Monday, March 26, 2012

Affordable Self Defense Weapon for Women

If a criminal sees a woman wearing a gun holster on her hip, they think; she is not worth messing with. If the same criminal sees a woman with a perfume container in her hand, they think; there's my next victim!

The above information is partly correct. The second sentence is not quite accurate. If that woman is holding the affordable Perfume Protector Mini Stun Gun, she is less likely to become a victim because what she has in her hands, has 1 Million Volts of self defense power! This is not a freshen up women's accessory, this is a gotcha, thought you had me, are you surprised, affordable, weapon, thingy! It is less than 4 inches tall and only an inch wide, plus it looks like a perfume or lipstick container. This is discrete self defense, with an element of surprise and affordable for women.

The Perfume Protector Mini Stun Gun also has an LED flashlight and is rechageable. No need to buy batteries. Just plug into a wall socket, like you would a cell phone. This self defense, stun gun weapon also has a safety cap and switch, to prevent accidental discharge. Plus with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, this weapon is one accessory women can keep in their purse for years to come!
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