Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Have You Heard Of the LED Light Arm Bands?

These bands are very convenient, because they have 2 LED lights that protect you, your dog and students, while walking, running or biking at night.

They are very simple to use and people will be able to see you when it’s dark. You can set these lights to also flash or have a steady solid light. They are a must have for colleges students that have night classes, employees that walk to work at night or people that simply like to walk their dogs at night and want to make sure their dogs are also seen while out in the dark, as well. At WomenOnGuard.com we have them in 5 bright led light colors: blue, white, yellow, red and pink!

These LED Light Arm Band units are also weather resistant and include 2 CR2032 Lithium batteries which are INCLUDED! If you have a college student or someone you know that would need these convenient bands, let them know that they can buy them at WomenOnGuard.com.

These LED Light Arm Bands are also weather resistant and include 2 CR2032 Lithium batteries which are INCLUDED!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Did You Know that the Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray is Also REFILLABLE?

This unit is small and therefore concealable… Plus, it protects you from bad intentioned individuals. Available in pink or black for self defense.

You see, it looks like a simple little container that some might think is a thin lipstick or perfume, but it isn’t! This self defense unit is called the Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray. It’s available in pink and black, for women and also for men! It conveniently fits in your pocket, keychain or purse as well.

This small concealable unit can reach 5 feet away and includes 6 short bursts… All you need to do for protection is simply flip the cap and spray into the eyes and face of a bad intentioned individual. It’s best to aim at their eyes and entire face. The stream of pepper spray will also make an attacker close his or her eyes from all the pain, offering you a chance to escape safely, since the individual won’t be able to see you clearly. The pepper spray can also penetrate into the nostrils and mouth, making it even more devastating! The attacker can also inhale it making him or her cough up a storm and have a burning sensation all over their face…

PLUS, since the Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray is so small, it’s also refillable… You won’t need to purchase another unit. When it empties, you can refill it with the Mace® Keyguard Refill canister! Perfect for women or men, refillable, concealable and includes a keyring, as well.

Friday, August 18, 2017

NEW: Lipstick Personal Alarm with 100dB in Pink or Black, Only $19.95

This new personal alarm for women and female college students is a must have! It includes a 100dB alarm that sounds, if you take the cap off the disguised lipstick container. Letting others know, that you need help.

The disguised unit that sells for only $19.95, is available in Pink or Black and anyone close to you will hear it’s 100dB alarm which is a sign of distress. It looks like a lipstick container, so if a bad intentioned individual wants to mess with you, just simply lift the cap and watch him leave the scene, because of the loud alarm it omits. The unit easily fits in your hand, a purse, book bag or in a brief case!

The Pink or Black unit with 100dB alarm, includes three LR44 button cell batteries that are already installed in this disguised and convenient lipstick unit for women and female college students.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mace® Pepper Gun Defense Spray w/ Strobe LED

All three of these Mace Pepper Guns are Perfect for self defense. They can reach up to 20 FEET away and include an LED light!

These units are available in three colors: pink, black and silver. The Pink Unit stands out most because a portion of the proceeds are donated to three very important charitable organizations.

All three Mace Pepper Guns can reach up to 20 feet away and include in the package, two cartridges that are non lethal. One cartridge with pepper spray in it that can shoot 7 short blasts and one cartridge with water in it (for practice) that can also shoot 7 short blasts! PLUS, you can also shoot a continues blast until it empties!

These non lethal Mace Pepper Guns for self defense that can shoot 20 feet away, also include a Strobe LED light that can be shined into an attacker’s eyes and temporarily blind him or her! Plus, of course, the pepper spray will hurt like hell and the attacker will cry like a baby from all the pain! Another feature included is that you can use the unit upside down. Unlike the regular pepper spray units that can only shoot right side up!

• The National Center for Victims of Crime
• Project Against Violent Encounters
• Casting for Recovery

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Book Diversion Safe for Hiding Your Stuff!

At our WomenOnGuard.com store, we have 8 safes that look like regular books, but are really Diversion Safes! 

Diversion or Hidden Safes have a small storage compartment, for you to keep your valuables hidden from others. Visitors or burglars at your home, won’t know that you are hiding your valuables in a safe that looks like an ordinary book on a shelf!

These Diversion or Hidden Safes are very convenient to have and they can be in plain site, yet nobody will know they are really safes, when they see them! Perfect for hiding your jewelry, money or other valuables. PLUS, you won’t need to purchase an expensive safe for hiding your small stuff, such as jewelry or money.

