Monday, May 20, 2013

Some People Carry Cell Phones, But Not To Call A Friend!

Rechargeable stun gun disguised as a cell phone with 3.5 million volts of self defense.The cell phones we're talking about are for personal safety. They're not for talking. But they can transmit a message to someone; you won't put up with becoming a crime victim! 

It's called the Immobilizer 3.5 Million Cell Phone Stun Gun. This disguised, personal safety weapon, can drop an attacker to the floor and render them helpless, while you make your escape! This particular unit is for the price conscious buyer, therefore it won't break the bank at an affordable $26.21.

The attractive and disguised, Immobilizer cell phone stun gun is also compact, only 4 inches tall. It's an affordable unit that is rechargeable, so you won't need to purchase extra batteries and it includes an LED flashlight for easier night vision. Plus, this disguised stun gun, also has a safety switch to prevents accidental discharge.

Even though the Immobilizer, personal safety weapon is affordable, since it's disguised, you can pretend you are just going to make a phone call. Then surprise the would be attacker with 3.5 Million volts from the Immobilizer's serious take down power!
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