Friday, May 31, 2013

Fake Security Cameras Actually Do Work!

Deter burglars with this fake surveillance camera that looks like a real one!Many people will laugh regarding the statement above, but there is some truth to it. Burglars avoid entering a home or business, if they see a camera pointing at them.

That's the whole mentality behind purchasing these fake burglar deterrents! You really don't need to buy an expensive, functioning security system, if you have one that looks real and deters crime. These surveillance copycats come in all shapes and sizes and look authentic, with wires and even flashing lights!

Our Fake Security Cameras category has many models to choose from. Some are for indoors which deter, for example, customers from steeling items. Plus we also sell exterior models, for your home or business. All of these fake cameras come with authentic exterior shells, just the working interior surveillance wires are not included! This makes them look exactly like the legit security ones, burglars are used to seeing.

Protect your home or business with this fake security camera, that looks like the real thing!So, if you are looking to spend a hefty amount of mula, to purchase a surveillance system, consider these home and business alternatives. These fake cameras, not only look impressive, they deter crime and are far less expensive!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living In A Small Home And Can't Afford A Security System?

If this is your situation and you are concerned about your home and personal safety, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg for a security system… We have the perfect solution for you and it's also affordable!

Dangerous homes with easy access for home intrusion.
Photo by cdsessums
Simple to install and affordable, home security alarm without installing costly system.
Many people know the Mace brand, but most think that they only make pepper spray. That's not the case. In fact they have many home security items that are affordable. This one is called the Window Glass Breakage Alarm.

This little triangular Mace product is affordable and convenient for glass doors, too! It not only sounds a 95 decibel alarm, when someone breaks a glass entrance, it goes off if your window or door is bumped or hit by something or someone, as well.

The Window Glass Breakage Alarm by Mace is easy to install. Just peel off the paper backing from behind the unit and press it against the glass window or door. Turn the little black switch on, and viola, home security! Easy installation, affordable and lets you know if an intruder is trying to get into your home.

There is no need to feel unsafe in your own home! Battery is included and easily replaced by simply using a coin or similar item to open the cover of the alarm. Your home security can be this simple.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Best Disguised Weapon for Women

What do most women carry in their purse, besides their wallet? The answer usually is lipstick. Us ladies pull it out when we're out and about… And when we do take it out, nobody really pays attention.

Dating couple taking a stroll in the evening.
Photo by Charles Thompson
That's the beauty of this unnoticeable weapon called, Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray! If you feel that you might get sexually assaulted while in a nightclub or anywhere else, for that matter, just pull this baby out! Since it's a disguised weapon, the aggressor will actually think you want to touch up for him or that you want to spray some perfume on! Just lift the cap, press down the button and shoot the pepper spray into his eyes! This disguised weapon, gives us women the upper hand… for a change!

This disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray comes in 5 colors: black, pink, blue, red and silver. It can reach 6 feet away and contains approximately 5, one second bursts. It also has a UV Dye for identifying an attacker, if he is captured by police!
Disguised lipstick weapon for women's personal protection.

Don't become a victim of sexual assault. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, sexual assault literally happens every 2 minutes in this country. Even though the news always mentions middle eastern women getting raped in huge numbers, our country has the same issue. But it's so common that, unfortunately, it doesn't even make the news!

Statistics Source: RAINN

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Storm Season Is Here… Are You Ready?

Expect hurricanes, tornados, floods, power outages and the usual race to the grocery store for emergency food items and water bottles.

Dark stormy skies lurk above a neighborhood
Photo by aaronHwarren
It never fails, a transformer gets hit by lightning or a tree branch hits it… consequently your entire neighborhood looses electricity. There's nothing worse than being in a storm and all of a sudden, it all gets dark. You are left with no light and can't get any information regarding the status of the storm. But you can prepare yourself for these predictable occurrences, and have radio information, plus lighting, even if you don't have batteries!

