Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Menstrual cramps, a thing of the past?

British scientists have come up with a new drug known as VA111913 that could be the answer for many women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps or painful periods. This new drug does not have a name yet but it is being tested on British and American women. Studies so far have been positive and it seems to be safe. This new pill is expected to be available in 4 years, if the studies go well. There are a few side effects, but they have not been mentioned yet.

VA111913 will relieve women who suffer from primary dysmenorrhea or painful periods. This means that if you are a woman with severe menstrual pain and have no other diseases or infections, you would be a good candidate to take it. Sometimes women have painful cramps that are due to other factors such as infections, fibroids, ovarian cysts, PID, etc., these are women considered to have secondary dysmenorrhea and this new drug will not help them.

This new drug will be a tremendous relief for us women who suffer from painful cramps! Not to mention the better quality of life for women. The benefits are mind boggling! We will be more productive at home with our children and the workforce will benefit as well. Less absenteeism for younger women with painful periods, who are still in school too. Many women now a days also take birth control pills to control the pain, they will not have to do this anymore. Parents of younger girls that take birth control pills for this reason, no longer will need to worry. They would be able to choose VA111913 for their daughter, instead of the birth control pills.

Let's cross our fingers! This might be a major breakthrough, even better than the Viagra hoopla! Hopefully it won't be expensive and will be sold over the counter, so all women will benefit.
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