So… feel safe from burglars or curious visitors, who might want to take your jewelry or money!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Protect Your Daughter, Give Her Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard For College!

If you have a daughter that will be attending college this year, keep in mind that there are bad intentioned students. The ones that can spike your daughter’s drink and then rape her!

Our WomenOnGuard.com store has a simple solution for your daughter so that she can not be taken advantage of. It’s called the “Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard” and only cost’s $9.95! These little envelopes will let your daughter know if a drink has been jeopardized by a Date Rape Drug. It’s a must for all female students in College!

All your daughter needs to do is simply excuse herself and take her drink to the rest room, where she can test her drink and know if it is jeopardized by a Date Rape Drug! She simply has to place a drop on the Date Rape Drug Detector Card and wait until it changes color. Simple instructions are included.

A very easy way for your daughter to know if her drink includes a drug! Plus, these cards are affordable and they only cost $9.95!

Monday, August 14, 2017

I Bought A Watch Yesterday and I'm Going to Take It Back Today to Walmart

I've had many watches in my life and they all have been easy to use, including the digital ones and the ones with hands on them.

I went to buy a watch yesterday at Walmart and found what I thought was a decent watch. Not expensive and with a few features that watches usually have lately... Such as alarms, glow in the dark, you get the idea.

When I went home, of course, I un-rapped the nice looking watch. Needless to say, I started to read the information and how to get the unit to work. What I faced was a unit that was impossible to set up!!! Now, I've had many watches in my life, but this one was so complicated that I decided to simply return it! Life is too complicated as it is, than to purchase a watch so hard to use that you need to acquire a nobel prize in order to know how it works. I'm not kidding... this watch was impossible!

Needless to say, I'm going to have to go back to Walmart and get one that is easier to use and without an alarm. I'll just have to NOT purchase one that has so many features and settle for a simple watch with simple hands and be through with it... Life is too complicated as it is and I don't need a nobel prize!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Runt Stun Guns w/ 20 Million Volts Of Self Defense, In 6 Colors & Only $19.99!

Runt Stun Guns have been around for many years and it's no surprise that they are still being sold, for their dependability and incredible 20 million volts of self defense power.

By looking at them, you wouldn't think they were powerful, but they are! Touching an attacker with any of these units will drop them to the ground and if you keep touching them, they will become incoherent with only their eyes moving... That's when you need to simply leave the scene immediately and don't look back!

These Runt Stun Guns units with LED Lights Include 20 Million Volts of takedown power. They have a convenient rubberized surface so they won't slip from your hand. All the units come with a large LED light that can be shined into the eyes of an attacker and disorient him or her. They also include a disable wrist strap that you can place around your wrist. If an attacker tries to take it from you, the disable wrist strap will detach and the unit cannot be used against you!!! You see, the wrist strap needs to be attached for the unit to work.

PLUS, when the power seems to get weak, simply recharge it in any of your home's electric outlets. No batteries required! They are also great units for COLLEGE STUDENTS, as well!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts, In Chevron, Pink and Coral Quatrefoil Design

You don’t know what protection is, until you see these stun gun unit’s incredible features for self defense!

These incredible 21 volts stun guns called Ladies Choice Stun Guns, are unlike other units. Not only are they longer for more distance from an attacker, but they also have a 120dB personal alarm, to let others know that you need help! A 120dB personal alarm is unheard of for other stun guns in the market today… These beautiful and long units only cost $30.95, not bad for saving your life from a dangerous attacker.

The Ladies Choice Stun Gun 21 Million Volts have not two, but 3 points of contact. Other stun guns just have 2 points. These incredible units also have a built in charger. Simply plug into a wall socket for charging the unit. They also include a convenient squeeze technology, simply squeezing the unit, protects you from an attacker. No button to look for!

To use this 3 points of contact stun gun is very easy, simply touch the attacker with the tip of your unit and keep touching, until you watch him or her fall down to the ground and become temporarily unconscious. Then leave the scene immediately, before they get back on their two feet!

PLUS, a free holster is included with this 21 Million Volts unit… Dimensions are 5.5 inches x 1.875 inches x 1 inch. Purchase one for your self defense and for a friend’s as well!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wildfire Pepper Spray Stream Flip Top Actuator 3/4 ounce, Only $12.95

Do you need a simple yet powerful pepper spray for women or men’s self defense? Well you’ve landed on the right place. We have a basic pepper spray called the Wildfire Pepper Spray Stream Flip Top Actuator 3/4 Ounce.

