Friday, March 23, 2012

Want Pepper Spray Protection with Style?

Here is a must have for your keychain, the Mace KeyGuard! Slick looking personal protection that the fashionistas will envy. This compact pepper spray is not only beautiful, but also functional. No point in ruining your fashion image!

The Mace KeyGuard, comes in pink or black. It has a convenient flip, safety cap that you can easily open fast, especially when timing is very critical. This little personal protection pepper spray, can reach up to 5 feet and contains 6 bursts! Spraying this compact weapon in the face of an aggressor will make their eyes slam shut, due to the burning effect in their eyes and on their skin. They will be temporarily blinded by the hot pepper spray, which gives you a window of opportunity, to escape! Not only that, but this product also has a UV dye, that helps police identify suspects, upon arrest. Plus, it is REFILLABLE and made in the USA!

Let your friend's know about the Mace KeyGuard. Personal protection has never been so stylish!
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