Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Smallest Keychain Stun Gun USB 22 Million Volts

Smallest Keychain Stun Gun USB Black HandA stun gun doesn't have to be large to drop an attacker on his or her's knees! This small unit will make an attacker cry like a baby and fall to the ground. Offering you an easy escape!

This unit can easily be concealed and yet includes 22 Million volts of self defense. It's available in blue, pink and black. The unit includes a convenient keychain and also has a built in LED flashlight, as well! Plus it only weighs 0.19 pounds, very easy to carry around!

This Smallest Keychain Stun Gun USB 22 Million Volts can easily be charged by simply inserting it in a wall socket. Plus, it's very light, only weighs 0.19 pounds, vs other units that weigh 0.25 pounds. Great for college students and the elderly as well!

See all it's features, you will be surprised of all it can do!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Keychain Alarm with Flashlight

This small yet convenient unit includes an LED light, keychain and a 130db alarm, to let others know that you are in a predicament!

It's always important to carry some kind of protection, especially if you are a woman. This Keychain Alarm with Flashlight is small and will protect you by aiming the LED light into an attacker's eyes. It also has an 130dB alarm to let others know that you are in a predicament. A 130dB alarm can be heard by others and will alert them that someone is in distress!

As you know, lately there have been many attackers, such as the most recent one that used packages to hurt people. It seems like citizen's safety is dwindling.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter

Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter package viewNo more heavy cords to deal with ladies! This unit starts your car easily! Plus it also can charge your cell phones as well.

FREEDOM!!! No need to ask a stranger to charge your car anymore. This unit will start your car 10 times before you have to charge it again! Not only that but it also includes an LED light to see better under the hood. It's so small that the entire unit fits in your center console or glove box. It's called the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jumper

Plus, you can also charge your cell phones with it, such as the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Mobile, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Blackberry and more! When fully charged it can charge your phone or electronic device approximately 3 times.

Ladies, no more need to ask a stranger to charge your battery anymore!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wildfire Keychain Pepper Spray

This unit includes a Wildfire Pepper Spray to spray a bad intentioned attacker, a Keychain and it reaches up to 8 feet away.

Don't go without protection in this day and age, be smart and carry a self defense unit that is affordable and can be used to stop an attacker by simply aiming at their eyes and shooting the pepper spray. Then leave the scene immediately!

This affordable, Wildfire Keychain Pepper Spray, also has a UV Dye that helps authorities capture the right individual if placed under a UV Lamp! Plus, it also comes with an extra ring for your keys, as well!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Concealed Carry Purse's

This unit for women is special! It has a compartment in the back that you can hide a gun, taser or any other unit you see fit!

This convenient pretty purse is perfect for women and that's not all it is... It also includes a compartment in the back that you can hide a weapon. Be it a gun, taser or a pepper spray!

Women are more likely to be assaulted by a rapist, scumbag or attacker and this unit would not be expected. Rapist's normally won't think of a woman carrying a hidden weapon.

Plus, if you do get attacked, you can also send it to the manufacturer and they will replace the purse for you, for free!

Check out all the other beautiful and convenient purses with weapon compartments HERE!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Stun Baton 12 Million Volts Black

Ever want to walk around your block, but fear being attacked by a bad intentioned individual? At we have the perfect weapon for you and it's not lethal, so you won't go to Jail!

At we have a baton that includes 12 Million volts! It won't kill a person, but it will drop them to the ground and render them helpless for a couple of minutes. This in turn, allows you to leave the scene and escape safely!

It's called the Stun Baton 12 Million Volts Black, and it also has an LED light that you can shine into an attacker's eyes. Check out the features below!

Stun Master Stun Baton Black Features
- 12 Million volts of take down power
- Rubberized for better handling
- Shock strips down the barrel
- Rechargeable
- High beam, low beam and strobe
- Wrist strap has disable pin
- Nylon holster, free
- Measures 12 x 1 1/2"
- 3 Colors: black, pink or purple
- Lifetime Warranty

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

MultiGuard Stun Gun w/ Built-in Alarm & Flashlight, 20 Million Volts

At we have 7 units for self defense in several colors. Plus, they also include a Built-in Alarm and Flashlight, which is unheard of for Stun Guns!
MultiGuard Stun Gun Purple

These units are also small, they only measure 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 7/8" and are rechargeable, just plug it into a wall socket when the sound of it, sounds weak.

These MultiGuard Stun Gun w/ Built-in Alarm Flashlight, 20 Million Volts units, are easy to use. If you are being harassed by a bad intentioned individual, simply take the unit and touch the attacker with it. The voltage will go through the clothes and will make him or her fall to the ground and become helpless. When that happens, leave the scene immediately and don't look back! Plus, the alarm will let other's know that someone needs help!