This 3/4 oz 18 OC pepper spray unit can reach 6 to 8 feet away and contains 6-10, one-second bursts! This pepper spray is easy to carry, with it’s textured handle and sturdy belt clip to carry easily. The Wildfire Pepper Spray Stream Flip Top Actuator 3/4 Ounce unit, also includes a UV Marking Dye. If an attacker is caught, authorities will place him or her under a UV Marking Lamp. This will let authorities know if the individual was sprayed, and confirm's that they caught the right individual!

If you are looking for a reliable pepper spray, you found it! Consider purchasing the Wildfire Pepper Spray that includes a UV marking dye and reaches 6 to 8 feet!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Going Camping? Take the ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Fire Starter, ONLY $8.99!

Take advantage this summer and go camping! There's nothing like being out in the wilderness, with all the trees, rivers, caves and mountains around you.

Besides all the exercise that comes with being outdoors and not to mention the clean vegetation air that you breath, it's no wonder that we feel stronger and better than living in polluted cities.

If you are planning to be outdoors soon, before it gets cold, consider purchasing the ParaTinder Bracelet with Flint Fire Starter. It's important for anytime you are going to be outdoors for a few hours. Whether it's around simply staying warm or cooking under the moon! Plus, making a fire deters animals, such as bears...

This 8 inch bracelet includes 10 feet of ParaTinder. ParaTinder is great for sewing thread, sutures, fishing lines and more! Plus, the flint starter is a no brainer and allows you to make a fire easily. Which in tern deters animals away.

Take the ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Fire Starter anywhere, in your backpack, emergency survival gear or simply wear it on your wrist, wherever you go! Go enjoy the wilderness with it's trees, rivers caves and mountains... You deserve it!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Police Force Tactical STUN FLASHLIGHT with 9.2 Million Volts, in Gun Metal or Black!

Are you looking for a small flashlight and a stun gun for self defense, at the same time? Well you landed on the right place! At WomenOnGuard.com, we have a unit that has both features… a flashlight and a stun gun combined!

These incredible units that were made for the military, can now be in your own hand. They are available in black or pewter colors and only measure 6.5 inches long. These units called the Police Force Tactical Stun Flashlight 9.2 Million Volts are available in black or pewter. A Flashlight and Stun Gun in one unit!

Police Force Tactical Stun Flashlight 9.2 Million Volts Features
- Triple stun technology
- Police shock proof exterior, military grade
- Has non slip etched grip
- 6.5 Inches long
- Includes blinding light against attackers
- Flashlight, 3 light modes/flashing strobe light
- Light bulb has 100,000 hours of usage
- Accidental discharge proof w/ 3 levels of safety
- Rechargeable, simply plug into wall socket
- Includes holster and wrist strap for easy carrying
- Includes lifetime warranty from manufacturer’s defects

Friday, August 4, 2017

Smallest Keychain Stun Gun with Key Ring 20 Million Volts, Available in Pink, Blue and Black

This stun gun is tiny, yet it includes 20 Million Volts of takedown power. They only measure 3.25 X 0.75 X 0.50 inches!

At the WomenOnGuard.com store, we have the smallest stun guns ever… These concealable units are so small that they can be concealed in your hand and nobody would know you are carrying a self defense weapon. You can also keep them in your pocket, a women’s purse or in your keyring for convenient and fast usage if needed for an emergency! Plus, the unit also includes an LED light that can be shined at an attacker’s eyes, to disorient him or her.

These Smallest Keychain Stun Gun with Key Ring 20 Million Volts concealable non lethal weapons, are very easy to use. Simply pull out the unit and touch an attacker with it. Continue touching the person until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. You don’t need to push at all! Then, simply escape for safety. Plus, it’s also easy to charge… simply use it’s charging cord and attach it to any wall outlet.

The non lethal self defense units are also great for college students. As a matter of fact, we encourage college women and men, to carry these powerful 20 Million volts beauties, where ever they go!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Self Defense Zoomable LED Flashlight 1200 Lumens

This flashlight has an incredible 1200 Lumens and it is made with quality aircraft grade aluminum. It’s so hard and sturdy that you can use it as a self defense baton, as well!

The Self Defense Zoomable LED Flashlight 1200 Lumens also includes 20 lumens of strong blinding light that you can aim at an attacker’s eyes! This will temporarily blind a person. This flashlight is zoomable from a 30 foot beam down to a 6 foot beam. This unit also has a blinding STROBE light to disorient an attacker if need be! It even reaches 1,550 feet away with it’s innovative sense! The unit also includes an SOS light and measures 5 3/8” x 1 38”, relatively small, so it can be conceal if need be… PLUS, it also includes an SOS setting! SOS is important, especially if you get lost in a forest.

