Monday, April 30, 2018

Hancuffs in Pink or Black $29.99

You never know when a pair of handcuffs will come in handy... You can keep them in your bedroom if you have an intruder. Or take them with you if you have a motorcycle.

It's always important to protect your family and having an intruder is very common now a days. Plus, not just intruders are dangerous, but sometime a person on drugs can be aggressive as well.

At our website we have handcuffs in black and pink, for protection. In fact many people use them now a days... They aren't just for the police, but also motorcyclist's enthusiasts when they go on trips or errands. Plus, not all motorcyclist's are men, women also ride!   (Keys are included)

Friday, April 27, 2018

College Safety Package: with Drink Guard, Pepper Spray and Stun Gun!

This particular unit includes 3 essentials for women. A Date Rape Drug Detector, Pepper Spray to fend off attackers and a Slider Stun Gun to immobilize a bad intentioned individual!

Below are 3 items that will protect your daughter from Date Rape...

If you have a daughter in college, this particular package is perfect for her. It's called the College Safety Package! It includes 3 essential units that will protect your daughter from rapists or male college students that want to take advantage of your daughter. Below are the items we suggest to keep your daughter safe!

Drink Guard: This protects your daughter from Date Rape. She simply needs to test her drink by going to a rest room and placing a few drops on the circles of a small Drink Guard booklet.

Pepper Spray: These units should be aimed at an attacker's eyes and face. It includes hot pepper spray that will hurt and temporarily blind an attacker, while she escapes safely.

Stun Gun: This small, concealable unit is used by simply touching an attacker. She needs to only touch, not push a bad intentioned individual and keep touching, until they become incoherent or fall to the ground. Then she must leave the scene immediately and not look back!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun 18 Million Volts, In Several Colors for Only $19.99!

These units are easy to use, because all you have to do is press the red lever and touch an attacker. Simply keep touching, until he or she falls to the ground and becomes helpless.

Then simply leave the scene immediately! These incredible Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun units have awesome features, you can't be without.

Stun Gun Trigger Unit Features
- 18 Million volts of self defense
- Ergonomic easy squeeze trigger
- Wrist strap disable pin, attacker can't
  use it against you
- Rubberized exterior, prevents slippage
- Includes 100 Lumen flashlight
- Includes built-in charging prongs
- Holds charge for 3 months
- Measures: 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/l8"
- Use it for jogging, running or walking
- Carry it while on campus, parking lots, alleys...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Fire Starter, Only $8.99

If you like the outdoors, you will love this ParaTinder Bracelet that has ten feet of cord and a Flint Fire Starter. A must have if you go camping, mountain climbing and more!

This ParaTinder Bracelet is convenient to have while in the wilderness. The bracelet includes a 550 paracord and also a fire tinder, to start fires on campsites to stay warm or cook.

The 550 paracord can be handy when mountain climbing or simply using it for sewing thread, fishing lines, sutures, etc. This particular 8 inch Bracelet, contains 10 feet of ParaTinder. PLUS, it has a fire starter, so you can see at night with a campfire!

Perfect for camping, to start a fire, 10 feet of paracord that can also be handy if you need to pull a person who needs help. Take it with you, wherever you go... It's also beautiful to wear!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's That Time of The Season, Thunder and Rain in The Sunshine State!

Yeap, it was raining cats and dogs in South Florida yesterday... Those low clouds with noisy thunder are great for our lawns, but TERRIFYING for our dogs!

I had just come in from the rain and thunder, yesterday morning in South Florida. My plan was to walk my dog Maya. We were out for about 10 minutes when out of the blue, a LOUD thunder made my poor pup Maya, jump up with fear! The lighting that came out of nowhere, scared her so much, that she ran toward our house, like a bat out of hell and finished her walk, for sure!

She was pitiful, so I didn't want her to experience another thunder, and I took her inside. I will admit, that particular lightning strike froze me too... We definitely were not ready for that flashlight, so early in the morning!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Do You, Your Daughter or a Friend Ever Need Protection From Bad Intentioned Individuals?

We all need protection sometimes and a disguised unit that looks like a lipstick is perfect for letting other's know that you are in some sort of trouble!

At we have many disguised units and this particular self defense unit called the Lipstick Alarm in Pink or Black, is perfect! You see, if an individual starts harassing you, simply open your purse or back pack and take out the disguised Lipstick Alarm in Pink or Black! He will think you are going to put lipstick to look pretty for him, but of course, that is not the case!

You see this unit looks like lipstick for women, but it's really a 100dB Alarm. People around you will know that something wrong is going on! All you have to do is lift the the top and the 100dB Alarm, will sound. It's ideal to carry it in your hand, purse, backpack or briefcase! Don't forget that this unit is available in Pink or Black.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Do You Excercise on a Machine or Do You Run or Walk?

Many years ago, I used all kinds of equipments and machines to excercise in the morning. I had through the years, 3 or 4 machines, until I got smart!

