Tuesday, October 27, 2009

15 Year old girl, gang raped at Richmond High School

A teenage girl that attends Richmond High School in California was gang raped last Saturday night by at least 4 rapists or as much as 7. She was attending the high school's homecoming dance and stepped out around 9:30 p.m., to get a ride with her dad, who was going to take her back home. The victim was also robbed and beaten. There were at least a dozen spectators that walked by, who did nothing and some might have even joined in on the rape. According to police, some of the spectators may have actually recorded the rape with their cell phone cameras. No one bothered to call the authorities.

So far there has been 2 arrests. A student was taken out of class by police and later arrested Monday night. Manuel Ortega, 19, not a student at Richmond High, was also arrested. Both men where charged with allegedly raping the teenage girl. Police mentioned that the victim knew at least one of the students.

The school had several security guards around the area where the dance was taking place but not in the actual area where the gang rape occurred. Richmond High also has surveillance cameras around campus, but they are broken and don't work.

The teenage victim was beaten so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. She remains there in stable condition.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Body found of 7 year old, Somer Thompson of Florida

Missing child's body was found in a Georgia landfill, near her home in Florida. Somer Thompson, the little girl who lived in Orange Park, FL, disappeared on Monday, while walking home from school with her sister and a friend. Somer was misbehaving and her sister asked her to stop. Somer got angry and ran ahead of the group and was never seen again.

An Orange Park detective suggested they search a close-by landfill where the little girl's neighborhood garbage trucks take their trash. On Tuesday all the trucks were inspected as they came to the landfill. This was a smart decision by the police. The body may have been buried under tons of garbage, if they had not acted so quickly. Police went through 100 tons of garbage before they found Somer Thompson's missing body. Somer's clothing and a birth mark, helped police identify her body.

The Orange Park police, so far, have been interviewing 70 registered sex offenders from that area. There are officially 161 offenders within a 5 mile radius of the little girl's home. Also a $25,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can lead police to the arrest of the person responsible for her murder.

For more complete information regarding this little girl, read entire article HERE.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Powerful 3 Million Volt Stun Guns - Self Defense Weapons

Are you looking for the most powerful stun gun available today? Well, look no further! WomenOnGuard.com is selling these knock'em down, self defense stun guns that will stop any attacker.

The new 3 million volts stun guns are uniquely designed weapons with a rubber shell, so you can get a good grip on your self defense product. The Hottie which comes in a pink color and the Blackout which comes in black, are also rechargeable. Simply plug it into a standard wall outlet and you're ready to go! This weapon also has a convenient, bright LED flashlight that helps in dark surroundings. It includes an optional disable pin that prevents the attacker from using it against you, if he or she takes it from you. These 3 million volt stun guns, the Hottie and the Blackout, are also available in 2 million, 1 million and 400,000 volts. To top it off, you also get a convenient color matching holster with it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Menstrual cramps, a thing of the past?

British scientists have come up with a new drug known as VA111913 that could be the answer for many women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps or painful periods. This new drug does not have a name yet but it is being tested on British and American women. Studies so far have been positive and it seems to be safe. This new pill is expected to be available in 4 years, if the studies go well. There are a few side effects, but they have not been mentioned yet.

VA111913 will relieve women who suffer from primary dysmenorrhea or painful periods. This means that if you are a woman with severe menstrual pain and have no other diseases or infections, you would be a good candidate to take it. Sometimes women have painful cramps that are due to other factors such as infections, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PID, etc., these are women considered to have secondary dysmenorrhea and this new drug will not help them.

This new drug will be a tremendous relief for us women who suffer from painful cramps! Not to mention the better quality of life for women. The benefits are mind boggling! We will be more productive at home with our children and the workforce will benefit as well. Less absenteeism for younger women with painful periods, who are still in school too. Many women now a days also take birth control pills to control the pain, they will not have to do this anymore. Parents of younger girls that take birth control pills for this reason, no longer will need to worry. They would be able to choose VA111913 for their daughter, instead of the birth control pills.

Let's cross our fingers! This might be a major breakthrough, even better than the Viagra hoopla! Hopefully it won't be expensive and will be sold over the counter, so all women will benefit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Domestic Violence Victims Considered to Have Pre-Existing Condition!

We are talking about insurance companies here. Did you know that in 9 states of our country, if you have a domestic violence incident on your record, insurance companies can deny you coverage? This is absolutely unfair! We were not aware of this as we're sure many other people weren't. According to the National Women's Law Center, the following states allow insurance companies to deny coverage to domestic violence victims: Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming and the District of Columbia.

But this insurance company policy might be coming to an end soon according to the latest news. Democrats in Congress are making sure that this discriminatory insurance company practice will not be accepted in the new health reform bill. They also want people who know of domestic violence victims that were denied coverage, to let them know that perhaps now they might be covered by an insurance company. They should call their state department to find out and try to get coverage again.

Women On Guard (womenonguard.com) doesn't understand how on earth it was allowed in these 9 states to not cover domestic violence victims! So insurance companies figure that if a woman was injured by no fault of her own, she should be denied coverage? How about all the victims that are shot with a bullet every day? Should they be denied coverage? Or if someone crashes into your car with their car... should this not be covered, just because you drive a car? We don't understand on what grounds this was being allowed and why these states accepted it. We encourage that if you live in one of these states that allow this discrimination by insurance companies, to contact your state health department and demand this discriminatory insurance company policy be stopped!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Back by Popular Demand the TASER M26c, aka TASER M18

TASER International has brought back the civilian Taser which was modeled after the police Taser M26. They have changed the name of this citizen model from Taser M18 to Taser M26c. The reason for the name change is attributed to the change in watts and pulse rates. Here are the differences:

New TASER M26c:
  • 26 WATTS
  • 20 PPS + or - 25% with NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 15 PPS + or - 25% with alkaline batteries

  • 18 WATTS
  • 15 PPS + or - 25% with NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 12 PPS + or - 25% with alkaline batteries

WomenOnGuard.com is offering a $65 Instant Rebate at checkout off the retail price of $499.
Plus FREE Ground Shipping.

REMINDER: A background check will be performed prior to shipment of the M26c.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mother of Boy Locked in Closet has Previous Record

LaRhonda Marie McCall, 37, first made news this year because her 14 year old son had escaped from his home and informed police that he had been abused. McCall had basically kept her son a prisoner for 4 1/2 years. He was kept mostly in his bedroom closet and was not sent to school. Neighbors were not aware of his existence. The malnourished, bruised and covered with scars boy, escaped and managed to go to the police last week.

New information from yesterday came in that the child abuser, LaRhonda McCall, was previously convicted in her connection with the death of her 2 year old daughter. In 1995, when this occurred, LaRhonda went by a different name; LaRhonda Pressley. She has 6 other children and lived with her boyfriend Steve Hamilton, 38. Both LaRhonda and Steve were arrested on 20 complaints, each of child neglect and abuse and were jailed last Wednesday on $400,000 bond. Police information showed that both adults confessed to abuse by beating the boy multiple times and even using a tire jack while hitting the boy over the head.

How the neighbors of these child abusers never heard any disturbance or called the authorities is beyond us. Child abuse seems to be getting worse or we are just getting more informed. Either way, this is unacceptable and the perpetrators of crimes as extreme as these, should be locked up for life. LaRhonda was sent to jail and put on probation for her daughter's death. It is not clear how long she served. This would not have happened if she would have been given life in jail.

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