Friday, May 29, 2015

Should Medical Marijuana Be Allowed For All U.S.A. Citizens That Need It?

The U.S.A. government is very compassionate for our young children who need medical marijuana. It seems like the latest State to soon allow this medicine for children, is the State of Florida.

Young children are our pride and joy and the future leaders of our country, but aren’t adults just as important in our country to also have this miracle drug?

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, there are over 3 million Americans that have glaucoma, a blinding disease, and some don’t even know that they have it! The World Health Organization mentioned that glaucoma is the 2nd leading cause of blindness in the world.

Shouldn’t this miracle medical marijuana be available for all citizens of the U.S.A. that have Glaucoma? Other medicines are available through pharmacies all over our country… why not medical marijuana, to prevent patients from going blind with this blinding disease?

The question is: Why does our country discriminate against adult glaucoma disease patients taking medical marijuana? Many citizens now, take far more dangerous medicines that are available for the population than this so called, miracle drug!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The TASER M26c with Laser, Yellow

Citizen Tasers are the ultimate self defense weapon to stop a criminal or attacker and yet, they’re non lethal and can reach 15 feet away.

You’ve seen these self defense units in the news, on videos and even in movies… They will drop a criminal down temporarily that is up to 35 feet away, giving officers the chance to catch them.

The TASER M26c with Laser, Yellow, is for civilians and has many features. Some of these features are that it’s non lethal, includes laser sight with red dot for aiming, shoots 2 darts 15 feet away, has stun gun backup, doesn’t need cleaning like a regular gun would, and much, much more…

Get more information about the non lethal, self defense TASER M26c and other models, on our website, which include 15 feet of protection from an attacker.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Do You Know What Pepper Foam Is?

Pepper foam is similar to pepper spray for self defense, but instead of having a liquid stream, it shoots out a thick foam!
There are advantages between having defense liquid sprays and foam ones. First of all, this Mace foam expands 400% on a rapist’s face. Engulfing more than just the eyes, but the entire face. Plus it’s heavier and harder to take off. It’s perfect for us women who under stress, cannot aim perfectly!

This self defense, burning Mace Pepper Foam Large Model unit for women, expands 400%, includes 5 to 15 short bursts and can reach up to 6 to 10 feet away, depending on how long you you push the button down. It also includes an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that allows authorities to capture a rapist, by placing him under a UV Lamp!

Foam expands 400%, reaches up to 10 feet and can shoot up to 15 short bursts… Us ladies can’t go wrong with this Mace self defense spray unit, made with women in mind!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Police Pepper Spray Pink & Black Zebra Holster, Contains 23% Heat, Not Just 10%

This fashionable self defense pepper spray unit for women, is hotter than other defense units in the market. It includes attractive velvety stripes and a convenient key clip.
We all know that women need to carry protection or some self defense unit, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make a fashion statement! This beautiful, non lethal police strength Zebra weapon is convenient to carry anywhere you go and perfect for stopping a rapist. The Police Pepper Spray Pink & Black Zebra Holster reaches an attacker 5 to 7 feet away. It contains approximately 6 bursts of devastation against a would be rapist.

The Zebra holster of this police pepper spray self defense unit allows to spray it, without even having to unbutton the top of it. Women can simply just place their thumb on the large top opening and press down! This saves you an extra step in order for you to defend yourself.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Do You Ever Get Locked Out Of Your Home?

It happens way too often! We go outside and can’t get back inside, because we left the keys inside our home, or can’t seem to find where we placed them…
We have an emergency solution for finding a second set of keys or spare one, if you happen to need it. It’s called the Rock Key Hider! Disguised to look like an ordinary garden rock, it can keep your key or several keys in a safe place. This little item will offer you some peace of mind, if you ever loose or misplace your home keys.

It looks like an ordinary rock and if you touch the top, it also feels like one, as well! The disguised key hider emergency unit measures; 1” wide by 1.25” deep and 2.25” long. The key hider compartment is tall enough to hide a few keys inside of it.

The perfect disguised emergency solution for any home dweller, in this busy world which sometimes makes us forgetful!

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Product: Paracord Bracelet with Built in Compass

It’s the perfect time of the year to go camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity. This versatile bracelet made of parachute cord, is not just attractive, but very useful in case of an emergency.
This newest product at, is called the Paracord Bracelet with Built in Compass. It’s not only attractive, but also handy to have around your wrist! This is because it has many features, that can help you, in case of an emergency, by using it’s parachute cord. Perfect for camping or hiking!

