Thursday, May 9, 2013

StreetWise Pepper Spray Weapons

Most people have heard of the Mace self defense sprays in the market, since they have been around for decades, but there are other brands available.

Besides the Mace units, we at carry the StreetWise Pepper Sprays. These products are all under the category "Pepper Sprays", on our website. Most of the items under that category are from that brand, minus a couple that are from Pepper Shot and Tornado brands.

The Streetwise Pepper Sprays have the advantage of having 18% concentration of the devastating hot substance, versus the Mace brand that has 10%. This makes these self defense weapons, almost twice as hot and cruel, to a would be attacker. These units come in hard and soft cases. They also come disguised as perfume or lipstick looking items and as pens, too. Disguised weapons are very popular now. They have an element of surprise, to a would be attacker! You can pull them out and a person will think it is, for example, just a perfume container. Most of the StreetWise weapons that WomenOnGuard has, have belt clips and key rings. Plus they all have an invisible UV Dye, just like Mace, that marks an attacker's face and helps police identify him or her, if captured.
Pepper spray with 18% concentration and UV Dye for personal protection
StreetWise, Soft and Hard Cases, Spin Lock and Perfume pepper sprays 
Browse through our "Pepper Spray" category. It mostly has StreetWise products and you might be surprised at the lower costs, compared to Mace products, as well!

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