because when they hear it, they realize a student is in danger.

Seniors are also at risk many times, from criminals or just from accidents, like falling down and breaking a bone. Senior citizens can be helpless in an emergency, compared to other people. Especially when they are attacked by a criminal.

Children also can benefit from carrying this alarm in their backpack or pocket. Schools allow personal alarms and with so much bullying in schools, this might not be a bad idea. Some children have committed suicide because of bullying. Children can also confront bullying in parks too!

Whether you are or know someone that is a college student, senior citizen or a parent with children, the Mace Screecher Personal Alarm is a must have! This alarm contains 20 short ear piercing blasts and is very reasonably priced.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Beauty of Women's Self Defense

When you hear about self defense, you normally don't think of it as fashionable or see the beauty in it. But in this case both of these thoughts come together perfectly!

WomenOnGuard has added a new item in our package deals category. It consists of 3 products from our website; the Perfume Stun Gun, the Perfume Pepper Spray and the Hair Brush Diversion Safe. All 3 items at a reduced price! We call it the "Women's Self Defense Package"

As we all know, us women like to stay fashionable and beauty is on our priority list when it comes to the things we carry in our purse. Pulling out a sleek, perfume container is the norm for us. This normally doesn't cause concern to people around us, but it can come in handy when you feel physically threatened! This is the beauty of carrying a disguised, fashionable, pepper spray or stun gun. People and specifically, a potential attacker, will not expect the object to be a self defense weapon. These two items go hand in hand... Carry pepper spray in your purse for protection at a distance and carry the stun gun, for up close contact protection.

The other item included in this package for women, is the hair brush safe. You can actually use it and at the same time it serves as a hidden safe. You can hide valuables, such as jewelry or money in the brush end. Just place it on your bedroom dresser and people will never know that it's really a disguised or diversion safe! But make sure that the items inside of it don't move, by adding some cotton or something. You don't want someone to pick the hair brush up and notice that it has something rolling around inside of it!

As always, feel free to email us or call us with any questions concerning our products.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Why Women Prefer Tasers Over Guns

Taser C2 Parts
Back in the summer of 2007, Taser International, the company that makes police Tasers, launched the first Taser designed with women in mind. They named it the "Taser C2" and it's sales soared. Not only was it purchased by women, but men were also buying it. The slick new look of this new weapon was intentional. The company wanted women to find the unit visually appealing and easy to hold. Plus Taser International knew that women, especially, don't like killing animals or people... Hence a non lethal weapon was right up their alley!

But the Taser C2, that WomenOnGuard sells, is not just pretty and available in 6 colors, it's also a powerful weapon. The only difference between it and what the police use against criminals, is the distance it reaches. Ours can reach 15 feet, the police ones can reach up to 35 feet. Many people don't know much about these non lethal weapons. So, below is a list of features us women like and why most of us prefer Tasers over firearms.

Taser International's C2 Features
• Non lethal, you won't go to prison for using it, if used in self defense
• Laser aiming, you won't miss your target (available on all Tasers)
• LED flashlight, handy for night vision
• Stun gun backup, in case your attacker was not acting alone
• Anti-Felon Identification system to track if stolen and used by someone else
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback, won't strain your arm
• No gun powder to clean!

A Taser C2 can keep tasing for 30 seconds while you escape. Just place the unit on the ground after the trigger is pulled! Now... what gun has those features? Another fact about this weapon is that if someone tries to attack you and actually takes the weapon from you, or the unit is damaged, you can get a new Taser for FREE! That's right. All you have to do is file a police report about the incident and Taser International will be glad to give you another one at no extra charge. Can gun manufacturers replace your gun if it is stolen?

Check out our Tasers. We actually have instant rebates of $50 for the C2s, $115 for the X26c and $65 for the M26c!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Personal Safety for Women Comes in Small Packages

These packages are small but powerful and they deliver 4.5 million volts of personal safety. They're called the Runt Stun Guns and they're now available in pink besides the original color which was black!

Photo by juggernautco
These pink weapons were made with women in mind. They measure only 3.5 inches tall, by approximately 2 inches wide and less than 1 inch thick, hence, small packages... Women can easily carry it in their purses, briefcases or backpacks. The device comes with a handy black nylon, belt loop holster, in case you would prefer to wear it on your hip, like a pager. The Runt Stun Gun is also rechargeable, no need to buy separate batteries. Just plug it directly into a wall socket, no extra cords required... A safety switch on the side, prevents it from accidental discharge, just slide the switch and a red light turns on, indicating the unit is ready to be used. Then, press down the round button and the sparks come out, making a very powerful and scary electrical noise!

Simply touch an attacker with this personal safety weapon for a 1/2 second and it will cause pain, muscular contraction and shock them. Touch him or her for 1-2 seconds and it inflicts muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. If you keep touching the person for 3 to 5 seconds, they will loose their balance, muscle control, have total mental confusion and become disoriented. Basically they will become totally helpless! But don't worry, you won't feel a thing! The electric charge will not come back at you, even if the attacker touches you while your are shocking them. Plus remember that the weapon will not cause permanent damage to a person.

Women should always have these pink and powerful, small packages, in their hand and available for personal safety when they are in potentially dangerous areas, such as an alley or parking lot. It will do you no good keeping it in your purse. Time is of the essence, taking it out of your purse, might not be fast enough in an emergency situation! Plus, one more important thing we should mention, the Runt Stun Gun has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Is What Our Tasers Can Do!

