Thursday, May 23, 2013

Huge Inventory Of Stun Guns!

Choose from 28 different models. Most include LED flashlights. Some are as powerful as 8 Million volts, others are disguised, rechargeable and some pink ones even have a portion of the proceeds going to fight Breast Cancer.
Security Guard, Strongest, Lipstick and Lady Lifeguard Stun Guns
The stun guns on our website, come in all shapes and sizes for personal safety. We have unique defense weapons that also include alarms and flashing lights. Many of our stun guns have wrist strap disable pins. If an aggressor tries to take it from you, the strap stays on your wrist and DISABLES the unit. This prevents an attacker from using it against you! As mentioned before, we also carry disguised defense units, such as ones that look like lipstick for women, perfume, pens and flashlights.

Are you one of those women that has never used a safety weapon like this before? You are not alone, many women have no idea what a Stun Gun is or how to use it… But it's easy, just touch a person with it while the electricity comes out of the unit and watch them fall to the ground and become helpless! If you manage to keep touching them for over 3 seconds, they will not be able to move and you can escape safely. Never hang around, just run from harms way!

All of our stun guns have safety switches, to prevent accidental discharge and a LIFETIME WARRANTY from faulty manufacturing, as well. Plus, keep in mind that this safety weapon will not shock you back, even if the aggressor is touching or holding you!

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