It wasn't until I read about how you, not only have to excercise but also have to use your mind or brain! That's right... So, after finding out about this, I got rid of my machines and started to walk! I was never a runner, so I chose to brisk walk.

You might think... What's the difference? Well there is a difference, because when you walk or run outdoors, you not only excercise, but you also look around and you are more aware. Going for a walk or run OUTDOORS, is the best way to keep your mind sharp. You might ask why?

For one thing, exercising outdoors makes you be aware of your surroundings. You need to watch for cars, go up and down sidewalks, look around your neighborhood... Well you get the idea! Basically you are not a Zombie that just looks straight at a wall and peddle, like a Guinea Pig that just goes around in the same circle all the time!

Don't just only excersise, use your brain, look around your  neighborhood, look out for cars or bikes... This way, you will also use your brain and not simply go around in circles, like a Guinea Pig does!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mini Alert Motion Detector Alarm Battery Operated, For only $19.99!

Mini Alert Motion Detector AlarmDo you need an alarm that you can place in your living room, bedroom or any other location in your home?

This unit can be placed anywhere you want ... If it detects motion and will set off an alarm, letting you know that there is an intruder in your home. Plus, since it's just one unit, you can place it anywhere you want.

This Mini Alert Motion Detector Alarm Battery Operated, only cost's $19.99! You can probably purchase several, for every room in your home. PLUS, you won't ever need to pay expensive monthly bills for your security!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Flint Striker with Compass, Only $15.95

If you like camping, you will love the Flint Striker Fire Starter with Compass!

Winter is over and one of the best things to do is go camping... At we have a neat unit that will help you start a fire, while you are in the wilderness and more!

This unit is a must while you enjoy the outdoors. It contains all the essentials to be safe in the wilderness. Below is a list of features that come with this incredible unit... You'll love it!

Flint Striker Fire Starter Features
- This unit includes 8,000 strikes
- Includes spare compartment for dry tinder
- Has convenient built-in compass
- Includes reminders for SOS and morse code
- Includes Alpine rescue: Morse code
- Other hand signals to get help
- Comes with adjustable nylon cord
- Cord comes with built-in emergency whistle

Monday, April 16, 2018

5 in 1 Survival Knife with LED Flashlight and Fire Starter

It's time to go camping again! Face it, you want to enjoy the outdoors and watch that camping fire glow in the night!

5 in 1 Survival Knife
Winter is done and now you can do what you always love to do... be in the wilderness... Pick up your camping essentials and go out and enjoy nature! At we have a convenient unit that will make your camping experience a lot easier and more fulfilling! It's called the 5 in 1 Survival Knife with LED Flashlight and Fire Starter!

5 in 1 Survival Knife with LED Flashlight.
- The unit is light weight
- Stainless steel, anodized aluminum handle
- Includes Magnesium alloy fire starter
- Includes window breaker
- Seat belt cutter
- LED light that last's 12 hours
- Includes liner lock...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Mace® PepperGard Pepper Spray Police Model

Mace PepperGard Pepper Spray PoliceThis Mace unit is larger than other units we have and therefore reaches 8 to 12 feet away! Most pepper sprays only reach 7 feet.

As you can tell, it's also bigger than other units, which will include more defense spray when you need it! The Mace brand has also been around for decades and you can be sure that it will perform the way it was intended. You can rely on Mace®, just as your mother relied on it when she was younger!

Of course, this Mace PepperGuard Pepper Spray Police Model unit is easy to use... Simply lift the flip-top safety cap and aim at an attackers eyes and entire face. Then watch the attacker cry like a baby. He or she will have to shut their eyes from all the pain it inflicts! But don't stick around, leave the scene immediately for safety.

The unit also includes 10, one-second bursts and a keychain which is convenient to place in your purse, pocket or keychain. Don't forget that it reaches up to 12 feet and to focus your aim toward the attacker's eyes!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Car Key Hidden Spy Camera DVR, Only $89.99

This SPY unit is very cool... It's a key chain and also a hidden camera! That's right... You can instantly make a video of, for example, a fight in the street, vandalism, or any other circumstances.

This unit that looks and can be used as a video camera, is also able to be placed in your keys to see a baseball game, car accident or other incidents you might find interesting such as a robbery!

The Car Key Hidden Spy Camera DVR can record 2.5 hours of footage at a time. It even has a motion detector feature that starts to record when it senses movement! Plus, you can also download it and view the recorded footage. Convenient and at your fingertips!

Car Key Hidden Spy Camera HD w/ built-in DVR Features
- Video resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30fps
- Photo resolution of 2560 x 1920
- Includes motion detection
- Batteries last for 2 hours
- Charges on just 2 hours
- Works on Windows and Mac OS
- Includes 16GB memory
- Measures 2 7/8" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"

The unit comes with car key camera, USB cable and user manual!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm by Mace®

Do you need an alarm to let others know that you are in a predicament? If you are, the Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm by Mace® is what you should buy.

Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm by Mace ®Talk about easy to use... If you find yourself in a predicament and need help, the Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm by Mace® is for you. It's perfect for  when you need help and it's others will recognize that you are in a predicament, with it's loud sound for help!

This unit can be heard 1/4 mile away and it's small, so you can put it in a purse or pocket. All you have to do to use it, is press red Mace Aerosol Personal Alarm and others around you will know that you need immediate help!

This unit contains approximately 20 loud aerosol blasts.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Smallest Keychain Stun Gun USB, 22 Million Volts

Besides having 22 Million Volts, for a unit this size, it also is very easy to conceal because it only measures 3 3/8 x 1 1/4 x 1/2 inches!

This small rechargeable self defense unit can be concealed very easily, allowing you to take it anywhere with you. It includes a whopping 22 million volts, even though it's so small. It comes with an LED light that you can actually disorient an attacker, by aiming it at their eyes!

The Smallest Keychain Stun Gun, USB 22 Million Volts unit, also includes a built-in key ring, that can be attached to a keychain.  Plus, it also has 2 levels of safety that prevents accidental discharge. All you have to do is touch an attacker and keep touching him or her, until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. Then, leave the scene immediately and don't look back... PLUS, it's available in blue, pink and black and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Mace Pepper Gun, for Self Defense. has you covered! We sell self defense products and the one below, called the Mace Pepper Gun, is an incredible unit.

The best self defense units, are the ones that don't kill, but hurt a person to the point that they become temporarily incoherent. This in turn prevents you from having to go to prison!

The Mace Pepper Gun is a unit that can reach an attacker 20 feet away! It includes
6 -7 blasts, depending on how long you pull the trigger. It also has a convenient LED light for you to see better and shine the LED light at an attacker, temporarily blinding them, while you escape safely.

Of course it's also refillable and initially comes with a Pepper Spray Water Cartridge, for practicing and another container that includes the real PEPPER SPRAY, when you are ready to defend yourself! PLUS, if you run out of pepper spray, there are canned Pepper units that you can buy separately.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter

This unit is a must have for women! In fact, it's been on our website for a long time because it's easy to use and there is no heavy wires to deal with...

If you are a woman, you know how scary it is to ask a complete stranger for help. The beauty of this unit, called the Emergency Power Supply and car Jump Starter!

No more complete strangers to power your car's battery! This simple and small unit can start your car fast, without heavy cords to deal with.

Seems like a miracle, but it's true! PLUS, not only does it charge your vehicle's battery, but it also can charge some cellphones as well... Offering you, to speak about your dilemma to a friend, if you like!

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter package viewThe Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter Features
- No strangers needed to start your own car
- Jump Starter starts your car in seconds
- No long, heavy cables to deal with
- Charges most cell phones in no time

Perfect for women or men... It's time to throw those antiquated heavy cables, AWAY!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Child Safety Panda Alarm, ONLY $24.99

If you have a toddler in your home, you might consider purchasing this unit. Don't strap your toddler with a leash, it's not pretty!

Child Safety Panda AlarmAt, we have the perfect protection for your toddler. This unit for only $24.99, includes an alarm that presets a range, to let you know that your toddler is out of range. You can set the range from 3 to 21 feet!

All you have to do is place the Child Safety Panda Alarm with strap to the length you prefer. Below are more features!

Child Safety Panda Features:
- Panda is wrapped on child's wrist
- Parent keeps monitor
- High pitched alarm sounds when child exceeds range set
- Monitor can be set from 3 to 21 feet away
- Works indoors or out doors
- Passwords can be changed, to prevent interference with other devices

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mace® Pepper GEL Night Defender with LED Light, $29.99

Have you ever heard of a Mace Pepper Spray that includes an LED light for nighttime viewing?

This unit is perfect for carrying during the day and also for the night, since it includes an LED light, besides the pepper spray GEL! It’s called the Mace® Pepper Gel Night Defender and it sticks better to an attacker’s face… This makes it easier for you to escape safely.

This Mace unit not only includes an LED light for shining into an attacker’s eyes, but also has a UV Dye, if police capture the attacker and place him or her under a UV lamp… It will prove they captured the right attacker!

Plus, this particular Mace unit, has a stream that can reach 18 feet away, not just only 10 feet!

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Incredible TASER Pulse, For Non Lethal Self Defense

Protect yourself with an effective self defense unit that drops an attacker down, yet doesn't take a life! The TASER Pulse also has incredible features. Please see below!

Incredible Features Include:
- Small size pistol shape
- Laser sight for aiming
- Reaches 15 feet away
- If stolen, a police report replaces it
- LED light for aiming 
Measures 5.25" x 4.75" x 1.25"
Weight 8 ounces

Plus, includes more TASER Pulse Features!

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