Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pepper Spray Pen 10% Pepper Shot

This is no ordinary pen, in fact it isn't a real pen! It's called the Pepper Spray Pen 10% Pepper Shot and it's for protection from attackers or rapists!

Pepper Spray PenThis convenient unit that looks like a pen, really has pepper spray in it! It looks like an ordinary pen, but if you open it, it has a button to push down and shoots devastating pepper spray! Plus, it's very easy to use, simply take the cap off and spray an attacker toward his or her eyes... Then simply leave the scene immediately and don't look back!

This Pepper Spray Pen 10% Pepper Shot unit, can reach up to 6 feet away and contains 5 one-second bursts! Again, all you have to do is aim at the attackers or rapist's eyes and face, then press the top button and escape safely.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mace® Sport Strobe Personal Alarm With 130db Personal Alarm, Only $19.99

Mace has been around for a long time. Your mother probably used it when she was young and needed protection. But did you know that there is a personal alarm made by Mace as well?

It's called the Mace Sport Strobe Personal Alarm and it includes 130db Personal Alarm. This unit can be heard by people, letting them know that someone is in distress! All you have to do is activate the unit by removing the pin from the top. The Mace Sport Personal Alarm also includes a bright flashlight that you can aim at an attackers eyes and temporarily blind. Also included is a Strobe light to disorient an attacker while you make your getaway!

Besides having a light and 130db Personal Alarm, it also includes accessories that you can use, such as a door and window alarm! So not only are you protected, but you can use it while at a hotel or dorm, to notify you that someone is trying to enter uninvited...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Solar Powered Dummy Camera Black

Are you looking for a surveillance camera? They can be very expensive... Consider a Solar Powered Dummy Camera, that looks like the real deal and even has a flashing light! 

At we have many Dummy Cameras that look like the real units but really only have the shell of the camera and a flashing red light, that looks like the real thing!

The Solar Powered Dummy Security Camera Black, is perfect for stores, homes and businesses!

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Taser Pulse & the Taser Bolt Are On Sale!

These two Tasers aren't on sale often... But you have until Monday to get them at this incredibly low price. 

It's very rare when Tasers go on sale and it's a great opportunity to get a weapon that drops a person down and keeps them down, until you can escape safely. Plus, a TASER has incredible features you wouldn't want to be without... Both these incredible units, the TASER Pulse Black and the TASER Bolt Black, are each on sale for just only $374.99!

These units have incredible features, such as placing the taser down on the ground and letting it keep tasing an attacker, while you get away! Of course, if you let authorities know that your taser was left behind with an attacker, you can get another unit for free from TASER, if you get a police report from the police authorities about the incident. PLUS, it has many other features as well!

Monday, February 19, 2018

SABRE 3/4 oz. 3-IN-1 Runner Pepper Spray w/ Adjustable Hand Strap, $16.99

This SABRE pepper spray not only offers protection, but it includes a handy, Adjustable Hand Strap, which prevents it from falling from your hands and includes TEAR GAS and a convenient UV Marking Dye, as well!

SABRE pepper spray units have been around for a long time and this one has a convenient hand strap. As other units, it also has a UV Marking Dye that confirms an individual is guilty if police capture them and place them under a UV Lamp!

This TEAR GAS unit, as others, has a handy lever on the top. If you turn it, it will allow you to press the red button down and spray an attacker. It also has a handy strap so the unit will not fall from your hand.

This Police Strength SABRE 3/4 oz. 3-IN-1 Runner Pepper Spray unit with adjustable hand strap only cost's $16.99, sprays up to 10 feet away and contains 20 bursts! Unlike others units, this particular unit also includes a 4-year shelf life!

Friday, February 16, 2018

5 in 1 Survival Knife w/LED Flashlight and Fire Starter

Have you ever wanted a Knife with all the essentials? Well this unit from our store, has everything you need from a knife!

Whether you are in the city, camping, driving or needing a bright light, you’ve come to the right place. has the perfect knife for any occasion. It’s called the 5 in 1 Survival Knife with LED Flashlight and Fire Starter. This incredible unit has the main things you need for your protection and includes an LED Flashlight as well!