Dynamo or hand cranked radio with flashlight, siren, colored flashing lights and antenna.You're probably thinking, that's impossible… Well, if you buy a Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight, you will be able to hear the news and have lighting, during an emergency! That's because this solar flashlight can be hand cranked for energy. Plus it also can be charged by sun light! Hand cranking it, offers instant electricity to enable it's radio or it's flashlight. Of course, you can always purchase 2 regular "AA" batteries or an AC to DC volt adapter, as well. The Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight, also has a siren and comes with 1 yellow lens and 1 red lens, for flashing emergency signaling. This AM/FM unit, also includes a telescopic antenna for clear, local reception and it's relatively small, only measures 9 inches long.

Get important radio information regarding storms and have safe lighting, to get around, even when you don't have electricity. All that's needed is a hand crank... Not bad for such a convenient product that only costs $34.95… A must have!

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Safer For Women, When There's A Little Fog Around

Mace Fogger sprays pepper spray in an aerosol form, covering a rapist's entire face.You might think this is the wrong thing to say, but some fog can actually protect women from crime.

But we aren't talking about that moist fog that sometimes engulfs city streets and causes vehicle accidents. Our's is not a weather occurrence, but a product called; Mace Triple Action Fogger… and it also includes TEAR GAS! Triple stands for hot pepper, tear gas and UV Dye. The dye helps identify a rapist if captured by police.

Women sometimes are not aware that most pepper sprays don't shoot an aerosol spray, they actually shoot a liquid stream of pepper solution. This particular item really does have an aerosol delivery, just like hair spray. The Mace Triple Action Fogger, doesn't require perfect aiming toward the eyes of a rapist. Just spray it in his face, and watch him scream in pain with tears in his eyes. The rapist's burning pain and coughing from the tear gas, will allow you to safely escape… You should then, turn away and take off, like a bat out of hell and immediately notify the police as soon as you safely can!

This Mace pepper product for women and men, contains 15 one-second shots and can reach up to 8 feet away. It also comes in a larger size called, Mace Triple Action Fogger Home Model.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Huge Inventory Of Stun Guns!

Choose from 28 different models. Most include LED flashlights. Some are as powerful as 8 Million volts, others are disguised, rechargeable and some pink ones even have a portion of the proceeds going to fight Breast Cancer.
Security Guard, Strongest, Lipstick and Lady Lifeguard Stun Guns
The stun guns on our website, come in all shapes and sizes for personal safety. We have unique defense weapons that also include alarms and flashing lights. Many of our stun guns have wrist strap disable pins. If an aggressor tries to take it from you, the strap stays on your wrist and DISABLES the unit. This prevents an attacker from using it against you! As mentioned before, we also carry disguised defense units, such as ones that look like lipstick for women, perfume, pens and flashlights.

Are you one of those women that has never used a safety weapon like this before? You are not alone, many women have no idea what a Stun Gun is or how to use it… But it's easy, just touch a person with it while the electricity comes out of the unit and watch them fall to the ground and become helpless! If you manage to keep touching them for over 3 seconds, they will not be able to move and you can escape safely. Never hang around, just run from harms way!

All of our stun guns have safety switches, to prevent accidental discharge and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from faulty manufacturing, as well. Plus, keep in mind that this safety weapon will not shock you back, even if the aggressor is touching or holding you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma City Tragedy...

Our thoughts today are with the
tornado victims and family of Oklahoma City. 
We hope they somehow find the strength 
to overcome this horrendous ordeal. 
May they heal physically and spiritually.
Oklahoma City tornado victims and family

Monday, May 20, 2013

Some People Carry Cell Phones, But Not To Call A Friend!

Rechargeable stun gun disguised as a cell phone with 3.5 million volts of self defense.The cell phones we're talking about are for personal safety. They're not for talking. But they can transmit a message to someone; you won't put up with becoming a crime victim! 

It's called the Immobilizer 3.5 Million Cell Phone Stun Gun. This disguised, personal safety weapon, can drop an attacker to the floor and render them helpless, while you make your escape! This particular unit is for the price conscious buyer, therefore it won't break the bank at an affordable $26.21.

The attractive and disguised, Immobilizer cell phone stun gun is also compact, only 4 inches tall. It's an affordable unit that is rechargeable, so you won't need to purchase extra batteries and it includes an LED flashlight for easier night vision. Plus, this disguised stun gun, also has a safety switch to prevents accidental discharge.