This unit includes 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery and a battery charger with wrist strap, as well.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do You Have a College Student? Make Sure They Have a Personal Alarm for Emergencies!

College is just around the corner and many students need some sort of protection against rapist or attackers, especially if they are women. 

Purchasing a personal alarm, will provide your son or daughter, an easy way to contact campus police, if there is an emergency! We have 14 units that can help your teen from getting hurt. Personal alarms are very convenient for students. If they have an emergency, campus police will be able to hear their personal alarm and help your son or daughter with their problem.

At WomenOnGuard.com we have many units to pick from. Most of the units have an LED light and a belt clip. Some just require a squeeze of the unit or a push of a button, for your son or daughter to alert campus police. Plus, we even have a motion sensor alarm that when placed next to a purse or book, can detect movement and let your child know that someone is tampering with their stuff!

Check all the personal alarms for college students HERE!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kim Jong-un, is Not Only Threatening Our Safety, But He Also is Damaging Our Oceans, as Well!

The supreme leader Kim Jong-un, may have a large dangerous army to destroy countries. But, that is not the only thing he is destroying.

This new leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea, behaves like a child. He is an immature dangerous man that can destroy many lives if we let him! But that is not the only thing that the dangerous Kim Jong-un can do...

With all the missiles he is practicing with, he might damage not just human safety around the world, but also the living animals and organisms in our oceans, which are connected to our own wellbeing.

The immature North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un is not concerned with our world's safety. He is also affecting ocean wildlife, as well. Our beautiful oceans will become garbage, if he doesn't stop polluting and killing our ocean animals, which are crucial to our own, well being... It's bad enough that there are some people that still pollute our oceans, but fortunately we are learning that we have to respect our environment, and prevent further damage to our wonderful world called Earth.

Kim Jong-un, must stop his missiles, before it's too late! Not just for our oceans, but for our own humanity as well.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Back from Our Much Needed Vacation!

It's amazing how a few days of leisure can help us calm down and enjoy life as it should be. No plans just whatever happens...

We went to Ohio and visited family we hadn't seen for a long time. It's amazing how much you miss your relatives, especially when they live 2 days away on a road trip! We were thrilled to see for the first time in person, a new member of our family, the sweet little boy named, Nolan. His smile was so precious!

We lived in Ohio for several years and although we love our relatives, we don't like the frozen winter weather... I guess we are getting too old for that kind of weather.

We hope you are enjoying this summer, drinking a lot of Kool-aid or Piña Coladas!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling Holster

Having fun this summer? Don't forget to take your Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling. Available in Purple, Red, Blue, Pink and Black!

Summer is the time to have fun! Kids and adults are out of school and many are on a great vacation... But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't protect yourself from creeps or rapists. That's why we suggest you equip yourself with a self defense product such as pepper spray.

Have you heard of the Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling Holsters? These units are decorative for partying and will also protect you from creeps! Each unit contains 5 one second bursts, and can reach 8 feet away. PLUS, when you shoot it toward an attacker, it's invisible UV Marking Dye, will allow authorities to know that he or she was sprayed. Authorities will place them under a UV Lamp to make sure they caught the right individual! The units come with a handy Quick Key Release Key Ring that are very handy for self defense.

Consider purchasing the Wildfire Pepper Spray w/ Rhinestone Bling Bling Holsters with UV Marking Dye, for your next outing. Whether it's for a party, errands or for taking it to college for self defense.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Remote w/DVR and Portable! ONLY $196.95

Keep an Eye on Your Home with A Hidden Camera that Looks Like an Alarm Clock!

Have you ever wanted to spy on someone? Do you wonder about how your baby sitter takes care of your children. What about keeping an eye on things that are precious to you, like a diary or jewelry?

We have many hidden cameras that look like regular items you find in a home or office. But these units take video and sounds of what’s happening while you are away! One of our units called the Alarm Clock WiFi HD with DVR, will definitely let you spy on what’s going on when you are not physically there!

Not only does the Alarm Clock WiFi HD with DVR video camera, record images, but it also records sounds as well! PLUS, this unit can be activated manually, by a remote control or it can also be connected to a motion detector.

Plus, it also includes technical support that’s available Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5 pm EST. Phone: 1-904-207-6068.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Let's Start Off Our Week With Something Funny!