5 in 1 Survival Knife with LED Flashlight and Fire Starter
• The Knife is light weight
• Easy to carry
• Knife includes emergency tools
• Includes magnesium alloy fire starter
• Line lock
• Window breaker, in case of car crash
• Seat belt cutter, in case of car crash
• LED light that last’s 12 hours

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leather Wallets w/Bifold, Trifold and RFID Protection!

Are you worried about your wallet being picked on? Of course you are! Did you know that some wallets have special protection called, RFID Protection?

Don’t be a victim of what they used to call pick-pocket individuals. There are many people that are pick-pockets, but now, all they have to do is use a scanner and obtain your credit card information! You won’t be able to even feel it!

At, we have special wallets that prevent this kind of crime. They are called the Leather Wallet Bifold w/Center Flap and RFID Protection. This means that a savvy crook won’t be able to get your credit card information, via their scanner!

That’s the beauty of these incredible wallets. Check them out, we have them in 5 models to choose from. Get ahead of pick-pocket, criminal individuals and protect your credit card!

Lipstick ALARM in Black or Pink For Women, Only $19.99

If you live in a large city and go to bars and parties alot, you might consider purchasing an Alarm, but not just any alarm, one that has 100dB!

Most women should consider having an Alarm in their purses, but not just an ordinary one… A unit that looks like a LIPSTICK, but is really an alarm with 100dB! It’s called the Lipstick Alarm Black or Pink! Just Simply, lift the top to sound the alarm!

Let’s get real, most of us love to dance and have fun at parties and bars, but sometimes you can encounter a bad intentioned individual. Plus, it’s good to know the names of the persons you encounter at these establishments. Most of us believe that going in groups is the best way to deter attackers…

The Lipstick Alarms are great when in subways, buses or walking, while you are alone. Again, you need to be prepared. The Lipstick Alarm in Black or Pink, will let others know that you are in distress or being attacked.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Smallest Stun Gun Slider 10 Million Volt w/Flashlight, For Only $19.99

These units Stun Gun units are only 3 1/2" x 1" x 1/2", very small and easy to hide. They fit in your pocket or purse. Plus they include a respectable 10 Million Volts of takedown power! 

For only $19.99, you can protect yourself from rapist's or bad intentioned individuals. All you have to do for self defense, is touch an attacker with the unit and keep touching them until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. Then, just simply leave the scene immediately!

The Smallest Stun Gun Slider 10 Million Volt w/Flashlight, is made with quality aircraft aluminum, so you know they are reliable AND they have LED lights that you can shine into an attacker's eyes and temporarily blind them.

These units with 10 Million Volts for only $19.99, are available in 5 colors: black, pink, blue, gold and silver. They also contain a wrist strap, as well. Plus, charging them is very easy. Simply attach the white cord to the unit and insert into a wall socket!

Pet Blinkers Safety Lights in Pink, Blue and Red

Do you have a pet? If you do, you might be interested in purchasing the "Pet Blinkers". It's a light that can let bikers, cars and you, know where they are!

These units will protect your dog or cat at night, from bikers and cars. They are easily attached to your pets collar, leash or harness. Many people with pets know that sometimes they escape or wonder off! Even if they don't run away, it's important to let bikers and cars know where your pet is...

These convenient BLINKING units allow your pet to be seen in dark nights. The Pet Blinkers lights can be seen up to 1/2 mile away, too! Just place it on your dog or cats collar, to let others know that there is a pet on the street or sidewalks.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift: Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray in Pink or Black for Your Loved Ones!

This Valentine's day, don’t bother with candy, give a gift she really needs… The Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray.

If you really love your loved ones, you should give them a Valentine's Day Gift that will keep them safe! For only $19.99, you can protect them from bad intentioned individuals, with the Mace® Jogger Pepper Spray! These units are perfect for self defense. Give them this Mace® unit and let them know that you love them! See features below:

Mace Jogger Pepper Spray in Pink or Black
- Includes 20 spray bursts
- Can reach up to 12 feet away
- Has easy and quick safety cap
- Measures 4.25” h x 1” w x 1.25 d
- Includes Keychain
- Safety cap
- Includes finger grip dispenser

Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentines Day Gift: Mace Triple Action Personal Spray

Valentines is just around the corner, on February 21st... Do you have gifts for your loved ones already? Below are 3 different sized units to pick from!

