Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parents of college students beware!

Many of you have kids attending college now and have sent them off packed with everything they could possibly need. Or so you think you have packed all they need...

We at are on the lookout and using Twitter quite often. One of the topics that many college students are tweeting about, especially college girls or women is their fear regarding their surroundings and safety issues. Some college students are mentioning being scared to walk around on campus in the dark when it is very early in the morning or late at night. Some students are complaining about having creepy guys staring at them. Plus some of them are even wondering how or where they can buy pepper spray or mace. Also don't assume that your son is not in danger simply because he is a boy or a man. College men get assaulted, and robbed frequently on campuses. Violence amongst males on campus also exists. Safety is a concern for males as well as females.

This is just a heads up to parents of college students. Make sure your child is not only getting good grades, but is also attending college safely! Call and ask your child if they feel safe or if they need some protection and have them read our safety tips!
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