Saturday, March 31, 2012

Special Offers and Discontinued Self Defense Products

Have you ever noticed that our website has a category on the left side that reads, "Special Offers"? In case you haven't, you should take a peek and see what's in there! Most of the items under this category, are being discontinued, but not all... Some are in this group, simply because of the nature of the product.

You can really get a good deal on a discontinued product, especially when it comes to our stun gun specials! We actually have one called the Talon, which is incredibly priced at just $7.99 and has 200,000 volts! Another self defense stun gun the Mini Stun Gun with 400,000 volts is also up for grabs, for only $24.99. Even our martial arts Kubotans are reduced to $6.98 each. Available too, in our Special Offers, is a shock resistant,  9 bulb LED flashlight, encased in a red metal body that only measures 3.7 inches long, for just $6.99. We even have offers on solar/hand crank radios, handcuffs, counterfeit money detector pens, plus more self defense products... The list goes on and on!

We don't have many left of the self defense discontinued items, so act fast, if you want to take advantage of these Special Offers!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Affordable $6 Pepper Spray with Key Release Key Chain

Ever come across a situation where you told yourself, "I should get some sort of personal protection"? Did you ever get it? Probably not... And why not? You didn't know where to buy it? Most women, unfortunately, don't know because retail stores like Walmart and Target, don't sell it. If your excuse was the price, well that excuse just went out the window because we carry an affordable or cheap, but not wimpy, weapon!

The Pepper Shot with Key Release Key Chain is a defense spray that only costs $6 from our website. This compact pepper spray with a quick key release key chain, is less bulky, yet contains 1/2 oz just like our other sprays. The reason this affordable pepper spray is smaller, is because it doesn't have the plastic case around it! It is a 10% pepper solution that reaches up to 7 feet and contains 5-6 one-second bursts. This compact and cheap, but very powerful pepper spray with key chain, also contains a UV Dye to help in identification when a suspect is apprehended by police. The key release key chain is a safety feature that adds value to this item. If someone aggressive wants to confront you, for example, and you have to use your pepper spray while in your car or entering the front door of your home, you don't need to take your whole key chain out of the ignition or the door lock. The pepper spray simply snaps off and separates from the rest of your keys, ready to be used!

Protect yourself from a distance and buy a cheap or as we like to call it, affordable, pepper spray for your personal safety.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Handicapped Woman was Kidnapped in New York City

Photo by rakkhi

This horrible kidnap story from New York has been overlooked by other important news today, yet it doesn't make it any less devastating. A 58 year old New York woman, who is partially paralyzed was coerced by Patrick Donavan and Mae Washington, into leaving her assisted living facility, last January. She has been kidnapped since then. The woman, who's name has not been disclosed, was found malnourished and bruised. Her hands, legs and mouth bound with tape, plus doctors found multiple bone fractures, including a broken arm, several cracked ribs, dislocated shoulder, lacerations throughout her body and malnourishment.

Patrick Donavan and Mae Washington basically convinced her into moving into their home, take care of their dog and told this poor woman, it would be less expensive than living at the facility she was in. They proceeded to lock her in one of their bedrooms, basically kidnapped her, while they have been cashing her social security checks and buying things for themselves. New York authorities charged Patrick Donavan and Mae Washington with kidnapping, assault, unlawful imprisonment and endangering the life of a disabled person. These two can face up to 25 years to life in prison.

For more details about this brutal crime go here.
Source: CNN, Wed March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Safety for Our Active Lifestyles

Just because some of us love to be outdoors doing our physical training exercises, instead of being inside a gym or fitness center, doesn't mean that we don't care about our personal safety!

We can go walking, running, jogging or simply stay active and still be aware of our self defense needs. Fitness is very important for all of us and most of us would rather be active outside, in the fresh air, rather than inside.

Photo by NathanaelB
If you are a serious athlete and your training requires you to go running or jogging, you should carry a self defense product. You can be harassed by just a dog, that constantly chases you, or people that in all honesty, are probably jealous of your fitness dedication!

Most of us are suppose to practice some sort of fitness training, to stay active and healthy. We don't need to go running or jogging, simply walking everyday outdoors would suffice for many of us. There is no excuse to not go around the block a couple of times. Perhaps take a stroll after dinner. "Too dark, night time can be scary", you say? Well again, taking a self defense product, should take care of that too.

