Friday, May 10, 2013

This Runt, Isn't Weak Or Even From A Litter!

OK, it is small, but it's powerful shock makes up for it! In fact it has 4.5 Million Volts of takedown power for personal protection.

By looking at it, you can't tell what it is… Some people will think it's some kind of small cell phone or beeper, since it only stands 3.5 inches tall! But looks in this case can be deceiving… Because, size in this case doesn't matter. You can actually hide it conveniently in your hand.

What can this Runt Stun Gun do for personal protection, you might ask? Just touching someone for 1/2 a second, causes pain, muscle contraction and shock. Touching 1 - 2 seconds, will cause muscle spasm and a mental daze. If you do it for 3 - 5 seconds, a person will loose their balance, have no muscle control, develop total mental confusion, disorientation and basically be in a total mental daze. But don't worry, even if you touch them or they touch you with their hands, the powerful 4.5 Million Volts won't affect you! But remember their condition is temporary and you need to escape from harms way, as soon as you can!

Runt Stun Gun Features:
• 4.5 million powerful volts
• Built-in recharger, no batteries needed
• Safety switch
• Red/Green light indicates charge status
• Available in pink or black
• Nylon holster with belt loop
• Lifetime warranty

It's recommended that you recharge this little Runt unit for personal protection, every 2 months. Even if you haven't used it. Plus, best places to touch an attacker with the Runt Stun Gun are; upper shoulders, lower rib cage and upper hip. Really any part of their body will do… It even works through clothes. If you can reach the neck, more Runt power to ya!

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