It's the beginning of the work week, but instead of feeling down because of all the work you will have to do... Let's sit back first and enjoy a funny clip for the medicine Vitameatavegamin!

I hope you all enjoyed Lucy and her funny clip of the Vitameatavegamin clip! Keep the humor while you work today and through the week... Enjoy the day with your fellow employees and be proud for your contributions to your work force. 

This is not to say that you should get drunk at work... LOL

Friday, July 7, 2017

Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts, for Home Intruders or Outdoor Self Defense

Do you need a powerful self defense item? Consider the batons on our website, Specifically the Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts.

They are not used like a bat, instead all you have to do is touch an attacker or trespasser with the front of the unit, until they fall to the ground! Plus if you have Hand Cuffs from WomenOnGaurd.com, you can tie them to heavy furniture, such as a sofa, until the cops show up!

The Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts is one of the units we have that is perfect for outdoor protection against attackers or home intruders. This unit measures 16.5 inches long, and can extend up to 19 inches. A good distance from an intruder! The unit is very sturdy because it’s built with military grade aluminum! This weapon also includes a tactical flashlight on the front of the unit. Shining into the eyes of an attacker disorients them and also temporarily blinds them, as well.

This Stun Baton Flashlight 13 Million Volts unit that reaches up to 19 inches, is perfect for using against home intruders, by putting it under a bed or by your bedroom door. Great for walking your dog at night, as well… Plus, a couple of Hand Cuffs might come in handy as well! We have them in pink and black.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mace® Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Spray, Available in Pink, Black and Silver, Only $29.99

We are in the middle of Summer and as usual there are many parties or night clubs to go to. But beware, you always need some protection!

At WomenOnGuard.com we have the most elegant looking lipsticks to take with you for those special parties or nightclubs. But these makeup units have a secret… You see, they really are disguised pepper spray self defense units! The Mace® Rhinestone Pink, Black or Silver units are really for self defense. You don’t spread it on your lips, you protect yourself with them by spraying it on the face of a bad intentioned individual! 

These beautiful, disguised Mace Rhinestone self defense lipstick units are very handy to carry because they each have a convenient ring on them, so you can attache it to your purse or pocket. These pepper spray units can reach up to 10 feet and contain approximately 5 bursts of pepper spray! When spraying at an attacker, aim toward their eyes and entire face. They most likely will inhale it as well as getting a burning sensation in their face and eyes. PLUS, it also can be inhaled, for even more devastation to a dangerous creep!

It’s also important to never leave these beautiful Mace Rhinestone lipstick disguised units, where they can be heated by the sun or inside a hot car. Keep these with you at all times, for protection against attackers.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter… A Women’s Dream Just Came True!

Nobody likes to have car problems, especially women who most of the time have to get a man to help with jumping a vehicle!

Women need to be very careful when asking for a jump start of her car. Most of the time we are alone and get scared to ask for help. It’s no surprise, since there are many men that are dangerous and take advantage of women.

But now our worries are gone, since the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter is available. No more depending on strangers to get a jump for your car! Us women can do it on our own now…

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter Features
• Emergency power supply & car jump starter
• 100% battery life, can startup a car 10 times
• LED Light w/ 3 modes: flashlight, strobe, SOS
• Charges cellphone or other devices, 3 times
• Rechargeable, car/home using the USB cable
• Charges many cell phones

Friday, June 30, 2017

Protect Your Home with the Big Jammer Door Brace from Mace Security International, Only $39

This unit works with regular hinged doors, by placing the unit vertically against the door knob and also can protect sliding doors, by laying it on the floor!

This durable 20 Gauge Steel door brace is adjustable from 30 to 46 inches. Perfect for sliding glass doors and regular doors. It’s called the Big Jammer Door Brace and sells for only $39. The top “U” handle can be placed on a regular door knob and the bottom section has a rubbery stopper, so it won’t slip from the door! It can be used against carpet, lanoleum, tile, hard wood floors and more!

No more worries about intruders… Plus, it’s made of 20 Gauge Steel by Mace Security International, so you know it’s reliable. Remember, it can extend from 30 to 46 inches!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mace Triple Action Defense Spray with TEAR GAS!

This Mace unit that is available in 3 sizes, not only has pepper spray, but it also contains TEAR GAS! Plus it's a Mace® unit, so you know it's reliable!

Most pepper spray units don't have tear gas, but these different sized units do. It not only burns your eyes or face as you inhale it but it contains an extra punch, TEAR GAS! The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray units are available in Personal, Pocket and Police models. These self defense units can reach up to 12 feet away. They also can contain up to 20 one second bursts, depending on the unit you purchase.

