Thursday, May 2, 2013

Several Women CIA Agents Helped Capture Osama bin Laden, Not Just One, as Shown in "Zero Dark Thirty"

An HBO documentary that aired yesterday, called "Manhunt", described how several CIA women were involved in capturing bin Laden, for 20 years!

The recent movie "Zero Dark Thirty", just showed one CIA woman behind this important history for Americans. The producers should have shown a team of CIA women who called themselves the "Sisterhood". They were dedicated since the 1990's to find Osama bin Laden. Even when al-Qaida denied it's existence!

An HBO documentary called "Manhunt", describes the women who help catch Osama bin Laden.
A still from the film "Manhunt" (courtesy HBO)
As usual, women's contribution to history has been faded again. It was heart breaking to watch one of these women on the HBO documentary, Cindy Storer, who got teary eyed, when recalling how she was criticized in a performance review, for "spending too much time working on bin Laden"!

Shame on our media, to not have at least acknowledged these female CIA agents. Perhaps our government should have given the "Sisterhood" some sort of award for what they dedicated so many years to achieve. Even though they weren't on that famous helicopter capture!

Seems to me that the spotlight for these agents comes a little too late. They should have been acknowledged by the news media, right after Osama bin Laden was taken. If not praised by their individual names, at least by what they called themselves in the CIA, the "Sisterhood". Fortunately HBO had the good idea to take-on, this important documentary!

Source: Yahoo News
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