These unique units with with LED and Alarm will not hurt or kill a person, but it will stop an attacker from hurting you! These units are available in pink, black, blue, green, red, zebra and purple.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Lipstick Pepper Spray in Black, Pink, Silver and Red

Most women usually carry lipsticks and at we have 4 unites that look like lipsticks, but are really self defense pepper spray! has 4 lipsticks that look like the real thing, but are really units of pepper spray for women to defend themselves with! They are available in 4 colors and can shoot up to 6 feet away. Plus, these incredible units also include an Invisible UV Dye that allows authorities to place an bad intentioned individual under a UV Lamp, that can verify that they caught the right individual!

All you have to do is aim at an attackers eyes and face and leave the scene immediately!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Pen Knife in Black, Gold or Silver

These units write like ordinary pens, but they also include a concealed Knife that can protect you from bad intentioned individuals.

These Pen Knifes write like regular pens, but they also have a convenient knife, for self defense! The knife has a 2.13 inch blade and it's revealed by simply pulling the barrel from the cap. Of course they also include a clip for placing it in your pocket, as well!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mace Peppergard Personal Spray

This Mace PepperGard Personal Model spray unit can reach from 8 to 12 feet away! Plus it includes a flip-top safety cap and finger dispenser. has this unit for women or men, plus it has an extra keychain to place your keys. Perfect for deterring bad intentioned individuals.

This PepperGard Personal Model unit, can reach up to 8 to 12 feet away and contains 10 one-second bursts. Plus it includes a UV Marking Dye that will let police identify an attacker if placed under a UV Lamp!

Please remember to aim at an attacker's eyes and face and leave the scene as fast as possible!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Book Diversion Safe

Did you ever want to hide some small things, such as money or jewelry? But you didn't know how you can conceal them? has books that you can hide your valuables in! Perfect for putting your jewelry or money into.

This unit called the Book Diversion Safe, looks like a regular book, but they are perfect for hiding your small valuables or money. People can see it, but will think it's a regular book! The exterior measures 9 1/2 x 6 3/8 and the inside measures 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches. You can place it anywhere in your home or office and nobody will know that you hide your valuables in this book!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Going Camping and Need an Extreme T6 Headlight to Get Around?

At we have those handy lights that you can place in front of your forehead to go through the woods, camping, crawling under houses or working under a car and more! 
Extreme T6 LED Headlight
It's called the Extreme T6 LED Headlight and we are sure you will need it for many things, especially when there is no bright light around you. These handy LED Headlights are very handy for camping, going through the woods, during storms when the lights go out, crawling under a house to fix a pipe, repairing a loose item under your car and more! You never know when you will need this incredible unit.

Extreme T6 Headlight Features
- Includes 800* Lumen head light
- Has 3 LED lights: large T6 LED & 2 XPE LEDs
- Four light modes that also include a Strobe
- Adjustable to 90 degrees
- Includes durable water resistant alloy
- Light weight, fits over a ball cap or hard hat
- Includes a red LED on the back for others to see you
- No need to carry another lantern or flashlight
- Hand's free convenience
- Great for hunting, cycling, climbing, camping, fishing, more
- Includes charger and 2 rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion batteries

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SABRE Red Pepper Spray w/ Stop Strap

This unit includes 20 one second bursts and reaches up to 10 feet away. Put it in your purse or pocket and always be prepared in case you come across an attacker.

Be aware of your surroundings and make sure you take a self defense unit with you, especially if you are a woman. Try not to go into ally ways, it's best to be around people that can possibly help you if you come into a predicament. Be it with a rapist or attacker.

The SABRE Red Pepper Spray w/ Stop Strap reaches 10 feet way and includes 20, one second bursts. Perfect for women, men, students and the elderly. This unit contains a UV Marking Dye that aids in capturing an attacker if police place them under a UV lamp to verify they caught the right individual.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Exercise Sports Package

This convenient offer includes a Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm and a Bicycle Flashlight. Perfect for college students, the elderly and anyone that needs light while walking at night.

This offer is perfect because it has all the elements needed to stay safe during the day and at night as well. Below are more details about these 3 unit!

Exercise Sports Package
 Self Defense: whether you are in college, a party or nightclub, simply aim at an attacker's eyes and face and shoot the pepper spray into their face and eyes.
Personal Alarm: A personal alarm is very convenient for letting other's know that you have a predicament and need help.
Bicycle Light: Perfect for when it's dark and you need a light to see clearly. It also can be taken off and used for other task's you might need light for.

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