Pepper spray on itself is devastating, but if you add TEAR GAS, it's really painful to an attacker's face, eyes and lungs. The TEAR GAS, makes it difficult to breath, as well. Furthermore, it burns like hell! The pepper spray makes a bad intentioned individual to cry from all the burning sensation!

The solution in these units also includes an Invisible UV Marking Dye... The UV Marking Dye helps police capture the attacker by placing the attacker under a UV LAMP, determining if a victim sprayed him. This will definitely verify that they caught the right individual!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Have You Heard of the Sting Ring Stun Gun with 18 Million Volts Yet?

This unit is ergonomic, fits perfectly in your hand and is almost concealable. Great for when you are exercising outdoors or when you simply need to be careful around your surroundings!

Unlike other stun guns, these pink or black units are ergonomic and fit perfectly in your hand. They are also rubberized, so it won't slip through your fingers. It's called the Sting Ring Stun Gun with 18 Million Volts. PLUS, it's easy to use for self defense, simply squeeze the unit in your and it will automatically show it's powerful thunder looking sparks! Sometimes that alone, will deter an attacker... But if he or she doesn't leave, all you have to do is touch the attacker with the unit, such as the neck. Plus, it can also go through cloths as well, for self defense. Simply keep touching and squeezing until he or she fall to the ground and only their eyes are moving... Then run to safety immediately! See the features below.

Sting Ring Stun Gun 18 Million Volts in Pink, Black or Quatrefoil
- Concealable, unit is mostly covered by the back of your hand
- Great for exercising outdoors
- Easy to use, simply squeeze and touch an attacker
- Includes safety switch
- Recharging cord included, simply plugs to the wall
- Lifetime warranty from manufacturer's defect

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Have You Heard of the Lipstick Pepper Sprays?

Ladies, these Lipstick Pepper Spray units look like a lipstick, but they're really a disguised pepper spray. Simply take the cap off the container and SPRAY INTO HIS EYES AND FACE!

An attacker might think you want to make yourself pretty for him... Boy is he in for a surprise! All you have to do is pretend you want to look pretty for him, lift the container's cap quickly and spray into his eyes and face! Then escape immediately, while he is crying like a baby and experiencing incredible heat and pain.

These disguised units called the Lipstick Pepper Sprays, are available in 6 different colors: red, lavender, blue, pink, black and silver. They reach 6 feet away and contain 5, one-second bursts. PLUS, they also carry an Invisible UV Marking Dye. If police capture the right attacker and place him under a UV Lamp, they will be able to see that the attacker has been sprayed with a Marking Dye. Confirming they caught the right individual!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray in Pink or Black Colors. Only $9.99!

The Mace brand has been around for decades and is considered the the most reliable, self defense spray in the world!

If you are looking for protection but don't have the money to purchase a TASER, you are on the right track. This unit is known around the world for it's effective performance against attackers or rapists! At WomenOnGuard.com, we have many Mace units and one of them is the Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray. Check the features below that you will love... These Pink or Black units protect women or men and are easily concealed!

This particular Mace® KeyGuard Self Defense Spray in Pink or Black, only measures 3.25 inches long. It can shoot a spray of pepper 5 feet away and includes 6 short bursts. PLUS, IT'S REFILLABLE. Since it's refillable, you won't need to buy another unit again... Just refill it with the Mace® Pepper Pen and KeyGuard Refill which can fill it approximately 15 times more!

When you see an individual coming at you with bad intentions, just aim at their eyes and shoot the spray! They will cry their eyes out from all the pain and will temporarily slam their eyes shut, which temporarily blinds them... Giving you an opportunity to escape safely from attackers or rapists!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wireless Child Leash with Pink or Yellow Wristband

This special leash uses your cellphone, when your child goes beyond his or her distance. You get alerted through your cellphone. Plus, also helps find items you've lost!

It's not only for your child or toddler, but it's also handy for a pet that is hiding somewhere, the elderly if they get lost, laptop and more! If the wrist band goes further than the distance allowed, it will notify you through your cell phone and it will also notify you with a 70dB alarm! Plus, your toddler or granny can also contact you, if they are in a predicament...

