Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lipstick Stun Gun for Women's Personal Safety

First there was the Lipstick Pepper Spray and while women felt empowered by it and still do, some of us wondered if there ever would be a lipstick with the punch of a stun gun. Well, wonder no more, it's here! The Lipstick Stun Gun, for those of us who would rather zap than spray! Not only does it have the power of 950,000 volts, to knock them down, but measures only 3 3/4 inches tall and comes with a flashlight. Yes, us women can defend ourselves and not have to do it in the dark anymore!

The Lipstick Stun Gun is not only powerful but it also has a well thought out accessory, a disable pin wrist strap. This is a superb attachment to this handy personal safety weapon. If you place this strap around your wrist and someone pulls it from you, the disable wrist strap will detach from the lipstick stun gun and will render it useless. This women's personal safety weapon will not function if the attacker wants to use it against you!

Another bonus included with this weapon is the fact that it is rechargeable. No need to bother with buying extra batteries. Just plug it in and power it up! Besides being rechargeable it also comes with a holster, for those of you who want a more interesting look to your wardrobe! Shocking, disable safety feature, bright, rechargeable and a handy holster.... What else could you possibly need for your personal safety?
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