Friday, May 17, 2013

Police Stun Flashlight Can Be Used By Civilians

The ultimate non lethal, self defense weapon with 5 Million Volts! It's packed with features and only measures under 6 3/4 inches long. Plus, with the shock proof, Military Grade Aluminum alloy exterior, it's virtually indestructible.

If you are looking for a small but powerful weapon that is conveniently disguised as a working flashlight and includes stun gun capacities, this is the end of your search! The Police Tactical Stun Flashlight contains 5 Million Volts of personal protection. It's intimidating, arched, jumping out, electrical current, is very loud and will scare anyone that approaches you. It doesn't only incapacitate a person temporarily, it also has a super bright, blinding flashlight with 160 to 200 lumens! This further disorients an attacker!

But the above self defense features of this small tactical weapon doesn't stop there… It also includes a glass breaking edge, around the front end, that can be handy for escaping through a car window, after a vehicle accident. This police stun gun is also rechargeable, no need to purchase batteries. It's even environmentally friendly, since it's light bulb lasts for 100,000 hours! The unit includes a no slip grip, diamond textured handle and strategically placed trigger buttons. This self defense weapon also comes with a nylon holster with belt loop or you can easily hide this small stun gun in your purse, since it only measures under 6 3/4 inches long.

This disguised 5 Million Volt, Police Tactical Stun Flashlight, also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, against any manufacturer's defects.

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