Of course, the Wireless Child Leash with Pink or Yellow Wristband, can also be used for other situations by removing it's wristband and using it on other things you might have difficulty finding! This unit is also great for when you go camping, on day trips and more!
Consider the Wireless Child Leash with Pink or Yellow Wristband. It will give you more peace of mind if you have a toddler and want to know where your toddler is or your elderly grandma... It also helps you find stuff you've forgotten where you placed them, such as a laptop, book or other items!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts Zebra, Only $19.99!

Do you need a weapon that won't kill a person, yet can temporarily drop a bad intentioned individual to the ground, while you escape safely?

This unit has 18 Million Volts of self defense protection! Simply touching an attacker with it, will suffice... All you have to do is touch, not push. Then leave the scene immediately after they fall to the ground! It's called the Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts Zebra. Plus, it's also available in 6 solid colors, as well.

The unit includes a large LED flashlight. An LED light can temporarily blind a bad intentioned individual, if you shine it directly into his or her eyes. It includes a handy side trigger to stun with, and a rubberized exterior to prevent from slipping from your hand. The unit, unlike other ones, can also stay charged for up to 3 months! Of course it also includes a wrist strap disable pin. If the disable pin is taken out of the unit, it won't work. This prevents the attacker from using the unit against you!

The Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts Zebra measures 4 5/8 inch x 1 3/4 inch x 7/8 inch. It's also available in 6 other solid colors: red, pink, black, green, purple and blue!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WomenOnGuard.com, Personal Protection Package

Personal Protection Package Includes 4 Items Women Shouldn’t Be Without! A Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, Drink Guard and a Mace Screecher!

At WomenOnGuard.com with have a package that for only $48.29, you can get 4 units that are important for self defense. Below are the units that comes with this incredible package!

Pepper Spray - In soft or hard case, several colors to choose from.
Stun Master Stun Gun - 12 Million volts, also in several colors
Mace Screecher - Personal alarm that can reach 1/4 mile away to notify others
Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector - Confirms if a drink is OK to consume

If you or any women you know, needs protection, this package has it all! It won’t break the bank for just $48.29 and will protect your loved ones, such as women or college students!

Read more details about each unit HERE!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Have You Heard of The Pepper Spray Pen?

This unit is very popular and you can carry it with you for self defense... The Pepper Spray Pen, doesn't write, but it sure makes an attacker, cry like a baby!

Having one of these disguised pepper pen, will immediately help if you come across an attacker. It doesn't write, but it sure will cause major devastation to a would be attacker. It looks like an ordinary writing pen, but it doesn't write... Instead it can spray into the eyes and face of an attacker, making him close his eyes due to the incredible burning heat he or she will experience! The liquid pepper spray will continue to feel hot for approximately 45 minutes.

This unit reaches 6 feet away and contains 5 one second bursts. The Pepper Spray Pen will also swell the mucous membranes, making it hard for the attacker to breath properly. It also swells the veins in the eyes, which makes the attacker have to shut his or her eyes from all the pain it conflicts! This offers you a chance to escape safely.

Perfect self defense for people that take public transportation, such as students. Or even if they are adults that take public transportation... They also are at risk. Adults can easily take the Pepper Spray Pen to work, especially if they walk a long ways to their office! Many parking lots and alleyways can also be just as dangerous. Many students prefer to go through alleyways, but it's definitely not recommended!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Portable Mini Water Filter, Perfect for Camping

This unit is perfect for the outdoors, it converts lake, stream or standing water, into clean filtered water!

Many of us go camping in the Summer and this unit is a must, to keep us hydrated and even to use for making some coffee or tea! You see, it has a powerful filter that can convert dirty water into drinkable water. Great for fishing, camping, scouting or hiking. This unit called the Portable Mini Water Filter Pump cleans the water. Using this simple unit can protect you from digesting protozoa, heavy metals, organic matter, smell, color, bacteria, viruses and more! Plus, it doesn't require batteries.

The Portable Mini Water Filter Pump is perfect to take when you go fishing, camping, scouting or hiking! Plus it's made to last, it's not flimsy! This incredible hydrating unit is built to last. It has a draw bar that provides durability and strength. Perfect for filtering outdoor water and making it safe to drink!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Father's Day Gift: The TASER Pulse, Black

Your father took care of you while you were growing up. Now it's your turn to show your appreciation for all the sacrifices he made for you!

What better thank you to offer your dad, than giving him a weapon to protect himself from harms way? It's a weapon which is non lethal, but yet can take down an attacker to the ground. We are talking about the TASER Pulse! This unit will not land you in jail, because it won't kill an attacker, but yet it will immobilize him or her. The best way to get out of a situation, without having to go in the slammer!

