Monday, November 13, 2006


We are passionate on the topic of crimes against women. It's all over the news and movies, but not with any suggestions on how women can take it into their own hands and defend themselves with NON-LETHAL self defense products! Sometimes cops are not around, and most of us don't have a black belt degree.
We just launched a website called The site sells items such as Mace pepper sprays, stun devices, tasers, personal alarms, hidden cameras and more. It also contains safety tips, hotline phone number, helpful links and an interactive discussion forum.
Women cannot buy these products at Walmart and they are too intimidated to walk into gun shops.... Lets get real!!! Assailants are stronger than us, we have a different option. Why not use it?
Login to and discover your realistic options! Check out the new Taser C2, made especially for women. Pre-order yours today!

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