Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Domestic Violence Victims Considered to Have Pre-Existing Condition!

We are talking about insurance companies here. Did you know that in 9 states of our country, if you have a domestic violence incident on your record, insurance companies can deny you coverage? This is absolutely unfair! We were not aware of this as we're sure many other people weren't. According to the National Women's Law Center, the following states allow insurance companies to deny coverage to domestic violence victims: Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Wyoming and the District of Columbia.

But this insurance company policy might be coming to an end soon according to the latest news. Democrats in Congress are making sure that this discriminatory insurance company practice will not be accepted in the new health reform bill. They also want people who know of domestic violence victims that were denied coverage, to let them know that perhaps now they might be covered by an insurance company. They should call their state department to find out and try to get coverage again.

Women On Guard ( doesn't understand how on earth it was allowed in these 9 states to not cover domestic violence victims! So insurance companies figure that if a woman was injured by no fault of her own, she should be denied coverage? How about all the victims that are shot with a bullet every day? Should they be denied coverage? Or if someone crashes into your car with their car... should this not be covered, just because you drive a car? We don't understand on what grounds this was being allowed and why these states accepted it. We encourage that if you live in one of these states that allow this discrimination by insurance companies, to contact your state health department and demand this discriminatory insurance company policy be stopped!

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