Even though the Immobilizer, personal safety weapon is affordable, since it's disguised, you can pretend you are just going to make a phone call. Then surprise the would be attacker with 3.5 Million volts from the Immobilizer's serious take down power!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Police Stun Flashlight Can Be Used By Civilians

The ultimate non lethal, self defense weapon with 5 Million Volts! It's packed with features and only measures under 6 3/4 inches long. Plus, with the shock proof, Military Grade Aluminum alloy exterior, it's virtually indestructible.

If you are looking for a small but powerful weapon that is conveniently disguised as a working flashlight and includes stun gun capacities, this is the end of your search! The Police Tactical Stun Flashlight contains 5 Million Volts of personal protection. It's intimidating, arched, jumping out, electrical current, is very loud and will scare anyone that approaches you. It doesn't only incapacitate a person temporarily, it also has a super bright, blinding flashlight with 160 to 200 lumens! This further disorients an attacker!

But the above self defense features of this small tactical weapon doesn't stop there… It also includes a glass breaking edge, around the front end, that can be handy for escaping through a car window, after a vehicle accident. This police stun gun is also rechargeable, no need to purchase batteries. It's even environmentally friendly, since it's light bulb lasts for 100,000 hours! The unit includes a no slip grip, diamond textured handle and strategically placed trigger buttons. This self defense weapon also comes with a nylon holster with belt loop or you can easily hide this small stun gun in your purse, since it only measures under 6 3/4 inches long.

This disguised 5 Million Volt, Police Tactical Stun Flashlight, also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, against any manufacturer's defects.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ever Notice That Cops Use Tear Gas? You Can Too!

If there is anybody out in todays society that should carry tear gas, it's us women. With the number of rapes each year against women, it's no wonder we don't go around with machine guns to protect ourselves…

Parking lot at night.  Photo by Tony Webster
But the good thing about tear gas, is that it is non lethal and when you combine it with pepper spray, it's even more effective in putting down a potential rapist.

If you are serious about your personal safety, carry the Mace Triple Action Spray Personal Model. Triple, stands for pepper, tear gas and a UV Dye. The UV Dye helps police officers in your area, identify a rapist if captured.

This Mace pepper spray for women and men, has 18 grams of the hot solution which equals approximately 10, one second shots. It can reach up to 12 feet away, has a safety cap and includes a convenient key chain, as well. The hard case around it is ergonomic. It will only allow you to shoot the unit away from you and not accidentally toward you! The reason is, because spraying it requires you to easily lift the top up from the back of the unit with your thumb, and press down.

If you are physically threatened, make sure you aim the pepper spray towards a rapist's eyes and face. This will cause them to slam their eyes shut, because of the pain, therefore temporarily blinding them. This is your window of opportunity to escape unharmed! Always take your unit out of your purse and carry it in your hand prior to for example, heading towards your car in a parking lot. This would be one less step you would have to take, in order to defend yourself... because seconds count!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alarm Alerts You And Keeps Intruders Out!

Remember those little rubber door stoppers back in the day? They were very convenient to have around the house. But the one we are talking about is the upgraded version of that simple gadget and it also prevents intruders from getting into your home, motels, hotels or even college dorms.

Hotel rooms can be broken into and women need to take precautions.
Photo by BrownGuacamole
We all had those brown rubber thingys, to prevent entrances from closing. They were mostly used for interior doors. But this new thingy, called  simply the Door Stop Alarm by StreetWise, represents a whole new dimension to keeping intruders out! You can use them for your home, motels, hotels, college dorms or anywhere you need security.

Take a Door Stop Alarm when staying in a hotel room, motel, college dorm and keep one at home, as well.
This newer unit is larger than the old one, approximately 5.25" long. It doesn't only keep an entrance from opening, it also sounds a 120db alarm, if someone tries to enter! Plus, it has a motion sensor. This motion sensor will also sound the alarm, if moved. A sensitivity switch will allow you to adjust the motion sensor, depending on how sensitive you want the unit to be before it goes off and notifies you of an intruder! The bottom of this unit is rubbery, to prevent it from sliding.

