Monday, May 18, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% Hard Case

Women should always carry a self defense product with them and this hard case unit has a Quick Key Release Keychain, as well!
Most all self defense pepper spray units have a keyring, but this one in particular has a Quick Key Release Keychain. This means that even if us women have our keys in a door knob or in our car’s ignition, we can still unfasten the pepper spray unit and use it against an attacker.

But that is not the only feature this handy Pepper Spray Wildfire 18% Red Hard Case has… It also has a belt clip, UV Dye for identification of an attacker, contains 5 one-second bursts and can reach up to 8 feet away!

Always try to aim the self defense Wildfire unit at the eyes of a rapist or attacker. This will prevent him or her from seeing you, since their eyes will be closed, due to the burning sensation. They will also get coughing attacks, breathing difficulties and more. Plus, remember that the unit, also includes a Quick Key Release Keychain, to use while us women open doors or when we need it while our keys are in the car ignition!

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