Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Storm Season Is Here… Are You Ready?

Expect hurricanes, tornados, floods, power outages and the usual race to the grocery store for emergency food items and water bottles.

Dark stormy skies lurk above a neighborhood
Photo by aaronHwarren
It never fails, a transformer gets hit by lightning or a tree branch hits it… consequently your entire neighborhood looses electricity. There's nothing worse than being in a storm and all of a sudden, it all gets dark. You are left with no light and can't get any information regarding the status of the storm. But you can prepare yourself for these predictable occurrences, and have radio information, plus lighting, even if you don't have batteries!

Dynamo or hand cranked radio with flashlight, siren, colored flashing lights and antenna.You're probably thinking, that's impossible… Well, if you buy a Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight, you will be able to hear the news and have lighting, during an emergency! That's because this solar flashlight can be hand cranked for energy. Plus it also can be charged by sun light! Hand cranking it, offers instant electricity to enable it's radio or it's flashlight. Of course, you can always purchase 2 regular "AA" batteries or an AC to DC volt adapter, as well. The Dynamo Solar Radio Flashlight, also has a siren and comes with 1 yellow lens and 1 red lens, for flashing emergency signaling. This AM/FM unit, also includes a telescopic antenna for clear, local reception and it's relatively small, only measures 9 inches long.

Get important radio information regarding storms and have safe lighting, to get around, even when you don't have electricity. All that's needed is a hand crank... Not bad for such a convenient product that only costs $34.95… A must have!

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