Next time you plan to be away from home and staying at a motel or hotel, don't forget to take the Door Stop Alarm with you, to prevent intruders… It's also a good idea to have if you are a student in a college dorm… One more thing, it requires a 9 Volt battery which is not included but you can also purchase it on our website.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Are You Doing This Spring Outdoors?

Most of us just enjoy all the new flowers and greener surroundings. But many of us like to be outdoors and enjoy different activities. This is when a TacKnots Bracelet comes in handy.

The outdoors can sometimes be dangerous and you need to be prepared.
Photo by joelf
Beautiful parachute cord TacKnots are convenient for camping, hiking or any other possible dangerous situations.
It's perfect weather to get rid of those extra pounds from last winter. Many of us like to ride a bike, go canoeing, camping, hiking, sailing… With so much activity, sometimes emergencies happen and having a TacKnots Bracelet around your wrist is a smart idea. Besides that, they are very attractive and trendy for women and men!

These attractive accessories are made with strong parachute cord, also known as 550 cord, and can be used in emergencies where a rope would be handy, like in hiking or camping. Each inch of the woven rope bracelets contain 1 foot of usable strong cord that you can wear on your wrist or if you prefer, your ankle. They are available in our store in 7, 8 or 9 inches. This means that for example, a 9 inch one, will have approximately 9 feet of the strong parachute cord, for hiking, camping or any other outdoor emergencies or activities.

Check out these handy yet attractive, parachute TacKnots wrist or ankle bracelets. They are available in 7 colors. You never know, when you might need a strong piece of rope, this Spring or Summer! Or you might just simply want to wear it as a fashion statement!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Personal Alarms In All Shapes And Sizes

If you are looking for a personal alarm, you should consider taking a peek at our diverse selection. Prices range from $4.95 to $33.99.
Personal alarm for women, senior citizens and the handicapped.
Personal defense alarms are mostly convenient to have for women, senior citizens, handicapped persons and for toddlers. Most of our Personal Alarms use batteries, but some use compressed air. Many have LED flashlights, key rings and wrist straps. Models range from 85db to 130db.

Personal, window and door alarm by mace, also has an LED light.We have them in all shapes, sizes and with different features! Included is a product for mothers with toddlers. They let mothers know when their toddler wonders off further than the programed distance that the mother sets the unit for! If the toddler goes beyond the designated distance the unit goes off. But not all defense alarms are for the weak, such as toddlers, senior citizens and the handicapped… We also have units for women or men who tend to fall asleep behind the wheel. This particular unit sounds off, if the driver's head nods forward. Great for long vacation trips or for people who drive for a living. One of our units has a motion detector, for those of you who have a laptop or suitcase and you don't want anyone to get near it… Our website has some which work for home protection that you can attache to your home window or door. One in particular, can be set when you leave your home, from the outside! Most alarms, require you to be inside your home, in order for them to be activated.

Driver's personal alarm, helps prevent you from falling asleep on long road trips.These defense units are always convenient to have, whether it's for women, senior citizens, the handicapped or for mothers with small children!

Friday, May 10, 2013

This Runt, Isn't Weak Or Even From A Litter!

OK, it is small, but it's powerful shock makes up for it! In fact it has 4.5 Million Volts of takedown power for personal protection.

By looking at it, you can't tell what it is… Some people will think it's some kind of small cell phone or beeper, since it only stands 3.5 inches tall! But looks in this case can be deceiving… Because, size in this case doesn't matter. You can actually hide it conveniently in your hand.

What can this Runt Stun Gun do for personal protection, you might ask? Just touching someone for 1/2 a second, causes pain, muscle contraction and shock. Touching 1 - 2 seconds, will cause muscle spasm and a mental daze. If you do it for 3 - 5 seconds, a person will loose their balance, have no muscle control, develop total mental confusion, disorientation and basically be in a total mental daze. But don't worry, even if you touch them or they touch you with their hands, the powerful 4.5 Million Volts won't affect you! But remember their condition is temporary and you need to escape from harms way, as soon as you can!

