Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bikers, runners, joggers, walkers, get Mace Muzzle.

Are you a biker, runner, jogger or walker? If you are, we're sure you know about those pesky loose wondering dogs around your workout path. You know the kind; the aggressive dogs that want to dig their teeth into you or the ones that just get in your way! It's hard enough to keep your routine, than to deal with animals like dogs that can be very dangerous or can even kill you.

We assume you are a humane type of person, and don't want to beat the hell out of them or worse yet, shoot them with a gun, like some deranged people have done. No, you want to make the dog realize that they shouldn't get near you, right? We hope so! There's an app for that! No, just kidding! But there is a pepper spray for that! It's called Mace Muzzle pepper spray. If you are a biker, runner, jogger or walker, this is one product you shouldn't be without. Especially if you exercise in a residential area. Even if you aren't working out and just walking your own dog, you still can encounter aggressive loose dogs.

Mace Muzzle is pepper spray for dogs. It's the humane way to deter those four legged, man's best friend, that occasionally get in your way! It is specifically made for dogs. Bikers, you know how dangerous it is to have a dog running around you. Runners, joggers and walkers, also know that they cannot outrun a dog! So be safe and humane, get Mace Muzzle pepper spray.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mace PepperGel for Sticky Situations

Sticky situations aren't always bad, especially when you use sticky pepper spray! Regular pepper spray comes as a liquid, but this pepper spray, is made intentionally with gel.

Making Mace PepperGel sticky has a couple of benefits. When you spray it toward an attacker, it sticks better to their face. Unlike liquid pepper sprays, it won't slide down, thus making it tougher for the attacker to wipe this thick gel off. Another benefit that comes with using a sticky pepper gel is that there are less chances of cross contamination. In other words, it is less likely to spray back toward you because it's formulation is so thick. Liquid sprays tend to change directions, especially in windy conditions, but Mace PepperGel is less likely to do this. Plus, not all pepper sprays are used outside. If you happen to be indoors, at home, and you get a home intruder, the gel you spray will be easier to clean up later, since it is less likely to splash everywhere.

PepperGel also contains an invisible UV Dye which marks an assailant and may aid in identification. It is available in 2 sizes: 45 gram (Large Model) and 79 gram (Magnum Model).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is It Lipstick Or Pepper Spray?

Ladies this is one of the best weapons you can have in your purse or pocket!  It's a perfect disguise and best thing is, you would be the only one that would know it. This pepper spray looks like a lipstick container or a perfume container. Imagine an aggressive guy thinking you just want to look prettier because you are pulling out a lipstick! You can even play along and tell him you want to look sexier! Can you imagine his surprise? Better yet... can you imagine your relief in getting the opportunity to escape from an attack?

We carry Lipstick Pepper Spray AND Perfume Pepper Spray. Either one of these weapons will make an attacker think you want to look prettier or smell nicer with perfume! These handy disguised products can reach up to 6 or 7 feet. Spraying pepper spray into an attacker's eyes and face, will burn so much that he would have to slam his eyes shut, start to cough and therefore will not be able to see you escape!

Get your disguised weapon today and buy some more for your friends!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day, 100th Anniversary!

Depending in what part of the world you live, march 7th or 8th, International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday.

Suffragettes campaigned for women's right to vote. The word 'Suffragette' is derived from the word "suffrage" meaning the right to vote. International Women's Day honours the work of the Suffragettes, celebrates women's success, and reminds of inequities still to be redressed. The first International Women's Day event was run in 1911. 2011 is the Global Centenary Year.

The above information was taken from the International Women's Day website. Learn more about this wonderful event, it's history and how it is being celebrated around the world!

Monday, March 7, 2011

'East Coast Rapist' suspect heads to court

Man suspected of sexually assaulting at least 17 women from Virginia to Rhode Island

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The man suspected of sexually assaulting at least 17 women from Virginia to Rhode Island over 12 years is scheduled to appear in court in Connecticut.

Authorities say Aaron Thomas, an unemployed truck driver, is expected to appear Monday in New Haven Superior Court.

Police say DNA confirmed that Thomas is the man law enforcement dubbed the "East Coast Rapist."

Thomas tried to hang himself Saturday in his cell and was returned to jail after a brief hospital stay.

The East Coast Rapist is wanted for 17 rapes and other attacks in Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island and Virginia that began in 1997. The cases were linked by DNA.

It is not clear if Thomas has a lawyer.

Source: Associated Press

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEW Taser C2 Gold Packages

The much awaited Taser C2 Gold Packages have just arrived!These packages include all the extras your little heart desires, while saving you money in the long run. Package includes:
  • Taser C2
  • 2 Cartridges
  • Practice Cartridge
  • Tactical Nylon Holster
  • Practice Target
  • Operating Manual
  • Citizen Training Manual
Older packages did not include the practice cartridge or practice target. The holster is also different, it is a vertically oriented holster instead of a horizontal one. The convenient included target will demonstrate to users that when aiming the laser, it's dot will appear only where the top probe will hit. This is something that many citizens were unaware of. The second probe will hit further down from the first one and the distance between the probes will increase, depending on how far the target is.

Many people are also unaware of a convenience Tasers have when you need to leave a crime scene in a hurry. If you lay your Taser C2 down on the ground on it's own, it will continue to shock an attacker for an extra 30 seconds, while you make your escape. PLUS if you file a police report of your stolen Taser, Taser International will replace the unit for FREE!

Taser C2's come in Black Pearl, Electric Blue, Fashion Pink, Red Hot Red, Titanium Silver and Yellow.

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