Check out our self defense products such as Muzzle, for pesky dogs, Mace Hot Walkers, for those of you who require in your training to use weights, Mace Jogger for walkers or runners or simply, good old pepper spray. Go out and enjoy the Spring and the wonderful smell of gardenias too!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Affordable Self Defense Weapon for Women

If a criminal sees a woman wearing a gun holster on her hip, they think; she is not worth messing with. If the same criminal sees a woman with a perfume container in her hand, they think; there's my next victim!

The above information is partly correct. The second sentence is not quite accurate. If that woman is holding the affordable Perfume Protector Mini Stun Gun, she is less likely to become a victim because what she has in her hands, has 1 Million Volts of self defense power! This is not a freshen up women's accessory, this is a gotcha, thought you had me, are you surprised, affordable, weapon, thingy! It is less than 4 inches tall and only an inch wide, plus it looks like a perfume or lipstick container. This is discrete self defense, with an element of surprise and affordable for women.

The Perfume Protector Mini Stun Gun also has an LED flashlight and is rechageable. No need to buy batteries. Just plug into a wall socket, like you would a cell phone. This self defense, stun gun weapon also has a safety cap and switch, to prevent accidental discharge. Plus with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, this weapon is one accessory women can keep in their purse for years to come!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Want Pepper Spray Protection with Style?

Here is a must have for your keychain, the Mace KeyGuard! Slick looking personal protection that the fashionistas will envy. This compact pepper spray is not only beautiful, but also functional. No point in ruining your fashion image!

The Mace KeyGuard, comes in pink or black. It has a convenient flip, safety cap that you can easily open fast, especially when timing is very critical. This little personal protection pepper spray, can reach up to 5 feet and contains 6 bursts! Spraying this compact weapon in the face of an aggressor will make their eyes slam shut, due to the burning effect in their eyes and on their skin. They will be temporarily blinded by the hot pepper spray, which gives you a window of opportunity, to escape! Not only that, but this product also has a UV dye, that helps police identify suspects, upon arrest. Plus, it is REFILLABLE and made in the USA!

Let your friend's know about the Mace KeyGuard. Personal protection has never been so stylish!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sticky Pepper Spray Gel with LED Light

Looking for protection for your evening outings? Well this Mace Pepper Spray Night Defender, might be what you've been looking for! Of course, it could be used during the day too, but it has an advantage other defense sprays in the market don't have and that is that it also has an LED light.

The LED light turns on, once you lift the safety cap with your thumb. When you have lifted the cap and press down on the button under it, a stream of STICKY GEL comes out that can reach up to 18 feet! Not many sprays can do that! The gel is very dense, so it can reach further and it also is not affected by wind as much as other lighter products are. Plus it won't contaminate your surroundings as much either! When you aim the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender at a potential attacker's face, it literally sticks to their skin and it makes it harder for the person to wipe off the very hot pepper. Since this product is hotter than most defense sprays out there, it will make the person's eyes burn so much that their eyes will slam shut. Therefore they will be temporarily blind and you can get the hell out of there!

Who said women couldn't have a night life? The Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender with LED light, is great for taking to nightclubs, concerts, restaurants, movies or just for strolling around your own neighborhood block in the evening after dinner. But don't forget, it also comes in handy during the day too!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Online Dating Sites Finally Start Screening Sexual Predators

Dating for the first time, in general, is risky business. But dating someone you found online is even riskier! It's about time that dating websites decided to screen for these violent rapists. It's a shame that women have been exposed to sexual predators through these websites, when it is information that is so readily available from authorities. Shame on, eHarmoney and Spark Networks, for not screening for this, from the beginning. We hope that other online sites will follow their example if they do not already, screen for sexual predators.

It's sad to find out that a woman had to be assaulted on a date, using an online dating site, before anyone did anything about it. If you are using or considering using these types of websites to find your better half, please do your own homework. Check your local police website. Most if not all police websites have a listing of sexual predators in your area. Some are as detailed as mapping exactly what address they live at, their full name and a photo of the rapists near you! Make sure that the person you are considering, is not included in this list!