Taser Pulse Features 
• Non lethal so it won't land you in jail
• Small unit, makes it discreet to carry
• Reaches 15 feet away
• Laser aiming, red dot shows where you hit
• LED flashlight can be aimed at attacker's eyes
• If cartridge is deployed, you also have a stun gun backup with this unit
• Auto 30 sec. stunning if you set it down, while you escape
• And much more!

PLUS, if stolen Taser International will replace it for FREE if you file a police report! For more details go to the link above!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Getting Hooked on my Ancestry.com

A few weeks ago, I decided to add my name to Ancestry.com. Ever since then, I got hooked and am always trying to find a new ancestor!

Beware, the Ancestry.com website is addictive. You find one ancestor and you are hooked for life! If you are interested in finding your ancestors, there's plenty of info to guide you through it. It's more interesting than facebook and way more exciting!

What do you need to do to start, you might ask? First of all, you need to contact their website: https://www.ancestry.com/. Then, simply pay with a credit card and wait for their package to come. The package can take from 4 to 6 weeks. When you receive the package, it comes with a tube that you have to spit into, many times, THEY WANT A LOT OF SPIT!!! Then you send the box back to them and wait... and wait... Eventually it will show up at your front porch or mailbox. I waited 10 weeks to get my results. But it was worth it!

First, you build your family tree and follow with your ancestor's tree! Eventually you will search for people you didn't know were your ancestors and the tree grows and grows. I even crashed with one of my cousins that is also an Ancestry.com fan!

I'm still exploring for family and probably will keep exploring for more... FYI, Ancestry can be addictive, but it's worth it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fathers' Day Gift: Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton in Pewter or Black

You've seen them hung on motorcycle enthusiasts pants, but they are convenient for men and women. They protect you from harms way by shooting out self defense pepper spray!

These units are perfect for a Father's Day Gift! Men love these handy batons. Not only do they help if your dad encounters a dangerous situation with an attacker, but they also shoot PEPPER SPRAY! Perfect for aiming toward a bad intentioned or insane individual. Your father only has to aim at the individuals eyes and shoot the pepper spray!

These pewter or black batons are very powerful. They are REFILLABLE and make a great Father's Day Gift. They're made with machined heavy aluminum, making them almost indestructible... Your dad can defend himself by using it against an attacker by jabbing, hitting pressure points or key flailing, as well!

Refills are also available for the Mace® Pepper Spray Defense Baton. So if he needs to fill it, he can use the Mace Pepper Spray Defense Baton Refill.

He will be surprised when he gets this unique gift that can protect him from harms way and is also REFILLABLE!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Father's Day Gift: Emergency Disaster Radio Six-Way Powered, Available in 5 Colors

Father's Day is just around the corner and so is stormy weather, such as hurricanes and tornados! What better gift than one he might need for the coming seasons?
Get ahead of the game with your dad and give him a cool Emergency Disaster Radio! Make him feel proud to be prepared for any situation mother nature has to offer in the coming seasons. These units have incredible features. For example, if there is no electricity, it can be charged by using the attached Dynamo Cranking Power. The dynamo radio also includes a solar panel to feed even more juice into the radio! It even allows for 3 AA batteries in the back of the radio. Plus, 120 turns per minute of cranking, will juice up the unit by using the built in Ni-MH battery pack with strong current and voltage... The Emergency Disaster Radio can even juice up some cellphone models and even get power from your computer, as well! Just purchase a computer's USB Port using a standard USB cable (not included). Read more about it by going to the link above.

Radio reception includes: AM, FM, SW1, SW2, Weather Band and Weather Alert!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Father’s Day Gift: Extreme T6 LED Headlight

This unit is a perfect gift for Father’s Day. No doubt that he will use it for camping, hunting, cycling, fishing, or even running or walking! 

Your Dad will love this handy item that brightens up whenever he needs a bright light. The Extreme T6 LED Headlight is very convenient to have for any of his tasks. It has 3 LED lights: large T6 LED and 2 XPE LEDs! He can fit it over a ball cap, hard hat or simply just over his head.

This incredible headlight with 4 light modes, is perfect for a Father’s Day Gift! It’s adjustable to 90 degrees up or down. It even has a red LED light so he can be seen from behind!

With it’s 4 light modes and made of water resistant alloy, it’s perfect for camping, hunting, cycling, fishing, and of course, running or walking. PLUS, this unit’s LED light has 10,000-hour lifespan! Of course, it also includes a charger and two 18650 Lithium-ion batteries. Perfect for a Father’s Day Gift!

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