Runt Stun Gun Features:
• 4.5 million powerful volts
• Built-in recharger, no batteries needed
• Safety switch
• Red/Green light indicates charge status
• Available in pink or black
• Nylon holster with belt loop
• Lifetime warranty

It's recommended that you recharge this little Runt unit for personal protection, every 2 months. Even if you haven't used it. Plus, best places to touch an attacker with the Runt Stun Gun are; upper shoulders, lower rib cage and upper hip. Really any part of their body will do… It even works through clothes. If you can reach the neck, more Runt power to ya!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

StreetWise Pepper Spray Weapons

Most people have heard of the Mace self defense sprays in the market, since they have been around for decades, but there are other brands available.

Besides the Mace units, we at carry the StreetWise Pepper Sprays. These products are all under the category "Pepper Sprays", on our website. Most of the items under that category are from that brand, minus a couple that are from Pepper Shot and Tornado brands.

The Streetwise Pepper Sprays have the advantage of having 18% concentration of the devastating hot substance, versus the Mace brand that has 10%. This makes these self defense weapons, almost twice as hot and cruel, to a would be attacker. These units come in hard and soft cases. They also come disguised as perfume or lipstick looking items and as pens, too. Disguised weapons are very popular now. They have an element of surprise, to a would be attacker! You can pull them out and a person will think it is, for example, just a perfume container. Most of the StreetWise weapons that WomenOnGuard has, have belt clips and key rings. Plus they all have an invisible UV Dye, just like Mace, that marks an attacker's face and helps police identify him or her, if captured.
Pepper spray with 18% concentration and UV Dye for personal protection
StreetWise, Soft and Hard Cases, Spin Lock and Perfume pepper sprays 
Browse through our "Pepper Spray" category. It mostly has StreetWise products and you might be surprised at the lower costs, compared to Mace products, as well!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Weapon That Looks Like Perfume and Helps the Fight Against Breast Cancer

This disguised weapon is really a stun gun. Looks pretty and harmless, but has 1,000,000 powerful volts of self defense for women. Plus it helps toward finding a cure for Breast Cancer!

Woman in nightclub at with men looking at her.
Photo by skedonk
It only measures 3 3/4 tall by 1 inch diameter, yet it can bring a person down and render them helpless. Just the sound of the Pink Perfume Stun Gun 1 Million Volts w/ Flashlight, is scary enough to keep someone away from you. Touching a person with it for 1 minute, will cause minor muscle contractions and repelling effect. If you touch someone for 2 seconds, it causes muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. If you continue for 3 to 5 seconds, it will cause loss of balance, loss of muscle control, total mental confusion and disorientation... The aggressor will be totally helpless! But rest assured, these effects are just temporary, the stun gun won't cause permanent damage.

Powerful self defense, stun gun weapon that also includes and LED flashlight and is rechargeable!This self defense weapon is small enough to pass as a lipstick as well as a perfume container. Plus, a portion of the proceeds, go to fight Breast Cancer.

Pink Perfume Stun Gun Features
• Rechargeable, no batteries needed
• Disguised, element of surprise
• LED flashlight
• Safety cap and safety switch
• Keychain Attachment
• Lifetime Warranty

Not bad for such a small self defense unit! A powerful, yet small, disguised pink weapon that also helps find a cure for Breast Cancer.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mace Pink Products Support Charities in 2013 carries the six Mace products who's proceeds go to three, non profit, organizations. Purchasing these products will help Mace support their 2013 Partner Charities.

The charities are; National Center for Victims of Crime, Project Against Violent Encounters and Casting for Recovery.

National Center for Victims of Crime - Protects and strengthens the rights of crime victims. They help educate, train and evaluate victims of crime and their issues.

Project Against Violent Encounters - Offers services for domestic and sexual violence victims and raises funds through special events, such as the "Walk A Mile" event and donations from the public.

Casting for Recovery -  Is a chance for women that have Breast Cancer to learn  the sport of fly-fishing and enjoy the healing powers of the outdoors. They offer a weekend, free of charge, stress and medical treatments, along with counseling and educational services.

