Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mace Police Strength Pepper Spray

Feeling like you need more than a boyfriend or husband to protect you? Even if he could protect you, what if he is not around when you need him most or you don't even have a boyfriend?

Well here is the perfect solution for your self defense, the Mace Triple Action Police Model. It is a perfect weapon to take to work, school, nightclub or for just strolling or exercising outdoors. Some people also keep it handy while biking too! We recommend that you keep it with your keys. This way, it is always handy and ready to be used.

The Mace Triple Action Police Model pepper spray has 3 ingredients: 10% pepper concentration, tear gas and an ultraviolet (UV) dye. The pepper will make his eyes burn so much that he will have to close them and therefore not be able to see temporarily. The tear gas will cause an attacker to cough uncontrollably and the UV dye will help law enforcement, identify the attacker when captured. Mace Triple Action Police Model, can spray up to a distance of 12 feet and it contains 10, one-second bursts. This powerful, ergonomic, pepper spray weapon, includes a handy flip-top safety cap, belt clip and a convenient keychain too.

This Mace Triple Action Police Model pepper spray also comes in Personal and Pocket models which contain the same powerful 3 part solution, but in subtlety different container shapes and sizes. PLUS, when you get your weapon, always remember to test it upon receipt, to make sure it is in good working condition. Expiration dates are located on the bottom of each unit.
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