If you are serious about your personal, home or business safety, this is what you will need. A Taser C2, X26c or M26c. Watch the video below.

Your personal and family's safety is very important. Tasers are the ultimate weapon and used by most police officers around the world. The Taser C2, X26c and M26c are non-lethal weapons that won't put you in jail, if you use them for your personal safety.

Taser Features

• Non lethal weapon
• Laser light for perfect aiming toward attackers (on when safety cover is opened)
• LED flashlight (on when safety cover is opened)
• Stun gun backup, in case you have more than one attacker
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback makes it easy to be used by us women
• No cleaning gun powder necessary
• Instant rebates for the C2, X26c and M26c, at WomenOnGuard

PLUS, a TASER C2, keeps tasing for 30 seconds while you escape by placing it on the ground! In addition, if your unit is stolen or damages Taser International will replace it for FREE if it was used in self defense and a police report was filed! Available in 6 colors.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Powerful Stun Gun with Extra Safety Features

Photo by Parker Michael Knight

This is one of the most strongest stun guns you will ever come across. It's very light and only measures 4.75 inches tall. You wouldn't think by just looking at it, that it would have so many features!

The Stun Master Stun Gun has an amazing 4.5 Million powerful volts and a personal alarm, among other features. Just the sound it makes alone, will deter anyone from approaching you. But these two features alone aren't what makes it, a must have...

• 4.5 Million powerful volts for personal safety
• 110 Decibels emergency siren or alarm
• Super bright LED flashlight for night visibility
• 2 Red SOS flashing emergency lights, to let others know you need help
• Safety pin wrist strap, if weapon is taken, it can't be used against you
• Safety switch, to prevent from stunning when not in use
• Rechargeable, no need to purchase batteries
• Holster for carrying it on your waist, if desired

This handy and powerful stun gun with personal alarm, is small enough to put in your purse, pocket, briefcase, backpack or simply carrying it in it's holster. Always remember to keep it in your hand and ready to use, if you are walking alone in parking lots, alleys, stairways or any other places where crime can be committed.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Safety Gift

This Mother's Day, give her something that will protect her, instead of flowers and candy. 

Surprise her with a unique gift that she will carry with her, everywhere she goes. Plus of course it will remind her of how much you love her and want her to be safe!

Our website has all kinds of safety goodies, that make great gifts for Mother's Day. She will not expect such a unique gift and will be very grateful that you thought of her safety. Our products range from pepper sprays for just $6, to Tasers that are $349 with our Instant $50 Rebate. But we don't only have pepper spray and tasers, we also have non lethal, Mace, stun guns, personal alarms, stun batons and much more! Perhaps she might need something to protect her home? We also have home safety products as well.

Don't just settle for the typical Mother's Day gift, buy your mother a unique item, that she actually needs! Show her that you love her and want her protected for a long time... Whether she still works or is retired, having personal protection is important, especially for women.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mace is Pretty in Pink and Hot Too!

Photo by Teknorat

Yes, it's a pretty little canister but it's definitely not delicate. It's very powerful, very hot and it will make any attacker, cry like a baby!

All you have to do is aim the Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray towards someone's face, particularly at their eyes and it will burn and hurt so much that they will have to slam their eyes shut. This will temporarily blind them, while their entire face will feel like it's burning. All of this will give you an opportunity to escape and reach safety!

The Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray, Personal Model, also has a UV dye that invisibly marks an attacker's face, when you spray them. This helps police identify them, if they are captured. You can reach an aggressor as far as 10 to 12 feet away! This hot Mace pepper spray can shoot up to 20 short bursts. It also has a molded handle, making it easy to hold. A convenient key chain, also makes it handy and always available. Plus the pink, flip-top safety cap, prevents it from spraying accidentally.

Remember to always have it handy for safety. Keep it between your fingers, when walking alone or in dangerous areas, such as garages, stairways and alleys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Stunning Lipstick That Protects Women

Photo by Maxime Guilbot

Now, you might ask, how can a lipstick protect me? The answer is, this is no ordinary lipstick, this is a personal safety device. It contains 950,000 volts of protection, disguised as a cosmetic item!

The Lipstick Stun Gun has been around now, for about 1 year and is one of our best sellers. Women like it because, it doesn't look like a weapon and they can take an aggressor by surprise if he gets too close for comfort. The beauty of this personal safety Lipstick Stun Gun, is that no one expects it to be a debilitating weapon which gives women the power to defend themselves and escape from harms way. You can simply take it out of your purse and pretend you want to touch up your lips or spray yourself with perfume, but instead, press it against someone who you think is going to hurt you. You can shock them anywhere on their body, but the best part to do this is in their neck!

The Lipstick Stun Gun also has a disable wrist strap pin. If you wrap the strap around your wrist and someone takes the item from you, the stun gun will not work because the wrist strap pin was taken out. This is a wonderful feature, that prevents someone from using the weapon against you! Another great feature this personal safety device has is that it's rechargeable. No need to ever buy batteries for it! Plus, last, but not least, it also has an LED flashlight and a holster, for you gals who don't like to carry a purse!

The perfect personal safety solution, subtle, yet powerful and with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! What else could us women possibly ask for?

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