This unit contains Tear Gas, besides pepper spray, most other units don't have! Shooting Tear Gas at a bad intentioned individual is easy to do with the Mace Triple Action Personal Spray. The Tear Gas adds more devastation than ordinary defense sprays. Plus, it's available in Pocket, Personal and Police Models! They make a wonderful gift for women! 

These units can contain 10-20, one-second bursts and can reach up to 8 to 12 feet away, depending on the model you choose! The units are available in Triple, Personal and Pocket models. Plus, all the units contain tear gas, besides pepper spray and an ultraviolet marking dye. The ultraviolet marking dye will allow police to place an individual under an ultraviolet (UV) lamp. Confirming that they caught the right individual.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Is On the 14th. Do You Have a Gift Ready?

Have you got a gift ready for this Valentine's Day? At, we have the perfect gift for your ladies. A disguised lipstick that has Pepper Spray, for self defense!
Mace Pink Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Spray has the perfect gift for your loved ones. They are the Mace® Lipstick Pepper Spray and you can select from 9 different models!

These units will protect the ladies in your life and they will be impressed of your unique gift. The disguised Mace Lipstick containers are all beautiful and come in Solid colors, Polka dots and in Rhinestone, too!

All the self defense lipstick units contain 5 bursts and can spray up to 10 feet away! They are 4" high x 1" round. Surprise your ladies with this beautiful and unique units. Forget the chocolate, give them a gift that can protect them, instead! Remember these unique, gifts that will help protect your loved ones. They will love it and thank you for your self defense, USEFUL GIFT!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Zap Walking Cane with Included Stun Gun, Perfect for Seniors and the Handicapped!

Protect your handicapped and senior citizens with this incredible long reaching cane that also includes an LED light, as well!

If you know a person that needs a cane and needs protection, at, we have the perfect unit. It’s called the Zap Walking Cane Stun Gun with Flashlight. Not only does it protect, but the flashlight can also temporarily blind an attacker.

The light is at the top of the cane, which is perfect for walking at night. A handicapped person or senior can also use it’s stun gun unit that is at the bottom sides of the cane. Plus, since it has a whopping 1 Million volts of electrical power, it can easily take a low life to the ground and render him or her disabled for a few minutes. Senior Citizens and the Handicapped should make sure they fall to the ground and become disoriented before they make their escape! This in turn offers a window of opportunity for the handicapped or senior citizen to escape safely.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Child Safety Panda Alarm

If you are a mother of a toddler, this unit is a wonderful way to keep track of your baby.

Toddlers are always curious about their surroundings and sometimes they go further away than their mother wants them to be. But there is a solution. Our website has a great product called the Child Safety Panda Alarm.

This unit allows your toddler to wander a certain distance from you and if he or she goes beyond the distance you want them to, it will sound off loud beeps, to let you know that they are out of your preset range! Plus, it’s suitable for indoors as well as out doors.

Of course, you always need to know where our baby or toddler is. This unit should be used with parental supervision.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Diversion Safe and Hand Gun Hider Book Safes

Have you ever wanted to hide some money, jewelry or a firearm weapon in your home, but can’t figure out where to hide it?

At, we have the perfect hiding place for your small valuables as well as for your guns. One is called the Book Diversion Safe for small items. The others are for Hand Gun Book Safes!

You might consider hiding your jewelry, valuables or money in a book! But these aren’t ordinary books… They are for hiding valuables, money or your weapon! They look like ordinary books that you can place next to other books you have. Nobody will ever think that they really are jewelry or weapon Diversion Safes!

Diversion Safe Books and Books 
for Firearm Safes

- Hand Gun Hider Book Safe:
  At Any Given Moment
- Hand Gun Hider Book Safe:
  Best Recipes”
- Hand Gun Hider Book Safe:
  Choosing The Right Caliber

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