The Paracord Bracelet, includes a compass, flint bar (flint bars are used to start fires), 10.5 feet of strong cord that was used for parachutes in World War II… Plus it has an emergency whistle, as well. Whistles are important for notifying others where you are, in case you get lost! You can also use it for tourniquets, tying splints, shoe laces, for fishing lines and even for sewing threads, by making it thinner. Plus any other use you can think of!

Don’t go camping or hiking, without this versatile and beautiful bracelet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Is There a Safe Place to Sit on a Train?


At least two of the passengers killed in last week's Amtrak crash in Philadelphia were sitting in the first two cars — and some experts believe that's the worst place to be in the event of an accident.

Although riders have been killed in all sections of trains involved in collisions or derailments, rail safety lawyer Larry Mann always tells his wife to head for the middle.

"The safest spot in a train, during an accident, is the center of the train," said Mann, who was the principal author of the Federal Railway Safety Act in 1970.

"Because if there is a front-end collision or a rear-end collision, the damages will be greater at those locations. The middle of the train is by far the safest for persons."

The National Transportation Safety Board does not release comprehensive data on where victims were sitting during fatal train accidents, though some details are available in individual investigative reports.

But Mann says that of the track tragedies he has personally analyzed, "persons involved in passenger train accidents usually survive if they were in the middle of the train."

That was the case in 2008 when a Metrolink commuter train collided with a freight train in Chatsworth, California, killing 25 people — 22 of them in the first car, according to the Los Angeles County coroner's report cited in an NTSB report.

All five fatalities on a Metro-North commuter train that hit an SUV in Valhalla, New York, three months ago were in the first car. And the four people killed in a high-speed Metro-North derailment in the Bronx in 2013 had also been sitting in the front end, officials said at the time.

But the unique circumstances of train accidents make it impossible to predict which cars will bear the brunt of a crash. Four people were killed in a 2000 crash in Hatfield, England, when a rail broke as the train sped over it; all of the dead were in the seventh of nine passenger cars. The four people killed in a 2002 Amtrak derailment in Crescent City, Florida, were in the middle of the train.

NTSB Says It Sees Something Suspicious on Train 188's WindshieldNIGHTLY NEWS

 And yet Andrew Maloney, a lawyer who has represented victims of rail crashes, said he does not sit in the first car.

Within the cars, he said, those who are killed or injured could be sitting anywhere.

"People by windows have been ejected in roll overs. People not by windows have been tossed around like rag dolls and killed or seriously injured as well," Maloney said.

Abe Zumwalt of the National Association of Railroad Passengers said his group has not looked into the issue of which seats are safest, saying it's too variable.

"You want to think about protecting every seat," he said. "And the way to do that is to invest in infrastructure."

Monday, May 18, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% Hard Case

Women should always carry a self defense product with them and this hard case unit has a Quick Key Release Keychain, as well!
Most all self defense pepper spray units have a keyring, but this one in particular has a Quick Key Release Keychain. This means that even if us women have our keys in a door knob or in our car’s ignition, we can still unfasten the pepper spray unit and use it against an attacker.

But that is not the only feature this handy Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% Red Hard Case has… It also has a belt clip, UV Dye for identification of an attacker, contains 5 one-second bursts and can reach up to 8 feet away!

Always try to aim the self defense Wildfire unit at the eyes of a rapist or attacker. This will prevent him or her from seeing you, since their eyes will be closed, due to the burning sensation. They will also get coughing attacks, breathing difficulties and more. Plus, remember that the unit, also includes a Quick Key Release Keychain, to use while us women open doors or when we need it while our keys are in the car ignition!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Disguised Lipstick Stun Gun With 3 Million Volts

Nothing is better for women’s self defense, than a disguised unit that looks like a lipstick, but in fact is a non lethal weapon!
Us women know that there are rapists in our society and crimes against women are rampant throughout the world. We are considered the weaker link… But smart women know the importance of carrying some sort of weapon for self defense against rapists or criminals.

The disguised Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts, is one of the weapons ladies might want to consider! Features you might ask? Well, it has 3 million volts of powerful takedown power! Take down that is temporary, since all the’s stun guns are non lethal! The only thing us girls need to do, is simply touch a rapist with the Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volts. Simply keep touching the attacker, until they fall to the ground and become immobile. Afterwards, leave the scene immediately! It’s that simple.

This self defense disguised unit is available in pink, red, purple, black and gold! It includes a built in flashlight, recharging cord, measures 5 inches long by 1 inch in diameter and has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer’s defect.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Keychain Pepper Spray Wildfire 18%

It’s called Wildfire for a reason! This super hot pepper spray, includes 3 Million Scoville Heat Units or 18% of unbearable heat. Perfect for self defense!
When spraying this small, self defense Keychain Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% unit, at the eyes or nose of an attacker, it will produce unbearable pain, coughing, chocking, breathing difficulty, temporary blindness and nausea! While the attacker is dealing with all these issues, you have a chance to get away safely!