Purchasing any of the Mace pink products below, will help keep you safe and also help support the three charities shown above.

The 6 Mace Products:
Hot Pink Pepper Spray - Personal Model
Hot Pink Pepper Spray - Pocket Model
Hot Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray
Jogger Pepper Spray Pink
KeyGuard Self Defense Spray - Pink
Pepper Spray Gun - Pink

Friday, May 3, 2013

Need an Affordable Alarm that Doesn't Need Batteries?

Have you ever heard those horns in football or soccer games? Well this alarm works the same way, by pressurizing air. But this Mace product has a higher pitch shriek sound that won't go unnoticed!

Crowded city streets can be dangerous for women.
Photo by Paul Beattie
This light and small item is great for women's personal defense. It fits in your purse or pocket and will definitely let others know that your have an emergency. The ear piercing, blast of this affordable, Mace Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm, will surely be heard by others. Even if you are in a busy city environment… It can be heard 1/4 mile away! It's also very simple to use, just press the red cap down, just like you would a women's hair spray. This personal defense unit contains a total of 20 loud blasts.
Carry a personal alarm, such as the Mace Screecher, when you are out in the city.
Sometimes the simplest and most affordable things are the ones that work the best and this Mace Screecher is one of them. It's great for children and senior citizens to carry as well as women.

Plus, the fact that this Screecher Alarm for personal defense doesn't need batteries, makes it even more affordable!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Several Women CIA Agents Helped Capture Osama bin Laden, Not Just One, as Shown in "Zero Dark Thirty"

An HBO documentary that aired yesterday, called "Manhunt", described how several CIA women were involved in capturing bin Laden, for 20 years!

The recent movie "Zero Dark Thirty", just showed one CIA woman behind this important history for Americans. The producers should have shown a team of CIA women who called themselves the "Sisterhood". They were dedicated since the 1990's to find Osama bin Laden. Even when al-Qaida denied it's existence!

An HBO documentary called "Manhunt", describes the women who help catch Osama bin Laden.
A still from the film "Manhunt" (courtesy HBO)
As usual, women's contribution to history has been faded again. It was heart breaking to watch one of these women on the HBO documentary, Cindy Storer, who got teary eyed, when recalling how she was criticized in a performance review, for "spending too much time working on bin Laden"!

Shame on our media, to not have at least acknowledged these female CIA agents. Perhaps our government should have given the "Sisterhood" some sort of award for what they dedicated so many years to achieve. Even though they weren't on that famous helicopter capture!

Seems to me that the spotlight for these agents comes a little too late. They should have been acknowledged by the news media, right after Osama bin Laden was taken. If not praised by their individual names, at least by what they called themselves in the CIA, the "Sisterhood". Fortunately HBO had the good idea to take-on, this important documentary!

Source: Yahoo News

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All Dressed Up and Going Nightclubbing?

Already have your makeup on, jewelry, perfume and you're dressed to kill! But, are you prepared for your personal defense?

Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender is a must for women going into nightclubs.
Photo by *saxon*
Everyone knows that women as well as men, go to nightclubs to have fun with friends and perhaps meet that special someone. The music is fabulous and the least you want to think about is the possibility of danger lurking amongst the crowd.

Women who go out at night should carry the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender.Unfortunately, there usually are two crime possibilities in nightclubs or surrounding property. One, that women can get sexually assaulted. Two, that they can be a victim of a date rape drug. Which leads us to the questions… Why don't us women pack some Date Rape Drug Test Strips? These strips can detect drugs in our drinks! Why don't we take a pepper spray like the Mace Pepper Gel Night Defender? This Mace spray is perfect for nightclubs since it also includes a bright LED light for night visibility…

Most of us don't realize that every 2 minutes, someone in this country get's raped. That someone, is mostly women. Date rape is rampant in nightclubs, college campuses, parties, etc. Common sense needs to be drilled into our female sisters and friends. Just like we encourage a designated driver, we should encourage, taking pepper spray. Such as Mace and Date Rape Drug Test Strips, to any crowded outing. Especially nocturnal ones, where alcohol is heavily consumed.

Statistics Source:

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