PLUS, always follow your instincts, stay away from any person that makes you feel uneasy or creepy. Better to walk away than to become a victim of a rapist.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wireless Home Security Alarm with No Monitoring Fees

If you have a home, either by renting or owning, you most likely, want it to be safe. You call a home security system company, only to find out how incredibly expensive it is to have a system put in. Not only do you have to pay for the actual parts of the system which may be around $850, installation worth $100, but also pay ongoing monthly monitoring fees that can run you probably between $40 to $50!

There is a less expensive way to protect your place. You can have a wireless home alarm that doesn't require installation, has no monitoring fees and the maintenance is just replacing the batteries, once in a while. The Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer, is what you really need. It detects motion from up to 20 feet away and 90° wide! If motion is detected, it will sound a powerful, 125 dB alarm to scare off an intruder or alert neighbors. The sound can also be disabled, in case you want a "silent alarm".

The Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer with no monitoring fees, can be placed anywhere in your residence, wherever you think it might need it most. You can either mount it on a wall or free stand it. This security device CONNECTS TO YOUR PHONE LINE with a line splitter and when an intrusion is detected, it can call up to 3 different phone numbers, to let people know that someone broke in. All you have to do is record a short message, like, "this is John Doe, an intruder was detected at my home on 123 Maple Street, City, State. You can have it call the police, a neighbor, your cell phone, etc. Plus it has a low battery indicator.

Get this powerful Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer, that also comes with 2 window decals to deter would-be intruders. Wireless security at a reasonable price with no monitoring fees!

Monday, March 19, 2012

What is 17% Pepper Spray?

Some people are confused about our mentioning that we carry 17% pepper spray. No, it is not that we carry self defense products and that 17% of our inventory is pepper spray! When we state the name of a pepper spray and include 17%, we are referring to the percentage of the hot substance in the can of some of our pepper sprays or technically speaking the Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) content.

Most of the defense spray we sell have almost TWICE the amount of hot pepper concentration, versus other sprays, out in the marketplace. That's because some of the weapons we sell are made by the StreetWise brand. All of this brand's self defense sprays, have a higher percentage of OC compared to other brands that have only 10%. In fact, StreetWise is working on making their sprays even hotter. They are planning on having 18% concentration pepper sprays, in the near future! We will definitely keep you posted, when this occurs!

If you need more information on the defense sprays we sell or on any other products, please feel free to call us. We are by the phones, most of the time and if not, we usually return calls within the same day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender, Safety for Work or College

The Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender is the most convenient weapon for personal protection. Best thing about it is that nobody will know you are carrying it! No more getting nervous while walking through parking lots when going to and from work or college grounds. It won't matter whether it is day or night. You have reliable personal protection that has been used since ancient Chinese armies used pepper spray against their enemies! The Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender is an affordable weapon that also writes! It's not a fake pen, you actually can use it for paper work in the office or in a college classroom. Besides that, the pepper spray section of the pen is REFILLABLE (sold separately). You won't have to buy an entire new pepper pen, if you run out of spray!

The Mace Pepper Spray Pen Defender measures approximately 5.5 inches. This weapon has a pocket clip, just like other pens do, you can attach it to your pocket or necklace. It also has a safety cap, that hides the sprayer button. The unit sprays approximately 6 short bursts and can reach up to 5 feet.

Buy this affordable, plus attractive, personal protection product for work, college or anywhere else, you, your family or friends might need it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Runt May Be Small, but with 4.5 Million Volts, It Ain't Weak!

The Runt Stun Gun is no doubt a small little thing, but it packs a self defense, big punch! In fact when it comes to stun guns, it could, very well be, the alpha of the litter!

Not only does the Runt Stun Gun have 4.5 million volts of power, it also keeps a low profile. People will not notice this weapon because it is not an attention getter. In fact, if you carry it in it's holster on your belt, it looks like a small cell phone or pager. It is only 3.4 inches tall, so it will fit in any pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack. This does not mean that this self defense weapon won't catch a potential attacker's attention. Just letting it go off in the air, deters anyone from getting too close to you... The 4.5 million volt, electrical spark, makes a terrifying sound that demands respect!

The Runt Stun Gun is rechargeable, your self defense 4.5 million volt weapon, won't need batteries. It also comes with a free nylon belt loop holster, plus a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mace Police Strength Pepper Spray

Feeling like you need more than a boyfriend or husband to protect you? Even if he could protect you, what if he is not around when you need him most or you don't even have a boyfriend?