This Keychain Pepper Spray Wildfire 18%, also includes a quick key release keychain, belt clip and a UV Invisible Marking Dye, that helps authorities, identify an individual, if they are apprehended!

Monday, May 11, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Mini Stun Baton 4.5 Million Volt Is Rechargeable And Includes Disable Pin!

Our newest self defense stun baton on our website doesn’t take much room, but it delivers 4.5 Million Volts of temporary, takedown power! Perfect for women or men.

This mini unit when seen from far away, looks more like a collapsed umbrella and won’t make heads turn! Women or men can carry it easily, since it’s compact. But, if you are confronted with danger, the powerful voltage of this unit, will take down any attacker that comes toward you with bad intentions! Simply touching a criminal or attacker with this unit will temporarily incapacitate them! Just touch them with the unit and they will eventually fall to the ground. If you continue, they will also get confused and become immobile… But be advised, the effect is temporary, so you must escape as soon as you can! Read this self defense unit’s features below:

Mini Stun Baton 4.5 Million Volts Rechargeable
- Unit is rechargeable, just plugs into wall
- Includes a bright LED flashlight
- Includes safety wrist strap with disable pin
- Measures 9 1/2” x 2 1/8”
- Includes black nylon holster
- Made by Stun Master Stun Baton
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect

This 4.5 million volts mini self defense unit, fit’s into most purses, so women can easily carry it with them. It has 2 levels of safety: first the switch, to turn on the unit and then depressing the trigger, for it to actually stun an attacker.

NEW PRODUCT: Flint Striker Fire Starter with Compass

If you are planning to go camping in the wilderness, hiking or simply like to be outdoors, this is a must have for you!
This unit has many emergency features that you can’t go without, while in the outdoors camping and especially if you encounter a dangerous situation. Below, are the details of this handy little unit called the Flint Striker Fire Starter with Compass. Not only does it include a fire starter, tinder and a compass, but several other essentials needed to stay safe, too!

Flint Striker Fire Starter Features:
- Includes 8,000 strikes to start a fire
- Small spare compartment to store dry tinder
- Convenient built-in compass
- How to signal SOS, in case you need help
- How to signal MORSE code, for alpine rescue
- Information on other hand signals
- Handy nylon cord that’s adjustable
- Cord includes a built-in emergency whistle

Go ahead, enjoy camping outdoors! Take advantage of the warmer weather, with this handy emergency unit that includes the, "never to be without" tinder!

Friday, May 8, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Pepper Spray Quick Key Release With Soft Case

These soft case units allow women or men to use their pepper spray, even if the unit is attached to it’s keychain, because it has a quick key release feature!
You don’t have to worry anymore about not having self defense in a hurry. That’s because this unit allows you to snap off the pepper spray, while your keys are in your car’s ignition or your home’s door!

The Pepper Spray w/ Quick Key Release Soft Case, is perfect for women on the go! It comes in a soft case, reaches 6 to 8 feet and contains 6 to 10 shots for self defense. As other units, it also has an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that helps police identify the attacker and take him or her, into custody. When using this unit, always aim the stream into an attacker’s eyes!

This self defense, Quick Key Release unit, comes in a soft case for women or men. They are available in red, blue, pink and black.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Survival Knife with Emergency Supplies

It’s that time of the year when many of us like to join the outdoors and go camping, mountain climbing or simply hiking through wooded trails.

It’s invigorating to be with nature and enjoy our forest parks, rivers, caves… Our country is blessed to have such diverse and wonderful parks to enjoy the wilderness. But of course, with all the nature freedom, comes risks, as well…

This is why we added to our website, the Survival Knife With Emergency Supplies.
Just looking at this knife kind of scares you! It measures 14.24” and is definitely sharp! The stainless steel blade measures 9” long and has a double reverse Saw Back. The handle is made of solid metal and measures 5” long. This weapon comes with a sharpening stone and nylon sheath, too!

But unlike other knifes, the unit also includes a small storage area inside the handle for emergency supplies! This Emergency Supplies Handle includes: 2 matches, 1 match flint strip, 2 band aids, 2 sewing needles, 2 small fishing hooks, fishing line, 1 lead fishing shot and 1 small safety pin!

So, go enjoy the outdoors, and don’t forget to take your Survival Knife with it’s Survival Kit!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: A Knife That Looks Like A Pen And Also Writes For Only $7.29!

A handy self defense weapon that protects you, writes and since it’s disguised, you can use it in plain sight. Great for college students and women.

