Thursday, September 30, 2010

Powerful Stun Gun Pen for Work or College

Ever need some self defense around your college campus or your work place? Is it scary to walk to where your car is parked at night? Do you walk home or to your college dorm in the dark or simply have the late shift at work? Do you take public transportation? If you answer yes to any of these questions or any other similar situations, you need a self defense weapon for personal safety. Whether you are a man or a woman, carrying some protection is just as important as using seat belts while driving.

The newest and most powerful weapon that you can carry to work or college without people noticing you are carrying it, is the most powerful stun gun pen on the market today. The reason why people won't notice it, is because it looks simply like a large pen or marker. This New Stun Gun Pen is the strongest model sold today. It has 1.2 million volts! But this isn't the only difference it has, it's also rechargeable. No worries about purchasing batteries, just plug it in! Plus this self defense weapon also has an LED flashlight. This is very convenient for situations that occur in the dark. The Stun Gun Pen also includes safety features to prevent accidental discharges and even comes with a free holster. If you don't like holsters you can just clip it to your shirt pocket or carry it in your backpack, briefcase or purse.

This Stun Gun Pen only measures 6 1/2 inches in height and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crimes Against Real Estate Agents in Ohio

It seems there is a trend in Ohio of crimes against real estate agents. Two real estate agents have been killed in just this last week alone.

It's no wonder with the housing market like it is and foreclosures left and right, all over the country, that many real estate agents are targeted by frustrated individuals. This crime scenario will probably increase if the housing market doesn't improve. Although real estate agents are personally not responsible for the housing market situation, they are being targeted and they should be aware of this danger.

It's been known in the past, how vulnerable real estate agents are when it comes to showing houses to strangers. All real estate agents should carry some sort of weapon to defend themselves against crime. Especially female real estate agents. A pepper spray, stun gun or even a taser should be required by real estate companies for their agents. To be a real estate agent is probably one of the most dangerous professions to be in. Consider their predicament: a stranger with them, an empty house or house they have never been in, showings during the day or night, strange neighborhoods, etc. To top it off, if the agent is female, that pretty much doubles the odds against her! Post office mail carriers carry pepper spray as a weapon to protect themselves against dogs. Why shouldn't real estate agents do the same?

If you know of a real estate agent or if one just helped you sell or buy a house, give them a pepper spray, stun gun or taser, besides or course their commission! They will really appreciate it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lipstick Stun Gun for Women's Personal Safety

First there was the Lipstick Pepper Spray and while women felt empowered by it and still do, some of us wondered if there ever would be a lipstick with the punch of a stun gun. Well, wonder no more, it's here! The Lipstick Stun Gun, for those of us who would rather zap than spray! Not only does it have the power of 950,000 volts, to knock them down, but measures only 3 3/4 inches tall and comes with a flashlight. Yes, us women can defend ourselves and not have to do it in the dark anymore!

The Lipstick Stun Gun is not only powerful but it also has a well thought out accessory, a disable pin wrist strap. This is a superb attachment to this handy personal safety weapon. If you place this strap around your wrist and someone pulls it from you, the disable wrist strap will detach from the lipstick stun gun and will render it useless. This women's personal safety weapon will not function if the attacker wants to use it against you!

Another bonus included with this weapon is the fact that it is rechargeable. No need to bother with buying extra batteries. Just plug it in and power it up! Besides being rechargeable it also comes with a holster, for those of you who want a more interesting look to your wardrobe! Shocking, disable safety feature, bright, rechargeable and a handy holster.... What else could you possibly need for your personal safety?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Personal Travel Alarm with Motion Detector

There are many personal alarms out in the market today, but very few if any at all, include a motion detector. The Mini Travel Alarm is unique because you can have it set off a loud 15 second blast by pushing a button or it can actually go off on it's own!

You can use the Mini Travel Alarm as a personal defense alarm or rape alarm, to let people know that you are in danger. It's called a travel alarm too because you can literally use it as an intruder alarm if you are away from home, for example a hotel room, vacation rental or even a dorm! This alarm has a motion detector behind a cover that conveniently slides down when you want it to detect motion. 60 Seconds after you slide the cover down and press a button, it will detect motion for up to 10 feet away! You basically can place it facing any door or window and it will let you know if it has been opened by emitting a 100dB blast that sounds for 15 seconds. How handy is that? Of course there are limitless applications for this convenient alarm. It can be aimed at your computer or any valuable item you might see fit for others not to be around!

Other features in this personal or rape alarm, includes a safety wrist strap so that if it is taken or stolen from your wrist, it will detach from the alarm and make the alarm go off automatically! It has a convenient LED flashlight too. This Mini Travel Alarm is very small, only 2.5 inches tall and uses three LR44 batteries (included).

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parents of college students beware!

Many of you have kids attending college now and have sent them off packed with everything they could possibly need. Or so you think you have packed all they need...

We at are on the lookout and using Twitter quite often. One of the topics that many college students are tweeting about, especially college girls or women is their fear regarding their surroundings and safety issues. Some college students are mentioning being scared to walk around on campus in the dark when it is very early in the morning or late at night. Some students are complaining about having creepy guys staring at them. Plus some of them are even wondering how or where they can buy pepper spray or mace. Also don't assume that your son is not in danger simply because he is a boy or a man. College men get assaulted, and robbed frequently on campuses. Violence amongst males on campus also exists. Safety is a concern for males as well as females.

This is just a heads up to parents of college students. Make sure your child is not only getting good grades, but is also attending college safely! Call and ask your child if they feel safe or if they need some protection and have them read our safety tips!

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