Well here is the perfect solution for your self defense, the Mace Triple Action Police Model. It is a perfect weapon to take to work, school, nightclub or for just strolling or exercising outdoors. Some people also keep it handy while biking too! We recommend that you keep it with your keys. This way, it is always handy and ready to be used.

The Mace Triple Action Police Model pepper spray has 3 ingredients: 10% pepper concentration, tear gas and an ultraviolet (UV) dye. The pepper will make his eyes burn so much that he will have to close them and therefore not be able to see temporarily. The tear gas will cause an attacker to cough uncontrollably and the UV dye will help law enforcement, identify the attacker when captured. Mace Triple Action Police Model, can spray up to a distance of 12 feet and it contains 10, one-second bursts. This powerful, ergonomic, pepper spray weapon, includes a handy flip-top safety cap, belt clip and a convenient keychain too.

This Mace Triple Action Police Model pepper spray also comes in Personal and Pocket models which contain the same powerful 3 part solution, but in subtlety different container shapes and sizes. PLUS, when you get your weapon, always remember to test it upon receipt, to make sure it is in good working condition. Expiration dates are located on the bottom of each unit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Public Transportation Can Be Dangerous

Many Americans are turning to public transportation to go to work and back. With gas prices almost hitting the $4 mark, it's no wonder that we are! One thing that we need to be concerned about when taking public transportation is personal safety. This has been an issue in the past and it is still a concern today. I'm not referring to the mechanical issues occurring lately but rather the criminal issues.

Let's face it, when you take the bus, trolly or train, you no longer have the personal safety you had while you sat in your own car, with your doors locked! This points to a must have for you, especially if you're a woman, you need a personal safety product. A personal safety product such as a personal alarm, pepper spray or stun gun, is a must if you take public transportation. In fact 20 years ago, I started taking public transportation in Atlanta, and purchased a stun gun, just to go through the huge parking lot at my neighborhood's train station! It got pretty scary during the dark winter months, after 5 PM.

Personal safety products are very affordable. You can purchase a pepper spray from our store for as low as $6 or even a Mace Emergency Whistle for just $4.95. There simply is no excuse for not carrying some protection!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it Perfume or is it Pepper Spray?

That's something for women to know and for potential attackers to find out, with an element of surprise!

One of the best things about having a weapon, is that you can keep it hidden away or in this case, disguised. Thats what these pepper spray containers on our website are; hidden in your pocket, purse, or backpack and disguised as perfume! They even contain 17% pepper concentration, versus other brands that contain 10%.

Our Perfume Pepper Sprays, have an element of surprise against an attacker. Picture yourself on a date with a new person, that starts to get a little aggressive towards you. The aggression starts to escalate... You decide to pretend that you welcome the passion and just want to freshen up, while you pop out your perfume! Little does the potential attacker know that what your hands hold, is in fact a weapon! You play along and open your perfume container, or so they think... Then, instead of aiming the supposed perfume towards yourself, you spray it directly into their eyes! Problem solved. You leave the scene. If you feel the attacker was a potential future threat to you or other women, you follow thru and call the police when you get to a safe place. This pepper spray also contains a UV die, that helps police identify the attacker too!

This particular pepper spray weapon comes in 3 colors; black, pink and purple. It also is available in 3 different shapes; round, triangular and heart shaped.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Compact Flashlight & Safety Weapon in One

Looking to get a flashlight that is as small as your hand and also serves as a safety weapon? Tired of buying batteries for your old flashlight?

The Stun Gun Flashlight Security doesn't only help you see in the dark, but it can also protect you from an attacker. As the name implies, it is also a 4 million volt personal safety stun gun! If someone tries to physically hurt you, just touch them with this weapon and they will back off or simply fall down! As a matter of fact, just aiming this weapon up in the air and setting it off, makes a loud electrical sound that will deter any criminal from getting too close.

The safety features of this flashlight and stun gun in one, are also noteworthy. Besides having a flashlight with stun gun capabilities, it also is rechargeable, no batteries necessary. A rubberized armor coating makes it easy to hold, preventing it from slipping easily from your fingers and it has a holster too! Plus, as if that wasn't enough features, let's not forget that it also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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