Our newest disguised unit is available in black, silver and gold colors and only costs $7.29! It’s convenient to carry anywhere and perfect for college students and women. Just like regular pens, it has a convenient clip to hang it on a pocket or keep in a purse or backpack. The Pen Knife is a self defense disguised weapon that's easy to use. Just pull the bottom half out and you have a 2.13” sharp blade or knife, that can be used to protect yourself from attackers or rapists. The tip of this $7.29 pen works just like any other writing utensil. Simply twist it around to expose the tip for writing!

This knife unit is great for women, college students or anyone that feels a small weapon they can hide, is convenient to have for self defense! Not bad for just $7.29!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Fashionable Dooney and Bourke Police Pepper Spray with Holsters!

These fashionable self defense pepper spray for women, are the latest haute couture trend and are available in 4 colors!

Let’s face it, women like to stay up to date with the latest fashionable items and nothing shows more style than these coveted Dooney and Bourke Police Pepper Spray Holsters. But fashion is only one aspect of these self defense unites that deter rapists and criminals…

Their main task is women’s protection and these beauties exceed the average pepper spray units in today’s market. You see, most units contain 10% of the hot substance, but these fashionable Dooney and Bourke units contain 23%! That’s more than twice the heat the average units have. All that women need to do to deter rapists, is simply aim toward their eyes. This in turn will temporarily blind the individual because it will burn so much, that they will have to close their eyes. The hot stream will also be inhaled and cause a coughing attack!

Plus, the fashionable Dooney and Bourke self defense units include 6 shots and can reach 5-7 feet away. Each one has a strap with a swivel bolt snap key clasp, as well!. They also include an Invisible UV Marking Dye, that facilitates police in identifying a criminal if they are captured. Available in pink, red, blue and black. Perfect for deterring rapists or criminals!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sexual assault circumstances differ for military men, women

By Lolita C. Baldor 
The Associated Press
Published: May 2, 2015

WASHINGTON — As the military struggles to combat sexual assault, surveys are uncovering stark differences between the attacks against active-duty female service members and those against active-duty men. The differences are forcing defense leaders to come up with more gender-specific ways to treat victims and address the crimes.
Image source:
One of the bigger challenges is tallying the number of men who have been sexually assaulted or faced unwanted sexual contact, because in many cases males describe the incidents as hazings rather than attacks.
"We're really trying to get to that point where I think we understand what's inappropriate behavior toward females. But we've not gotten to the what's inappropriate toward males," said Jill Loftus, director of the Navy's sexual assault prevention program.
Some differences in sexual assault against each gender:

Against women
  • During 2014, nearly 80 percent of the 6,131 victims who filed sexual assault reports were women.
  • According to an anonymous survey, 9,600 women said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact in 2014, or nearly 5 percent of the active-duty female force.
  • As many as 57 percent of women who said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact also said they believed they faced some type of retaliation.
  • Sexual assaults against women usually occur outside of work hours, away from their duty station and alcohol is often involved.
  • Twenty-two percent of active duty women have experienced sexual harassment.
  • Women are four times more likely to report a sexual assault than men.

Against men
  • During 2014, about 20 percent of the 6,131 victims who filed sexual assault reports were men.
  • According to an anonymous survey, 10,400 men said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact in 2014, or about 1 percent of the active-duty male force.
  • Sexual assaults against men usually occur during work hours, on their base or duty station and they do not often involve alcohol.
  • Men were more likely to experience multiple incidents that often involved multiple attackers. And men were far more likely to describe the incident as "hazing intended to humiliate them" and not as a sexual act.
  • The survey also indicated that 7 percent of active-duty men experience some type of sexual harassment.
  • Because so few men report or admit being sexual assaulted, retaliation numbers are not readily available.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Our Most Popular And Affordable Personal Alarm With 130dB... The Loudest Available For Citizens!

Personal alarms can be used in many ways, but the most common use is to let others know that  you are in some kind of danger.

Many colleges encourage students to use these units if they are in danger. Campus police listen out for college student alarms, especially during the evening hours. Nursing homes sometimes place personal alarms within reach of their patients, in case they have an emergency. But nursing homes are not the only ones to use them. They are also useful for the handicapped and
children, as well... are very affordable, have 130dB and only costs $9.99.

The affordable Keychain Personal Alarm with Light 130dB, is the most popular unit in it's category, on our website. It includes 130dB, which is the most powerful alarm allowed for civilians in our country. This unit includes a bright light and a handy key chain, perfect for students or nursing homes!

Whether you or someone you know, needs an affordable unit for a nursing home, college  or any other emergency, it's worth carrying one. Even if you only use it for it's handy light!

Measures 2 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1" and AAA batteries are included.

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